About Me

Hi there! My name is Sara Kelly Tan. My passion and life’s mission: to connect ordinary lives with the extraordinary Love and Light of Spirit.

I’ve seen and sensed Spirit since I was a young child. As a natural-born Spirit channel and psychic medium, I use my gifts to facilitate healing, guidance and breakthrough to those who seek assistance along difficult crossroads in their lives’ journeys – crossroads we all must face, at some point in time.

I give of my best in whatever I am called to do. I offer Angel & Tarot card consultations, psychic and mediumship readings, Spirit-channelled messages, energy healing, space clearing and healing, as well as animal communication and healing.

Currently, I’ve extended my portfolio to include hex and entity removal, where I work with angels and other Spirits of the Highest Light to remove dense or negative energetic attachments.

My Beliefs
I believe in the kindness of the Universe, the goodness of the Creator Spirit (who is called by many names, such as ‘God’), and the existence of both Light and darkness.

I believe that we are not alone: we are each born with guardian Angels, Spirit guides, and deceased loved ones – they form our Spirit support team, and are ever ready and willing to work with us and cheer us on as we navigate this strange little thing called life.

I believe that we are all One, and we are each a co-creator of our destinies. For that reason, very little about the future is actually fixed and/or can be ‘predicted’ – the future is a living thing, a dynamic process that we help co-create with our choices. Our choices shape our fate. That’s why choices are important.

If you’d like to get in touch, here’s how you can contact me: