Weekend Spirit Message, 21-23 Oct 2016: Even in darkness, starlight.

This Saturday, we make the official switch from Libra to Scorpio season. Universal energies shift their focus from harmony, balance and peace-keeping to a more introspective mood that lasts till 21 November. The Celestial Scorpion’s bullshit radar is on high alert, but there’s no need to jump into fight mode – put your stings and tails away and save them for real emergencies, people!

What’s likely to happen (starting from this weekend) is that as you enter a season of soul-searching, you might learn things about yourself and/or the people and situations around you that make you uncomfortable.

The truth is that no one is all Light or all dark. We are all a mix of white and black and grey and all the colours of the rainbow. So don’t condemn yourself or others when you find out something you didn’t want to know. Face your darkness bravely – it has always been there, and knowing that it’s there doesn’t change a thing – and don’t be afraid.

What matters is what you do with the darkness you find, within and/or around you.

What choices will you make? Are you finally going to get treatment for your depression or eating disorder? Do you honestly think your married lover is going to leave his wife and kids for you, if he hasn’t done so after three years? Will you stop ignoring that terrible pain in your body and see a doctor, despite your terror at what you might hear?

What do you fear? That is your darkness, and the choices you make will either lead you step-by-step into a new dawn of hope, or plunge you further back into black. 

It’s Scorpio season. Universal energies will leave you unsatisfied with superficiality and lies. You’re ready – more ready than you know – to work through the darkness, to seek the truth, to take life by the hand and walk (maybe run or fly!) towards a brighter future.

Because even in the darkest night, the Universe is kind, and She is watching. Spirit is cheering you on and reaching out to you like stars in the night sky. You are never truly, fully alone or forsaken. There is always love, light, and a way.

If the Sun has set and there is no sunlight to guide you, you have the Moon. If the Moon is missing, even in darkness, you have starlight. And if you’re in a place where even the stars aren’t shining, honey, COME OUT OF THAT GRAVE YOU’VE DUG YOURSELF INTO.

Remember: Even in darkness, you have starlight. Be brave, and be blessed.
Have a wonderful weekend!

*          *          *          *          *

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Your Angels are always singing over you. Here’s how Lin found out.

Behind every blade of grass is an angel singing, “Grow, grow!”
– Jewish proverb

*          *          *          *          *

Lin had been crying nonstop for two hours.

Two weeks earlier, Lin’s life was turned upside down. Her husband of 20-plus years returned home with his new girlfriend, said he wanted a divorce, and kicked her out. Lin worked part-time as an assistant at her husband’s watch repair shop – so he fired her too.

Lin lost her marriage, her job, and the roof over her head. A 48-year-old secondary school dropout, Lin didn’t have the experience or qualifications required to get a job that would cover her living expenses. Her savings could keep her afloat for one month, two at the most. She was staying with her sister for the time being, but the small flat was badly overcrowded and she would have to find her own place soon.

“He looked down on me because I have nothing. I have no education. I’m old, not pretty anymore. I couldn’t even bear him a child. What am I good for? Why am I alive? I’m worthless… worthless.”

I was quiet. When someone reaches a certain point in despair, any comfort or encouragement sounds like mockery. At these times, silence is best.

After emotional release, the healing can begin. Lin was guided through a prayer of forgiveness, where she released her husband from his karmic debt and more importantly, freed herself from bitterness and the past. After that, we performed a simple cord-cutting meditation where Lin let go of the negative energies, thoughts and emotions that bound her to him. I called on the angelic realm to give Lin strength as she walked through this time of darkness.

At the end of the session, Lin stood up to leave. She was calmer, and beginning to see the light, a twinkling star at the end of a very long tunnel. Suddenly, she jerked her head up and stared at a spot behind my head.

“What’s that?”
– What?

“Those flying things… Spots.” She smiled faintly, for the first time in almost three hours. “So pretty.”

I turned in time to see two orbs, burning golden-white, gliding slowly through the air and passing through the walls. Okay, I thought to myself. That would explain the strong tingles at the back of my head and down my spine for the past half an hour.

– They’re your guardian angels.

“A useless nobody like me can have guardian angels? Really? Then why didn’t they do anything when I needed them?” She sounded almost angry.

– Because they respect your free will. Your right to make your own choices. They can’t intervene unless you ask them to. But now we’ve called on them to help, I’m sure they will. Only believe.

Lin nodded firmly. “I believe,” she said. “After all, I’ve nothing left to lose.”

*          *          *

One month later, Lin called.

“I got a job!” she said excitedly. “I dreamt that the restaurant near my home needed an assistant cook urgently. So when I woke up the next day I went there, and before I went, I asked my angels for a sign. I didn’t want to trouble my angels too much, so I said any sign will do, just make it clear enough for this stupid old woman to see.

“The manager was very nice, she interviewed me for ten minutes, and she told me I could start work the next day. Her name is Angelle.”

*          *          *

The next month, she called again.

“My husband wants me back. Should I go back?”
– It’s up to you. What happened?
“He called me just now. His girlfriend borrowed $20,000 and disappeared overseas. He asked me to lend him some cash. And he says he misses me.”

She was silent for a moment.

“I’ll wait and see. Maybe I will. But even if I don’t go back, I’m not sad or scared anymore. I don’t need him.

“You know, when he kicked me out, I thought I was going to die. A worthless thing like me, how can I survive alone? But I’ve changed. Now I understand.

“I’m not worthless. And I’m not alone. I have angels with me.”

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

He was being stalked by a psychic vampire. Here’s what I did.

He wasn’t alone. Seated before me with a tired smile on his face, Ming, a long-time client, was being stalked by a spirit.

But this was the spirit of someone alive. An attractive woman. Standing right behind him, with both hands around his neck. And Ming had no idea.

I was getting a really bad vibe from this.

“I need a reading on my career,” Ming said, wincing gingerly as he massaged the back of his neck. “Something’s happened and I’m a little stressed.”

A physiotherapist working at a large private clinic, Ming was popular with everybody. He had recently been promoted after our previous card reading encouraged him to ask for one.

– I’m surprised there’s a problem at work, Ming. Are you okay?

“Oh no, it’s not a big problem, just… agh. What do these cards mean?”

I’d been shuffling the Angel oracle deck as Ming was speaking. Some cards had fallen out; I arranged them in a straight line for him to read. Ming’s angels and guides were firm in their message:


– Ming, what’s this burden the cards are mentioning?

“… This client. She came in with a bad knee, which I helped to strengthen. Then she started coming to see me every day, just to say hi or give me presents. She would wait at the carpark so no one would notice. She parked her BMW as close as she could to my motorbike. I couldn’t avoid her.

“She asked for my number. She wouldn’t stop until I gave it to her. Now she calls and texts me all the time. She’s lonely, I get that. So I try to be nice. But it’s weird. She gets upset when I say I have other plans. This sounds crazy but…”

Ming bent forward and whispered.

“… Ever since she came into my life, I’ve been so exhausted. And… I feel like I’m being followed. All the time.”

Behind Ming, the spirit’s grip on his neck tightened ever so slightly.

A quick tuning in revealed to me that this woman had consulted a Wiccan practitioner and cast a binding spell on Ming without his knowledge or approval, to ensure that they would always have a relationship. That’s a BIG karmic no-no right there.

As a lightworker, there is a time for love and light, and there is a time to bring out the big guns. This was one of those times. The first thing I did was to lead Ming in a prayer to forgive his attacker, and renounce this host-vampire relationship.

Then I prayed for back-up. Archangel Michael, the warrior Archangel, came forward and dissolved the cord that bound the woman to Ming. The darkness in Ming’s aura began to lighten.

Then I stepped behind Ming and gently pulled off the fingers that clung to his neck. One by one.

The spirit started to scream. I ignored her.

The detachment complete, I channelled the highest light into the wounds in Ming’s aura (mostly at his neck and shoulders, where the spirit had been clinging), while Ming’s angels surrounded him and Archangel Michael escorted the errant spirit back to where she came from.

– Okay Ming, you’re gonna feel light-headed and tired after this. I want you to eat something now, then go home and rest. Detach from this woman as much as you can, with kindness and compassion. No contact. Can you do that?

“Will do. My neck feels much better.” Ming’s smile was less tired now.

Some weeks later, Ming called with news. That evening after our session, the woman called Ming at home before he could block her number. She ranted and shrieked at Ming for a good half an hour. Ming responded with kindness, refusing to argue, but also firmly telling her not to make contact again.

The next day, the woman called the clinic, claiming that Ming had molested her during her sessions. She threatened to file charges against Ming and the clinic unless Ming was fired. The clinic told her to go ahead. She hung up.

She never appeared again.

“I feel so much lighter and happier now, Kelly. I didn’t know I’d been dealing with a psychic vampire for the past two months. Thanks so much for your help.”

– I know you’re a very caring person, Ming. Always remember to draw boundaries, especially with toxic people. Bless!

“Cheers. Bye!”

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Fathers can make or break their children. This is Janelle’s story.

“I just want to ask about my love life,” said Janelle.

Oh okay, I thought. Probably wants to know how to attract a soul mate into her life, or whether her current partner was The One. Questions we all ask at some point.

The cards told a different story.

Three men: the Emperor. The King of Cups. The King of Rods.

This was going to be complicated.

“I’m a piano teacher. My student’s father sometimes gives me a lift to a taxi stand nearby, after lessons. It got out of hand a couple months back.” She didn’t lift her eyes from the cards as she spoke.

— Right… and the two other men…?

“Just one. I’m getting married to my boyfriend this year.” Janelle glanced at me; her eyes revealed sleepless nights, guilt and despair. “But I can’t give him up.”

Oh dear.

To be (the other woman) or not to be, that is the question. Janelle chose the cards and passed them to me one by one, as I laid out a spread to see the outcomes of each choice. The first option ended in disaster – no surprise there. But the other option wasn’t looking great either.

“But I care for my boyfriend. He treats me well.”

— Okay. Let’s ask the cards about your relationship. Choose four.

The same two men. The Emperor, the King of Cups.

The other two cards revealed Janelle’s truth. She was depicted as the High Priestess, reversed: a woman with secrets, and emotionally unavailable. Her agenda was the Seven of Swords: deception and irresponsibility.

The King of Cups: a loving man who seeks commitment — the boyfriend. Then who was the Emperor…?

The angel standing behind her right shoulder came forward and whispered in my ear.

Ohhhh dear. I cleared my throat.

— Father’s Day was last Sunday. Did you celebrate it?


Finally, the storm broke. Janelle’s defences came down. Her slim shoulders shuddered with the fury of her bawling.

“He cheated on my mum. For years. And he treated me like I was trash. I HATE HIM. I HATE HIM.”

Parents. They make us or break us. Very few people reach adulthood without some parent-related issue they need to overcome, some worse than others. When a parent messes up, he or she might move on, but the child almost never does. The child grows up but is stuck in a holding pattern, replaying dysfunctional behaviour until change is made, either by choice or by force.

But change is the only constant in life and change is possible, even in the toughest situations. Even now, by confronting Janelle with her truth, Spirit was offering her an opportunity for healing. To release the bitterness, and set herself free.

I scanned Janelle’s aura and found lots of psychic clutter – the consequence of bearing so much emotional hurt and baggage for years. To my inner eye, the clutter resembled black spots, and some of them had been fed so much negative energy they’d taken on a life of their own.

From vantage points in her crown, heart and solar plexus chakras, about half a dozen bug-like creatures, resembling cockroaches and each the size of my hand, hissed and sneered at me.

— Janelle, would you like me to conduct a bit of healing on you?

“Go ahead. Thanks, Kelly.”

Permission granted, the archangels Michael and Raphael stepped forward and worked with me as we began the arduous task of pulling out the negative energies that were cluttering her aura. The cockroaches were upset, but their time was up, and they had to leave.

Pest extermination done, I sat down again and looked at Janelle. She was still crying, but the violent, almost manic quality of her earlier outburst was gone.

“Thanks. I don’t know what you did, but I feel lighter now.”

— That’s good. Hopefully you’ll sleep better after this. Janelle, I believe you know what you have to do to break out of this mess you’re in.

She sighed. “I’ll have to stop seeing my student’s dad and definitely stop teaching the kid. That I can do. But if you’re asking me to forgive my father… I don’t know if I can.”

— If Spirit showed you the truth through the Tarot, it means they believe you can. Your father did you wrong when you were young, but you don’t have to bear the burden of it for the rest of your life.

Janelle paused. Then she looked at me. Something flickered in her eyes: the birth of a will to change, to stop hurting herself and others, to live life anew. Something like hope.

“Maybe it’s time to let go of the grudge,” she said finally. “I can’t promise I’ll succeed. But I will try.”

— Don’t give up. Get professional help if you need to. You can do it.

Janelle nodded, smiled slightly, and left.

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.