Why I do what I do: snippets from my Tarot readings at public events, Part 1.

June 2015. My mobile phone had been beeping almost non-stop for hours. Suitcase in tow, I smiled. Hang on, guys, my hands are full now! But my SMS and WhatsApp notifications kept up their merry tones as I entered Suntec Convention Hall for the inaugural Public Garden Consumer Trade Show.

Once I’d finished setting up my booth, I could finally reply to the texts and a couple of missed calls. I knew what most of these would be asking me: Kelly, are you there yet? Where’s your booth? How long is the queue? I’ll get you something to eat, what would you like?

(Much love to the wonderful clients and friends who remind me to take meals/breaks during Public Garden events… you know who you are!) 😉

I’d barely sat down when the first seeker turned up. And so the day began.

*          *          *

A reading is really a very simple thing. Even more so when it’s only fifteen minutes long, in the middle of a buzzing hipster market.

I begin every reading with a simple prayer of intention for the highest love and light to touch the seeker’s life. Then, I hold the cards in my hands and cleanse them with prayer, clearing out all old energies and filling them with God’s light so that they will be a pure, clear channel for Spirit to convey the best guidance, healing and insight to the seeker.

Then the reading starts… And once it begins, anything goes.

Sometimes the seeker asks a question and chooses the cards to obtain Spirit’s answers. Sometimes the cards pop up by themselves while I’m shuffling. Sometimes guardian Angels, Spirit guides and deceased loved ones come forward to channel messages through me, without waiting for the cards!

But one thing all these phenomena have in common: they occur as signs – for us to understand that Spirit is on our side and wants only the best for us. That we are loved and not alone. That we have the right, responsibility and power to co-create our destinies.

And that in the larger scheme of things, no matter how badly our lives seem to toss and turn – the Universe is kind. All will be well.

*          *          *

“Hi, Kelly!” It was Alexis, a client of mine. Beside her was another young woman who kept her head lowered and hidden under her cap.

– Hey babe. Here for a reading?

“Not for me today but could my friend CeeCee just… cut the queue? I saw eight names on the waiting list and she can’t wait that long.”

– Sorry babe, I would love to do you a favour but I have to be fair. For public events I only accept walk-ins, no appointments, and no cutting the line.

I smiled conciliatorily at Alexis, who smiled and nodded understandingly. Behind her, CeeCee glanced up shyly but didn’t look at me. Her face was drawn and tired, her eyes sad and dark. She was beautiful, but damaged – a swan who’d convinced herself she was an unloved and ugly duckling.

CeeCee whispered into Alexis’ ear and left quickly. “Sorry about that, Kelly,” Alexis said as we watched her blend into the crowd. “CeeCee says she’ll book a reading with you next week.”

– No worries, babe. Anyway, that’s my two-minute break over. Next, please!

*          *          *

Hannah crept into the hall fifteen minutes before the Consumer Trade Show ended. She stood by uncertainly, watching me as I finished up a reading.

Then the other seeker got up and left. Hannah froze for a moment, then stepped up to my booth while I was cleansing the cards in prayer.

“Hi, Kelly.” Her voice was flat and faltering – the voice of a woman who hadn’t slept for days. “I’ve been following your Facebook page for a while. I’ve never had a reading before, but I need help.”

I’d already given twenty readings in six hours that day. I was exhausted. But one look at Hannah’s anguished face, and I knew I could give one more.

I smiled, and began shuffling.
– Sure, hun. Sit down.

Almost instantly, the cards began to pop out of the deck.
Crisis. Adultery. Heartbreak. Suicide. Abandonment.

I don’t need to go into the details. But Hannah came seeking help from Spirit at a desperately low point in her life, and Spirit came through for her powerfully – in perfect love, compassion and clarity. As I gave her a hug before she left, Hannah turned her tear-streaked face towards me and whispered, brokenly:

“Thank you for what you do. Thank you. Thank you.”

*          *          *

So why do I do what I do?

Simple: because I love it. It’s my calling: connecting ordinary people with the extraordinary love and light of Spirit. And guess what? If you’re in Singapore, and you’ve always wondered what it’s like to have a Tarot reading with me…

I’ll be at the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show this weekend on 24-25 Sept 2016, offering quickie Angel/Tarot card readings! Details here + below. See you there! 🙂

Public Garden Consumer Trade Show 24-25 Sep Instagram Graphic

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website are based on Kelly’s experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.


We can’t keep birds from flying over our heads, but building nests in our hair…?

Sherlyn was crying so hard, her body was shaking. A young and beautiful expatriate, she had arrived in Singapore ten years ago and fallen in love with a colleague, Marcus.

Unfortunately, Marcus was married. Sherlyn was faced with a decision to make: either leave Marcus, which possibly entailed leaving her company and starting all over again elsewhere, or staying with Marcus in the shadows – the other woman.

Sherlyn chose the latter. Her reward: glimmers of happiness in a dark, tumultuous decade of secrets, tears, and loneliness. Being beaten and humiliated in public by the wife one nightmarish Sunday, some years ago. Frequent and painful break-ups, followed by excruciating reconciliations. Malicious office gossip and subsequent career setbacks.

“Things just fell into place. He was always there when I needed him, but never to the extent that I wanted him in my life. And now, I have nothing to show for it. Ten years of my life. Gone. Just like that.”

They’d just had another quarrel over the same old topic: whether Marcus was going to divorce his wife and marry Sherlyn.

“He says he doesn’t love her, and she treats him badly. Why won’t he leave? What can I do to make him divorce her?”

– You can’t make a man leave his wife if he doesn’t want to, Sherlyn.

“Then why is he still with me? Can’t he see how much he is hurting me – hurting us – by not ending his marriage?”

– Because it’s human nature not to rock the boat if we’re getting what we want. He has a respectable marriage for public display, and a secret lover to run to when his wife annoys him. For some men, that’s pretty much the best of both worlds. And even if he realises that his decisions are causing hurt, so long as his interests are not directly affected, he’s probably not going to budge.

As I replied, a card fell out the Tarot deck I’d been shuffling absently. I turned it over: Four of Pentacles. Depicting a well-dressed man holding tightly onto four large coins, the Four of Pentacles is traditionally known as the Miser’s Card, or as I call him in a love reading, The Stage Five Clinger.

– Sherlyn, you’ve been clinging on for ten years to a man who has shown no interest in changing his life for you. What makes you continue to hold on so tenaciously?

“Well, as you mentioned earlier, I’m all alone in Singapore. I suppose it’s my loneliness that pulls me back into this mess. It’s been ten years but I haven’t made many friends, partly because I wasted so much time and energy on my relationship with Marcus. Also, I feel that he understands me… during the good times at least. He was the first friend I made when I moved here. Things just fell into place. Now I wish they never did.”

Sherlyn sipped her chamomile tea. Her hands were shaking. I pitied her from the bottom of my heart, but I could only light the way ahead for her in this dark and difficult journey. Ultimately, Sherlyn’s decisions were hers to make.

She shut her eyes tightly and exhaled with a shudder.

“My parents are getting old. Perhaps it’s time to return to my home country and take care of them.”

– Perhaps.

The consultation was over. Sherlyn got up and adjusted her dress, then looked at me.

“You know, Kelly, I’ve always believed in going with the flow, following my heart, all those feel-good, self-empowerment mantras. After what you’ve told me, I’m beginning to realise that I can go with the flow and follow my heart and all that, but I still need to use my brain and moral compass. Or else I cause myself nothing but pain.”

– That’s true, Sherlyn. The Universe is kind, Spirit loves you, and we co-build our destinies. But we’re also bound by Spiritual Laws such as Karma, and in whatever we do it’s best to follow the Golden Rule: do unto others what you want done to you, and refrain from doing to others what you don’t want done to you. Even if you’d married Marcus, who’s to say he won’t get another mistress?

Sherlyn shook her head firmly. “I wouldn’t accept that at all… I’d go crazy. I’m almost there already!”

*          *          *

“I need some insight. She left me just like that. And now she’s with another man. Should I still try to reconnect with her?”

Philip had been sent to Denmark some months ago on a three-year overseas work assignment. Due to various commitments, his wife couldn’t go with him. Stressed and lonely in Copenhagen, Philip had an affair.

“I told myself this was just a fling, nothing serious. Things just fell into place. I had no idea she would leave first, or that it would hurt me so badly.

“I have no intention of leaving my wife or telling her anything about this. I love my wife; I miss her so much. And I know deep down there’s no point running after my lover. I just need closure.”

Philip had played with fire and gotten badly burnt. He’d learnt the hard way that relationships are seldom what they seem, and that the human heart is impossible to comprehend. One glimmer of hope in this otherwise bleak situation was that Philip was determined not to let it happen again.

A Spirit Guide came through for Philip with a message of love, and advice to let go of the past. The root cause of Philip’s choices – and his subsequent suffering – was a heart that could not stand solitude; a profound loneliness that pierced to the depths of his soul.

Philip texted me later to tell me that he felt lighter after the reading, and that he was going to take action to deal with the loneliness within him that made him vulnerable to temptation and hurt. I said a prayer for him; I know that Spirit is watching over him and he’s going to be okay.

It’s sad, but true: men don’t receive the same amount of emotional support and validation that women do. Men are assumed to be stronger, taught to “toughen up”, encouraged to detach from their emotions. Which is why when things fall into place and a happily married man like Philip wakes up one day with another woman in his bed, it’s hard to walk away.

So many marriages (and especially men) would be healed, so deeply and powerfully, if we choose to acknowledge our vulnerabilities; working on them with the loving assistance of Spirit and of our fellow human beings. That would be wonderful. 🙂

*          *          *

The saying goes, “You can’t keep birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair.”

Life is about choices. Every choice we make either aligns us closer with the Light, or pulls us down a little deeper into the dark.

But choices aren’t always easy to make. As human beings, we want stability. We enjoy the comfort zone. Which is why, when temptation first flies past, we don’t budge.

Temptation draws near again, wings outstretched, sensing prey. We smile, lounge in our armchairs and wave hi.

Temptation perches on our head, twigs in its beak, ready to build a nest. Things are falling into place, but they are the wrong things. Do we sit there and allow ourselves to be destroyed, or do we get up and shake it off?

I’m only a Spiritual messenger, healer and Lightworker. I’m not God, and I certainly don’t have the right to tell you what to do. I can only light the way ahead for you – you alone have the power to stop the birds from building nests in your hair, and to make the right choices when the wrong things fall into place.

Remember: even in the midst of hurt, confusion and darkness, you are still loved by Spirit. The Universe is always extending Her hand to help if you’re willing to take it. You’re not alone, and you’re not forsaken.

Perhaps the birds have been flying over your head a little too often recently. Possibly you’ve allowed one to hop on your shoulder. Maybe right now there are a couple on your head and you just overheard them discussing interior designs and the price of twigs.

Whatever your situation, do what you must do. Be brave, and be blessed.

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recounts) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

She realises that silence isn’t always golden. Click for details!

“She wrote, ‘Silence is golden. Mind it doesn’t turn yellow’.”

– Riiiiight. Tania, you’ll have to explain that one.

She laughed. “I will, once I get it myself”. Her brows furrowed slightly. “I don’t know why it popped into my head.”

Probably because of the spirit guides behind her. Tania’s guides. Three tall figures of golden light standing silently by, watching us both.

I smiled, and looked around. We were at Tania’s favourite hangout – a posh downtown café, the kind that serves only mineral water (“We don’t serve tap water here, miss”) at 8 dollars a pop. God help my wallet, I thought.

The drinks were on me, because I asked a favour. I’d called Tania, a well-known local band manager, for a meet-up and some advice on how to move forward with my original music. Nothing to do with Spirit, nope, nuh-uh.

So when her spirit guides appeared in my bedroom an hour after the phone call, I was pretty surprised.

This is urgent. Tell her to speak up. 
– I’m sorry, but I don’t know her personally. I don’t think it’s appropriate.
Something important in her life depends on it.
– This is going to make for one awkward conversation. I’ll need back-up.
Do not fear. We will help you. 
We promise you an opening.
Once we open the door, promise us you will lead her through it.

Three spirits of love and light, breaking through the veil to ask for assistance. Three versus one. What chance did I have?

*          *          *

Unexpectedly, the conversation turned to our experiences in school.

“My form teacher wrote motivational phrases in little cards for all of us graduating students,” Tania said softly, her eyes gazing into the distance. “Everyone else had really simple sayings on theirs. But mine was a mystery, and she wouldn’t explain it to me.”

The tingling on the left side of my face grew warmer, stronger. Waves of energy were gently pushing me backwards, further into my seat.

They were here.

“She said I would understand when the time was right… oh my god. I get it now.”

Three tall figures of golden light stood silently by, watching us both.

“Yellow is the colour of cowardice,” she leaned forward in excitement, her voice an urgent whisper. “Silence is a good thing, but if I don’t speak up when I need to, I – ”

Her voice broke off. Suddenly, she was silent.

I looked up from my tea. Tania sat perfectly still, deep in thought. Something had awoken within her spirit. I sensed in her a woman who had finally discovered the dragon she must slay, for her own happiness.

As women, it doesn’t matter what we’ve achieved or how successful we are in life. Social pressures have a way of silencing our voices by telling us, in big and little ways, that we’re not good enough to be heard. But in Spirit, every soul is equal, and if a young lady’s spirit guides must bang down the gates and link her up with a spiritual messenger to get their point across, they’ll gladly do it.

Tania’s spirit guides had opened the door. And to everyone’s surprise, Tania stepped through it herself… onto a higher path of love, light, and healing.

I turned my focus back to my tea. 12 dollars a cup.
What was that smell?
… Oh, nothing. Just the hole in my pocket, burning.

*          *          *          *          *

Need Spiritual help for something you need to speak up about? Please call, text or WhatsApp Kelly at +65 8716 9716, or email hello@kellylightworker.com and we’ll arrange a consultation where I can best assist you.

The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

A sign from Spirit heals her wounded soul. Could this happen for you?

Sunday morning. She was sixteen, alone in her room, and crying.

She was supposed to be getting ready for church, a weekly endurance session that she dreaded and loathed. As much as she enjoyed meeting Spirit and helping other people during church services, the stress of doing what she did – and of being misunderstood time and again – was taking its toll on her.

She hated Sundays. She hated feeling lonely in a crowd. The other teenagers who attended the youth service with her were too interested in their studies and the opposite sex to listen, much less care, about her experiences. The adults viewed her mostly with suspicion and disdain, half-aware of her gifts, and resentful towards her for having them.

Only the Bishop and a few of the church staff were truly appreciative of her contributions. They knew she could see, sense and hear from Spirit. They called her in when they needed her assistance in seeking Spiritual counsel and predictions (what was called the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge and the word of prophecy in those circles).

They would bring her into the office very discreetly, ask her to tune into Spirit, thank her, then let her go back to the congregation… where she faced the gossip and mockery. Alone.

OMG it’s Kelly the loony. Don’t go near her, she might tell you something you don’t wanna hear. She sees spirits! She’s so weird!

I can’t stand that Kelly. She’s so high-and-mighty and thinks she knows everything, with her Spiritual gifts and all that. In the first place, can she prove she’s really gifted?

I don’t allow my daughter to talk to that Kelly. God knows what demons are possessing that girl. I pray for her soul.

Sunday morning. Sixteen, alone in her room, and crying. With the radio turned up so no one could hear.

Then a song came on that caught her attention.

You’re one in a million / Once in a lifetime / You made me discover one of the stars above us

Suddenly, Spirit was powerfully present in her room. A glorious light, an almost inaudible hum, was suffusing the messy little bedroom with divine love, peace and joy.

She opened her eyes, red and swollen from an hour of tears.

A gentleman, dressed in a sharp grey suit with a fedora to match, was seated at the chair by her desk. From His warm smile, and the scarred wounds on His hands and bare feet, she knew Who this divine visitor was.

She smiled back, and let Spirit heal her through song. What had been a simple pop song was now a sign and a message from Spirit, reminding her of her true worth, and giving her the love and strength to go on.

After a while, she got up, got dressed, and went to church.

*          *          *

“I think of my father every day. It’s been a year but I still can’t believe he’s gone.”

The middle-aged woman across the table from me had been weeping since the reading began. Unhealed grief can be devastating, and Petunia, my client, had been struggling for a long time.

Behind her, Petunia’s father stood by, his hand on her shoulder and look of loving concern on his face.

– Petunia, your father is well. He wants you to know he’s been leaving signs for you to notice his presence. Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary happening lately?

Petunia frowned as she tried to recall. “No, but to be fair, I’m so stuck right now I wouldn’t notice any sign unless it was very obvious.”

– Sure. I understand. Wait a minute. Your father is trying to tell me something.

The old gentleman beamed. Ask her about the coins!

– Petunia, your father is saying something about coins, have you been finding or picking up coins more frequently nowadays?

“… Now that you mention it, yes. Recently I’ve been finding coins on the floor. Just yesterday I picked up an old one-cent coin that had been out of circulation for years. I thought it was strange…”

Nothing strange about that, Penny, I did it! The old gentleman replied.

– … Did your father call you by a nickname, by the way?

Petunia stared into the distance, her eyes red and swollen. “Yes. He called me Penny.”

It took a few moments for the meaning of the coins to become clear, but once it did, the joy and relief on her face were ecstatic.

“That was my father? He did all that just to remind me that he’ll always watch out for me? Oh my god. Oh my god!

– Yup. He was saying Hi, Penny.

Petunia was laughing and crying now. The tears on her face were tears of joy, healing, and reunion with a father she thought she’d lost to death… but who had been showing her signs of his love all the while.

“Oh my god. Of all things, Penny. My father always loved a good pun. Thank you, Kelly. Thank you.”

*          *          *

She wasn’t crying. She couldn’t feel any sorrow or anger… anything.

The divorce had begun. Her soon-to-be-ex had filed. He’d cast aside his godly Christian pretences and was finally showing his true, vicious colours.

She’d stopped going to church for years. She was tired of everything. After years of being derided, misunderstood and backstabbed, she’d finally walked away from her gifts, her allies in Spirit, and her soul’s calling.

She was at a point in her life where nothing made sense and there was no one to talk to. Also, money was tight. Alone in the cafe, she sipped her tea and wondered how she was going to pay for a divorce lawyer on top of all her other bills.

Then a song came on that caught her attention.

You’re one in a million / Once in a lifetime / You made me discover one of the stars above us

She hadn’t heard that song for years. Instinctively, she widened her eyes and looked around. After a second, she realised the mistake she’d made and ducked her head down again. But she was too late.

Spirit knew that she’d noticed the sign.

She felt a warmth behind her, and a hand on her shoulder. Her spirit guide, Lindsay, was smiling at her.

Kelly, do not fear this latest battle you must fight. Spirit is with you. You’re going to be okay. It is time to return to the Light. God is greater than any church or man-made organisation. You can serve the Light powerfully, both within and without a religious institution.  Let us know once you’re ready to work with us again, and we’ll give you the guidance you need. 

And with that, Lindsay disappeared.

She took a deep breath. Despite her running away, Spirit had never once given up hope on her, but was waiting patiently for the day she would finally stop to listen to Spirit’s song of unconditional love.

What had been a simple pop song was now a sign and a message from Spirit, reminding her of her true worth, and giving her the love and strength to go on.

Soon after the incident, she returned to the service of the highest Light, and became a lightworker.

*          *          *          *          *

Seeking insight, a sign or a message from Spirit? Please call, text or WhatsApp Kelly at +65 8716 9716, or email hello@kellylightworker.com and we’ll arrange a consultation where I can best assist you.

The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Call on Spirit, and you’ll never walk alone. This is Adeline’s journey.

“Am I cursed?” Adeline asked, her voice trembling. “Is there something wrong with me? Why is this happening?”

I slowly shuffled the Tarot deck as I tuned into her spirit team – her guardian angels and spirit guides who, despite being present (and standing right behind her) throughout the session, had not stepped forward with any message. I saw them healing her with Divine love and light, their hands outstretched over her heart and clearing away the darker energies within. Yet, they said nothing.

But Spirit always speaks. As a Spiritual messenger, I am well aware that even silence can be a message, and I only had to wait for the lesson to reveal itself.

Adeline didn’t know this, however. She only knew that she was sitting at a café with me, having a Tarot reading, and crying.

Adeline’s story was a sad one. When she was born, unexpected complications led to her mother suffering a major stroke which left her paralysed from the waist down. Devastated, Adeline’s father sought refuge in a new relationship and eventually left the family. Thankfully, he continued to provide for Adeline and her mother, but the incidents of her young childhood had scarred her deeply.

Adeline grew up shy, distrustful of others, and deeply convinced that something was innately wrong with her. There was a void in her lonely soul that cried out for love. In life, she took every step forward with trepidation, deathly certain that disaster would come upon her at any moment.

“Then last year, I met Nathan. Life just became better the moment he entered my life. For the first time, I felt loved. I had someone to live for. It was a good time.” Then her face crumpled in tearful agony.

It took a while, but Adeline began to put the pieces together. Nathan never took pictures with her, could only meet late at night, and always evaded questions about the future. Finally, Adeline couldn’t bear the weight of her fears any longer, and hired a private investigator.

Her worst fear was proven right: Nathan was married with children.

“When I found out, my body went limp. I couldn’t move or breathe, just collapsed on the floor. Lay there the whole day, wishing I’d died when I was born.”

That was six months ago. After the shock subsided, Adeline chose to stay with Nathan. And hated herself for it.

“We’ve tried breaking up a few times but whenever we do, I just fall apart. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go on like this. I’ll do whatever it takes to get out of this mess.Please, Kelly. Please help me.”

With that statement, Adeline set her intention to move on. The Universe heard her cry, and acted.

The Tarot deck splintered in my hands. Three cards thrust themselves out of the pack.

Eight of Cups. The Star. The Fool.

– Adeline, the cry of your heart has been heard. Spirit’s message to you is this. Eight of Cups: walk away from what no longer serves your highest good. The Star: a long and dark journey is ending, and hope is dawning with the new day. The Fool: you will start afresh, and your future is bright.

“… Are you sure there isn’t a catch somewhere?”

– Not a catch, but a condition. Look at the cards. Eight of Cups depicts a lone wanderer. The Star depicts a lone and naked woman. What Spirit is saying is this: only you can choose the path you walk on, and only you can walk it. Such is life – it gets lonely at times, and you have to trust yourself to keep going. But once you’ve decided to pursue what’s best for you, the Universe will make sure that you never walk alone.

Adeline smiled faintly. “Yeah. The Fool has a little dog walking with him.”

– You are not alone, Adeline. Spirit has your back. You’re going to be okay.

As Adeline walked away, I said a prayer for her. She was embarking on a long, dark and lonely road. Adeline was going to have good days and bad. Days when she could almost forget Nathan, and days when she would call and beg him to return.

In life, few roads are straight and easy to navigate. Roadblocks and detours are common and in some cases, necessary. But with a pure heart and the help of Spirit, moving forward is possible. Healing is possible. Anything is possible.

If you’re reading this and thinking your life has come to a dead end, stop right now. Take a deep breath. Clear your mind. Ask your angels to step in and help you. Make the decisions you have to make.

Then take the step forward. Those first few steps may seem lonely.

But Spirit is with you. Your angels, guides and deceased loved ones are by your side, cheering you on every step of the way. And you’ll never walk alone.

*          *          *          *          *

Seeking guidance along a long and lonely road? Please call, text or WhatsApp Kelly at +65 8716 9716, or email hello@kellylightworker.com and we’ll arrange a consultation where I can best assist you.

The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.