Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other Spiritual services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore. 

As a psychic medium and animal communicator, I’m a Spiritual practitioner who not only can communicate with the deceased, but can also connect with animals.

Once in a while, I offer pet mediumship readings to people who have lost beloved pets and want to make sure they’re okay across the Rainbow Bridge.

All mediumship readings, when given appropriately and with the intention of serving the highest good, can be powerfully healing Spiritual encounters.

This was proven once again in a reading I gave, some time back.

It began as a pet mediumship reading. Delphine*, a long-time client of mine, was grieving the loss of her old Labrador Retriever.

“I want to know if Dusty is angry with me. Why did God allow this to happen? Tell him I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Dusty – ” Delphine’s voice broke as she stifled a sob over the phone.

– Dusty isn’t angry with you at all, Delphine. He’s right here. He’s happy to hear your voice. He’s regained hind leg mobility… He wants you to know that.

I smiled at the spirit of the large, black dog who had bounced into my sacred space, happily wagging his tail so hard it was a windscreen-wiping blur. Dusty clearly missed his mistress, and was glad for the opportunity to connect.

“I’ve prayed and begged for him to return to me in my dreams. To let me see him. Let me apologise for not being there when he… Why? If Dusty isn’t angry with me then why won’t he appear?” Delphine’s relief was palpable, but so was her confusion.

Dusty stared at me, his eyes smiling sadly.

The bad cloud won’t let Mummy see me, he replied softly.

– Delphine, Dusty’s saying there’s an energy blockage that stops him from connecting with you. It’s possible that guilt and self-blame can hinder connection with deceased loved ones. I’ve seen this happen before. Would you say it might be happening here?

“… yes. It’s possible.”

A brief silence. “I’ve started seeing my therapist again.”

– How are your sleep issues?

“Not good. But I’ll get better.”

Tell Mummy she must take the pills this time.

– Dusty says take the pills.

“How did – …? Oh, Dusty. I love him so much. He was always so caring, so protective.”

– Delphine, Dusty didn’t want you to be affected by the sight of his death. He chose to go with a major cardiac arrest, which ended his months of suffering in minutes. It was the best way he knew to protect you.

I heard a deep, broken sigh, and sensed quiet tears. Delphine was slowly releasing the guilt and despair that had plagued her for weeks after Dusty’s death.

Dusty sat up straight, his ears perked and eyes alert.

Protect, he repeated solemnly. I smiled at him.

– What’s up, boy?

In our pack we lost a very little one. The lost child, I have found her. I protect.

Dusty stared deep into my soul, as only a dog can.

Tell Mummy the lost child is safe with me.

Then I saw her – a tiny little girl, a glimmering speck in the distance, far away on the Other Side where Spirit resides. She was waving her arms gleefully, glad that I could see her. Her excited squeal lingered in the air.

Dusty turned to look at her, his face relaxing into a joyful grin.

Be back soon!

I turned my attention back to the phone call.

– Delphine, Dusty says there’s a lost child from your pack that he found on the Other Side, and he’s protecting her now. He wants you to know the little girl is safe with him. Is there anyone in your family who has lost a child, either through premature death, abortion, or miscarriage?

A thoughtful silence. Then Delphine spoke.

“Not my family per se. But a good friend. We’re so close we’re practically sisters. She loved Dusty very much too. Dusty was close to her.

“Caitlin miscarried a year ago. It happened early, but she always told me she knew it was a girl.”

Tell my Mummy to tell the mother of the lost child. The girl is safe with me.

Dusty had turned his gaze back to me and was emphatically stating his request, respectfully but firmly. I relayed the request.

“Yes. Yes – I’ll do that. Caitlin needs to know. Thank you, Dusty. Good boy. I love you.”

I love you Mummy. Thank you for everything. I’ll come and see you soon.

“See you soon. Goodbye for now, my dear puppy boy. Goodbye, goodbye. Love you.”

Delphine’s tears were flowing freely. Her healing had begun.

And with that, Dusty stood up lazily, stretched, and began his long stroll back to the Other Side. The Labrador Retriever’s duty of love in the earthly realm was done for now, and he needed to go Home for his little girl.

Like many dogs I know, Dusty sees his role as family protector extending even beyond his physical lifetime.

Spirit is larger than Life. Love is stronger than Death. For as long as he possibly can, Dusty will protect his pack – both here and in Spirit – with all his loving heart.

And so it is.

*These are true stories based on my Lightwork experiences. Some details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.

*          *          *          *          *

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