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Click HERE for the July 2020 Clozette article, ‘3 Foretelling Females On Guiding The Way To An Uncertain Future’.

After close to three years of the Goddess Guanyin saying NO to every media request to me – I turned down a documentary filmmaker, a major interview feature with one of Singapore’s official national newspapersand countless Youtube video requests with various media organisations – the Goddess said YES to Clozette.

It is an honour to be hailed as one of the ‘Women Who Lead The Way’ by Clozette, a major media brand with a 600-million strong following in the Asia market.  Clozette’s features writer, Em Mampusti, did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of my answers. I’m glad for the opportunity to share my responses to some burning Spiritual questions that lots of people out there do wonder about, and that Em encapsulated so well in her article.

For the benefit of the many people who have asked me, time and again, about my Spiritual principles and practices, I’m sharing my complete interview with Clozette here. It’s a long read – grab a snack, settle in, and enjoy!


Clozette: How does your spiritual practice work? How can they guide us every day?

Kelly: Every person is a universe unto himself or herself. We are each a perfect, intricate combination of mind, body, and spirit. My practice honours that beautiful complexity – I combine spirituality with psychotherapy, life coaching, counselling, and self-empowerment techniques to offer everyone I meet the very best that they deserve.

I believe that we are each born with guardian Angels, Spirit guides, and deceased loved ones – they form our Spirit support team, and are ever ready and willing to work with us and cheer us on as we navigate this strange little thing called life. Establishing a viable connection with our Spirit support team (and with Spirit in general, including our own Soul) is crucial to living an authentic, fulfilling life of purpose and joy.

As a Priestess, I am called to a life of devotion and service to the Highest Light. My principal Divinity is Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. My task is to act as a bridge, connecting ordinary folk with the extraordinary Love and Light of Spirit. Usually, my Goddess connects with the clients I work with. Other frequent co-workers in Spirit are my clients’ own guardian Angels, deceased loved ones, and Spirit guides. As I mentioned earlier, establishing a viable connection with Spirit is vital to our own well-being; that’s a significant part of my calling.

As a natural-born Spirit channel, psychic medium, and a Tarot reader, I use my gifts to facilitate healing, guidance, and breakthrough to those who seek assistance along their lives’ journeys.

As an animal communicator, healer and medium, I also conduct much of my Lightwork in service of both beloved pets as well as homeless and unwanted animals, in collaboration with various animal charities in Singapore.

I believe that genuine healing and transformation needs to happen at several levels in tandem before a breakthrough can truly take place. I am an energy healer who channels Angelic and Goddess energies, as well as a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.

Come December 2020, I will also receive my official certification and be registered as a psychotherapist specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


C: When should one consider getting readings and advice, and how often should they do it?

Kelly: It’s best to approach a Spiritual consultation the same way one would approach any other professional consultation: with the intention to seek another perspective that will enrich and empower one with the clarity and knowledge to move forward, making the best decisions for one’s own life.

Start with the right focus – set the purpose that you are going to take on that beautiful task of fulfilling your personal responsibility to yourself – and you’ll be fine. Once you begin from that place of self-empowerment for the highest and greatest good, knowing that when you’re at your best, you help make the world a better place – you’ll instinctively know when to get a reading.

From my professional experience, confusion over when or how often to get readings often stems from self-doubt. Once a client indicates a lack of confidence in their own ability to make the best choices for themselves, I make it a point to start their healing from that place of fear. I gently move their focus away from getting readings as a sort of emotional crutch, and encourage them to trust themselves.

This usually involves processing and exploring the subconscious assumptions they make about themselves, which is when my training in psychology and life coaching comes in handy!

It’s so beautiful to see clients start growing faith in themselves, and to be willing to try and to learn, even if they stumble – it’s all part of growing strong in Spirit.

My goal is to empower, bless, and heal – so that people can take charge of their lives. I believe that we are each a co-creator of our destinies. For that reason, very little about the future is actually fixed and/or can be ‘predicted’ – the future is a living thing, a dynamic process that we help co-create with our choices. Our choices shape our fate. That’s why choices are important.

So when clients request that I “tell them their fortunes”, I explain to them instead that I can clarify the likely outcomes of the situations they’re facing, based on their current energies and choices. I also make it a point to remind them that they have the power to shape their own destinies. 

Clients are so happy and relieved when I tell them that! And that’s because I believe they know, deep down in their Souls, that it is the truth. They have the power to change their lives. And it starts from that moment of realisation.


C: What got you into this vocation and eventually setting up a healing practice to help others find their path? Did you have any sort of training prior?

Kelly: I’ve always known that Spiritual work would be a part of my life. Spiritual gifts run in my family. As a young child, I have seen, heard, and sensed Spirit, and used these gifts to help others. Also, I’m passionate about facilitating personal well-being and advocating for social causes.

Training-wise: as I mentioned earlier, I’m a certified NLP life coach and soon-to-be certified/registered psychotherapist. Earlier in my life, I also attended Bible seminary, and have a diploma in Christian ministry – at one point, I almost became an Anglican minister. I’m on a different Spiritual path now, but I have so much love and respect for Christianity, and continue to incorporate its values of unconditional love and purity into my practice.

I conduct a lot of research as part of my professional and Spiritual development. I’m a voracious reader! I’ve studied the Bible, the Quran, the Talmud, various Tibetan Buddhist sutras, the Bhagavad Gita; I subscribe to academic journals on classical studies, with a focus on ancient religions and spirituality.

Working with the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients, I connect with Spirit through prayer and meditation, connecting with the Angels and Divinities of the Light. Most of the time, They will initiate or assist with the connection by leading me to books, people, and/or situations where I get to learn about Them. 

Spirit is always looking for humans who are willing and able to assist Them in reaching out and connecting with humanity, to love, bless, heal, and guide us. As a priestess, it’s my job. I love my job!


C: How do online readings and other services differ from actual, physical ones? Is there anything that’s lost in the experience that lessens the accuracy or specificity of the readings?

Kelly: In my experience, I haven’t encountered any differences between online and face-to-face sessions. I’ve given Tarot, psychic, and mediumship readings over the phone to my client base of over two thousand souls worldwide. I’ve conducted energy healings, cleansed haunted houses, and performed exorcisms remotely (either directly over the phone or by myself, with phone calls and e-mails to follow up) for my clients in Asia, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and North America.

The Spirit realm perceives time and space very, very differently from us. Physical constraints don’t matter so much – what matters is energy, intention, and focus. This is how the ancient mystics could perform miracles in the old days: they cultivated immense Spiritual discipline and wisdom, which gave them the ability to overcome certain physical limitations.


C: There are now a ton of apps you can turn to for spiritual advice. Some tarot readers are also now posting general readings for their online audiences. How do such work and how reliable are they compared to one personally done for by an expert for a specific client?

Kelly: As I mentioned earlier, what counts in the Spirit realm is energy, intention, and focus. If a person is aware and able to channel their energies for the right purpose, apps and general readings on online platforms can give accurate readings. This is a Spiritual discipline that is not as easy as it sounds, though – and that’s one of the reasons why readings done on apps, as well as general readings, can be a hit-or-miss affair.

On the other hand, one-on-one readings with a professional can ensure a higher level of accuracy and relevance. The Spiritual practitioner tunes in directly to the client’s specific energies, issues, and challenges. This allows for a clearer, more detailed reading, as well as effective solutions that are appropriate for the client’s unique needs.


C: How did the pandemic and the lockdown change your practice? Did the shift to the virtual, among other current issues, affect your readings and intuition? What new activities or initiatives did you have to take on to continue offering your help to others in these trying times?

Kelly: The pandemic and lockdown have barely affected my practice! It’s pretty much business as usual, except that I stopped offering house calls for a couple of months. This is because I’ve been offering all my services via phone or e-mail since January 2019.

Shifting to the virtual hasn’t affected my readings, intuition, or Spiritual connection. My Goddess is with me everywhere I go. We’re all good.

I absolutely agree with you that these are trying times, and we need to help each other.  This isn’t a new initiative of mine per se, but I’ve been holding online charity fundraisers for the underprivileged via since 2018, with all proceeds going to charity. I offer affordable Tarot readings on Eventbrite, people buy tickets, and I give them their readings on Facebook Live – they’re great fun, and we get to do good at the same time.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m an advocate for social causes. My regular charity partners are Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter and Metta Cats & Dogs Animal Sanctuary. From April to June this year, I held an extended charity fundraising campaign on behalf of Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), a non-profit organisation that defends the rights and welfare of migrant workers in Singapore. Our migrant worker community was badly hit by the pandemic, and I wanted to help where I could. Thank goodness for awesome clients and friends, and the kind folks who donated – we managed to raise $4,491 SGD. I usually average about three to four charity drives annually, so the next one will be soon.

We’re not over the worst of this pandemic. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that the second wave of disease (or dis-ease) will manifest as a global mental health crisis. I already see it in many clients, who are indicating heightened levels of anxiety, stress, and trauma as they grapple with the uncertainties that COVID-19 has brought them.

I’ve responded by offering more affordable service options, and shortening turnaround times where I can. I’ve started offering Tarot readings by e-mail at affordable rates, and clients can get their readings within 1-2 business days (most of the time, they get their readings within the same day). Many people are very fearful these days; I’m here to help, so I do my part by giving them the answers they need as soon as possible, at a price that won’t burden them further.

Currently, I am also creating an online course that teaches a range of spiritual, psychological, and life-coaching techniques to relieve stress, alleviate anxiety, maintain inner balance, and establish a strong and lasting sense of well-being. It’s entitled Welcome, Well-Being! and will be available in the coming months. 

(Fun fact: in late 2019, the Goddess Guanyin appeared before me during prayers and instructed me to upload an online course teaching well-being techniques by 2020. She didn’t give me any details then – as Her priestess, I was simply expected to obey and carry out Her orders. I had no idea why this would be necessary, or why it seemed so urgent at the time. Now I know.)


C: Based on the events in the present, what lies ahead for us in 2021?

Kelly: The astrological transit to note in 2020 (and which will impact 2021) is the Saturn-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. Pluto is the planetary ruler of intense transformation, and Saturn is the planetary ruler of karma.

These two astrological heavyweights carry intense energies that reverberate down the years whenever they meet. The last time the Saturn-Pluto conjunct occurred was in 1982, while the world was reeling from a pandemic – HIV/AIDS – and a global recession. (This sounds familiar, yes?) These events drastically shook the world and shaped the direction mankind took in the decades to come.

The best predictor of future behaviour is a past track record. Believers and non-believers of astrology alike can agree that the double-whammy of disease and financial instability will force us to reconsider how we’ve been living our lives, as individuals and as a collective. 

Capricorn rules governments and the patriarchy; the Saturn-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn will highlight issues in our institutions of power and give us opportunities to make much-needed changes. Capricorn is also a Cardinal Earth sign, so we’ll have to face the truth about how we’re treating our planet – and how we can save this Earth before we destroy everything in it, including ourselves. (It’s established that COVID-19 is a zoonotic virus, emphasising again that we cannot continue abusing our Earth without incurring severe consequences.)

The challenge in 2021 will then be for us, as one human race, to rise to the occasion and overcome adversity. I choose to have faith in us. We’ve done it before; we can do it again.

*          *          *          *          *

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