The first Divinity to kick off my new series, Friends In High Places, is a beloved Goddess and Spirit co-worker of mine: Bastet, also known as Bast. 

She is popularly depicted as a Goddess with a cat’s head and a woman’s body, but when I first connected with Her via meditation some years ago, She appeared as a large, fluffy black cat with golden eyes. First, She hissed at me – as if to verify that I was sincere when calling on Her. Then She curled Her body around me and proceeded to cuddle the heck out of me, Her quiet joy and unconditional love filling my entire being with Light.

She works with me whenever I deal with issues pertaining to animal communication and animal welfare organisations, especially with The Cat Museum, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue and adoption of abandoned and stray cats in Singapore. She also appears when I’m helping clients with depression, as well as family + fertility issues.

The cult of Bastet began in ancient Egypt, where She was worshipped as the guardian of cats (in that ancient civilisation, cats were seen as sacred animals deserving of Divine representation). Bastet was also the protectress of women and children, as well as the Goddess of music, perfume, dance, family + interpersonal harmony, fertility, and childbirth.

In the Egyptian pantheon of Divinities, Bastet is recognised as the cat-headed daughter of Ra, the Sun God, and sister of Sekhmet, the lion-headed Goddess of war.

Bastet is a wonderful Goddess to connect with if you have the following needs in mind:

  • Healing and nurturing the inner child: Bastet can help with moving past early trauma and establishing a foundation of self-love.
  • (Re)discovering joy and pleasure in life: this is a crucial step for people who are recovering from depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.
  • Enhancing one’s sensuality and sex appeal: that’s why we use the term sex kitten and not sex hippo.
  • Fertility, conception, pregnancy, delivery: Bastet’s name is invoked for every stage of the fertility process.
  • Family + interpersonal relations: Bastet helps with restoring peace and generating the right kind of chemistry for successful relationships.
  • Connecting + communicating with animals: Bastet can assist in enhancing telepathic sensibilities to communicate effectively with one’s pets, especially cats.

It’s not all that difficult, and don’t be put off by people who try to convince you that you need to be super-Spiritual to connect with a Goddess:

  • Do something for animals, especially cats: charity + volunteer work for the kitties, or any altruistic endeavour for animals, generally gets Her attention.
  • Connect with your inner child: take time off for play. Watch silly movies and laugh. Pursue a new hobby/activity and have fun!
  • Spend time with family, friends and loved ones: show your tribe some love (cats love to cuddle with their loved ones).
  • Dress up: look good and feel great! Spritz on some perfume while you’re at it. Bastet is all about beauty and pleasure.
  • Play music: it’s a wonderful way to lift your spirits. And if you’re really feeling the groove, dance! As a Goddess of music and dance, Bastet will be there to share your joy.
  • Pray + meditate: visualise the Highest Light from above, filling you from crown to feet. Invite the true Bastet, the one Who serves the Highest Light, to grace you with Her presence. Focus your energies on receiving unconditional love, joy, and peace from the Divine Source – you’ll find Bastet there.

Love and Light,