“She wrote, ‘Silence is golden. Mind it doesn’t turn yellow’.”

– Riiiiight. Tania, you’ll have to explain that one.

She laughed. “I will, once I get it myself”. Her brows furrowed slightly. “I don’t know why it popped into my head.”

Probably because of the spirit guides behind her. Tania’s guides. Three tall figures of golden light standing silently by, watching us both.

I smiled, and looked around. We were at Tania’s favourite hangout – a posh downtown café, the kind that serves only mineral water (“We don’t serve tap water here, miss”) at 8 dollars a pop. God help my wallet, I thought.

The drinks were on me, because I asked a favour. I’d called Tania, a well-known local band manager, for a meet-up and some advice on how to move forward with my original music. Nothing to do with Spirit, nope, nuh-uh.

So when her spirit guides appeared in my bedroom an hour after the phone call, I was pretty surprised.

This is urgent. Tell her to speak up. 
– I’m sorry, but I don’t know her personally. I don’t think it’s appropriate.
Something important in her life depends on it.
– This is going to make for one awkward conversation. I’ll need back-up.
Do not fear. We will help you. 
We promise you an opening.
Once we open the door, promise us you will lead her through it.

Three spirits of love and light, breaking through the veil to ask for assistance. Three versus one. What chance did I have?

*          *          *

Unexpectedly, the conversation turned to our experiences in school.

“My form teacher wrote motivational phrases in little cards for all of us graduating students,” Tania said softly, her eyes gazing into the distance. “Everyone else had really simple sayings on theirs. But mine was a mystery, and she wouldn’t explain it to me.”

The tingling on the left side of my face grew warmer, stronger. Waves of energy were gently pushing me backwards, further into my seat.

They were here.

“She said I would understand when the time was right… oh my god. I get it now.”

Three tall figures of golden light stood silently by, watching us both.

“Yellow is the colour of cowardice,” she leaned forward in excitement, her voice an urgent whisper. “Silence is a good thing, but if I don’t speak up when I need to, I – ”

Her voice broke off. Suddenly, she was silent.

I looked up from my tea. Tania sat perfectly still, deep in thought. Something had awoken within her spirit. I sensed in her a woman who had finally discovered the dragon she must slay, for her own happiness.

As women, it doesn’t matter what we’ve achieved or how successful we are in life. Social pressures have a way of silencing our voices by telling us, in big and little ways, that we’re not good enough to be heard. But in Spirit, every soul is equal, and if a young lady’s spirit guides must bang down the gates and link her up with a spiritual messenger to get their point across, they’ll gladly do it.

Tania’s spirit guides had opened the door. And to everyone’s surprise, Tania stepped through it herself… onto a higher path of love, light, and healing.

I turned my focus back to my tea. 12 dollars a cup.
What was that smell?
… Oh, nothing. Just the hole in my pocket, burning.

*          *          *          *          *

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