In this article, we discuss the popular topic of guardian Angels: who they are, their role in your life, and how you can connect with them.

Guardian Angels: who are they?

Angels are a race of high-frequency, non-human Spirit beings. They are created with the sole purpose of serving the Divine. As such, they do not have free will, but will only pursue and fulfil the will of the Divine.

This short definition immediately answers a couple of frequently asked questions:

  • No, it’s not like in the movies where an Angel of Light can fall in love with a human and start some passionate love affair, blah blah. Remember, they don’t have free will. Some ancient Spiritual texts do speak of Angels having sexual relations with humans, creating a new race known as the Nephilim (Genesis 6:1-4). But these are the fallen Angels, aka Angels of darkness – powerful, incredibly evil beings who seek to sabotage and destroy the Divine will. I do NOT recommend that you have anything to do with them.
  • Another point to note: sorry but your deceased loved ones, deceased pets, etc do NOT become your guardian Angels. However, they can become members of your Spirit team and perhaps even become one of your Spirit guides. Isn’t that wonderful? That’s an article for another time.


Do I have a guardian Angel?

We all do. We each have one personal guardian Angel who remains with you throughout your lifetime. Your guardian Angel remembers your entire soul contract – this refers to the plans you made, before you reincarnated on earth, for the life lessons you intend to learn and grow with in order to reach your highest potential.

FYI: as part of the reincarnation process, you must forget the soul contract.

This enables you to experience and learn your life lessons authentically, as well as to practice your free will when you’re on earth.

Thank goodness your guardian Angel remembers it for you!


What is my guardian angel’s role?

To nudge and guide you to keep on track with your soul contract.

To love you unconditionally when you can’t even love yourself. If you ask for help, they will give you the comfort and support you need. When you mess up, they will patiently wait for you to wake up from your delusions and clear up your own mess. Ask for help sincerely, and they could even help you clear the mess if that is part of the Divine plan.

To remind you that you are loved by the Universe, and that there is a Divine plan and purpose for you… if you choose to follow it.

To give you the wisdom, inspiration, and solutions you need to overcome challenges. Pray for Angelic comfort and assistance when you’re feeling intimidated or dispirited by the obstacles you face – Angels can enfold you in Light and help to raise your vibration such that you can move forward effectively in difficult situations.

To facilitate opportunities during tough times, if you ask them for help. This includes arranging for signs and synchronicities that lead you to the right people, situations, or circumstances which open the doors for blessing, learning, and growth. Some people call it luck. Nah. Angels are very good at hiding themselves when they do their work.

To protect or save you when it is not part of your soul contract to be injured/handicapped in a certain way, or to die before your time. This is how we get all those stories of miraculous Angelic intervention, which, by the way, are real. I’ve been saved by Angels before – I can vouch for this.

To assist you in your Spiritual growth, progress, and ascension.


My life is a mess. Why isn’t my guardian angel helping me?

I get asked this quite frequently. Here are the answers:

You didn’t ask. Angels are Divine servants with no free will. They must respect boundaries, and one huge boundary they can’t cross is your freewill choice. Until you request Angelic intervention, they can only stand by and watch.

You asked with the wrong intentions – usually because you’re not being honest with yourself, you’re asking out of selfish motives, you haven’t learnt the lesson you were meant to learn, etc.

PSA: Your guardian Angel isn’t stupid.

He/She has seen you since you were born, knows exactly what bullsh*t you are capable of, and sees right through you. All the time.

So don’t even bother faking it.

You are meant to find assistance in another way for now. It could be that you need to do something yourself, before your guardian Angel is allowed to step in. Remember: they only pursue and fulfil the Divine plan.

Having said that, I would still fully encourage you to connect with your guardian Angel, because the role they can play in your life is such an amazing blessing if you’re willing to align with the Divine.


Connecting with your guardian angel

The vibration of Angels is pure white and gold. The sense you get when they’re around is one of peace, love, purity, and wisdom. They’re also usually quiet.

There are many ways you can connect with your guardian Angel. To connect, sit in a peaceful space where you won’t be disturbed for at least ten minutes (longer if possible). Now, visualise the purest, highest vibrations of white and gold light emanating from Heaven and entering your aura. Breathe in this light, and imagine yourself gradually and completely filled with this light until it overflows and seals you in a ball of the highest Love and Light.

Don’t rush this – take your time. Continue breathing in Light and breathing out all your tiredness, dark and stuck energies etc, seeing those negative energies being brought back to the Highest Light for cleansing and healing.

(For those of you who like to work with sounds or words, keep your breathing level, deep, and gentle. Focus on a word you associate closely with Angels: love, peace, purity, and healing are good words to use. As you breathe out, quietly say the word you’ve chosen as part of your exhalation. By doing so, you enable the right energies to flow in and out of you.)

Do this until you feel completely at ease, relaxed, calm and centred. Trust that when you are in this peaceful space of Light and Love, it is easier for you and your guardian Angel to connect with each other. Now is a good time to speak with your guardian Angel in your mind: share your thoughts and feelings, make requests, ask for assistance on certain matters, or simply enjoy the quiet bliss of being loved by your guardian Angel.

Over millennia of connection with the Divine, mankind has learnt that a powerful way to communicate with Spirit is through prayer. Here’s a short and simple prayer you could use to align more closely with your guardian Angel:

“Dear guardian Angel, who serves the Highest Light,

I desire to connect with you in order that I may align more closely with the Divine. I ask for a connection with you so that I may attain, and establish, the highest and greatest good in my life. Insofar as connecting with you is part of the Divine will and plan for my life, then I pray that this will happen in a timely and appropriate manner. I humbly ask that I be given signs and synchronicities to indicate that I am developing a genuine connection with you. Love and thanks to Spirit, to the Universe, and to you for hearing my prayer. So let it be, so let it be, so let it be. And so it is!”


Final thoughts

If you choose to connect with your guardian Angel, I’m happy for you – but be prepared to walk the talk. The proverb, Birds of a feather flock together applies here. If you seek to connect with your guardian Angel, make sure you’re living a life of authenticity and integrity. Nobody is expecting you to be perfect, but at least be honest and willing to work on yourself. If you’re living a delusional, deceitful life and consciously making poor choices, it’s better to invest your energies into getting your own act together first.


I wish you all the very best as you connect with your guardian Angel.