Friends In High Places: Michael

18 Feb 2019: this article was written from my heart, and I’m so happy to share this with you all – but it is by no means perfect (or even as comprehensive as I want it to be). I look forward to reviewing and improving this article whenever I get the chance to. When new and improved versions are ready, I’ll let you know.

Before you start reading this article, please note that what you’re about to read contains opinions and perspectives that reflect my personal Spirituality. These opinions are not for everyone – in fact, many of my views would be considered unpopular or even old-school in today’s Spiritual circles. Proceed if you wish, and may this article bless you in the way it is meant to.


Saint Michael the Archangel occupies a uniquely powerful position in Spirituality. His name means, Who Is Like God? He is venerated in the Abrahamic traditions, which include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He’s also well-known and well-loved in esoteric Spiritual practices, and has become very popular in the New Age movement. But who exactly is Michael? What does He do? And how do we connect with Him? These are the questions I’ll be addressing in this article.

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