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Welcome to the Bookings page! Before you fill out the form below, check out the Terms & Conditions. By booking an appointment, you indicate that you have read and understood all the Terms & Conditions stated herein. 


Please note the price adjustment as on November 2018:

  • 1 – Hour Animal Services (Communication, Healing, Mediumship)$160.00 SGD
  • 1 – Hour Tarot Card Consultation – $160.00 SGD
  • 1- Hour Healing Services (Energy Healing, Space Clearing)$210.00 SGD
  • 1- Hour Spirit Communication (Psychic Reading, Channelling, Mediumship)$210.00 SGD
  • 30 – Min BBQ Tarot (Big Burning Questions answered quickly and efficiently) – $99.00 SGD
  • Email Reading – starting from$48.00 SGD  per question, min. 3 questions


1. To be fair to everyone, only complete online forms will be accepted. Advance payment is required for all bookings. Payment can be made either via:

  • Bank transfer: POSB SAVINGS 056-60845-1 or
  • PayPal:

Unpaid bookings will be cancelled and I may not offer further appointments to people who book without payment.

There is NO grace period for payment.

If you cannot pay immediately upon booking, then don’t book till payment is made.

and don’t tell me your excuses if you insist on unpaid bookings and get blacklisted as a result – i’m not interested.

2. As much as possible, I will ensure that you receive the day/time slot you’ve requested. Occasionally, however, that might not be possible – if that happens, I’ll contact you ASAP to work out another day/time slot that suits us both.

3. Bookings are for one client per consultation only.

4. I reserve the right to refuse service when it is deemed necessary and/or appropriate; if payment has already been made, your money will be refunded to you ASAP. (This happens very rarely though! Read This First for a clearer idea of when and why this might happen.)

5a. A non-negotiable cancellation fee of $100 SGD applies for cancellation of paid bookings.

5b. ABSOLUTELY NO BOOKINGS WITH LESS THAN 24 HOURS’ NOTICE ALLOWED. If you try that stunt on me, your booking will be ignored and your money will NOT be refunded. Only advance bookings of more than 24 hours before the actual session will be accepted.

5c. On the rare occasions that I allow a same-day emergency booking, the session will be charged doubleBookings which are not for the same day, but give me less than 24 hours‘ advance notice, will incur a $100 surcharge.

6. Venue-wise, I do not offer readings at my home due to reasons of privacy. I offer distance readings only, via WhatsApp voice/video call. Don’t worry: Distance readings are just as effective as face-to-face readings. They also offer you greater flexibility, convenience, and privacy.

voice/video call readings are just as effective as face-to-face readings.

They also offer greater flexibility, convenience, and privacy.

7. All healings are conducted as house calls (this incurs an additional $50 travel allowance) or as distance healings. Like readings, distance healings are just as effective as face-to-face healings.

8. Services last one hour per session. Should you wish to extend your session, the extension will be charged at $4/min.

9. Rude, self-entitled, or aggressive enquiries will NOT be entertained. Neither will enquiries which clearly indicate that the person asking did not bother to do their own research before contacting me. If you ask me for information that is already available on my website and social media, your communication will be ignored.

Happy booking and I’ll speak with you soon!

Love and light,

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