He wasn’t alone. Seated before me with a tired smile on his face, Ming, a long-time client, was being stalked by a spirit.

But this was the spirit of someone alive. An attractive woman. Standing right behind him, with both hands around his neck. And Ming had no idea.

I was getting a really bad vibe from this.

“I need a reading on my career,” Ming said, wincing gingerly as he massaged the back of his neck. “Something’s happened and I’m a little stressed.”

A physiotherapist working at a large private clinic, Ming was popular with everybody. He had recently been promoted after our previous card reading encouraged him to ask for one.

– I’m surprised there’s a problem at work, Ming. Are you okay?

“Oh no, it’s not a big problem, just… agh. What do these cards mean?”

I’d been shuffling the Angel oracle deck as Ming was speaking. Some cards had fallen out; I arranged them in a straight line for him to read. Ming’s angels and guides were firm in their message:


– Ming, what’s this burden the cards are mentioning?

“… This client. She came in with a bad knee, which I helped to strengthen. Then she started coming to see me every day, just to say hi or give me presents. She would wait at the carpark so no one would notice. She parked her BMW as close as she could to my motorbike. I couldn’t avoid her.

“She asked for my number. She wouldn’t stop until I gave it to her. Now she calls and texts me all the time. She’s lonely, I get that. So I try to be nice. But it’s weird. She gets upset when I say I have other plans. This sounds crazy but…”

Ming bent forward and whispered.

“… Ever since she came into my life, I’ve been so exhausted. And… I feel like I’m being followed. All the time.”

Behind Ming, the spirit’s grip on his neck tightened ever so slightly.

A quick tuning in revealed to me that this woman had consulted a Wiccan practitioner and cast a binding spell on Ming without his knowledge or approval, to ensure that they would always have a relationship. That’s a BIG karmic no-no right there.

As a lightworker, there is a time for love and light, and there is a time to bring out the big guns. This was one of those times. The first thing I did was to lead Ming in a prayer to forgive his attacker, and renounce this host-vampire relationship.

Then I prayed for back-up. Archangel Michael, the warrior Archangel, came forward and dissolved the cord that bound the woman to Ming. The darkness in Ming’s aura began to lighten.

Then I stepped behind Ming and gently pulled off the fingers that clung to his neck. One by one.

The spirit started to scream. I ignored her.

The detachment complete, I channelled the highest light into the wounds in Ming’s aura (mostly at his neck and shoulders, where the spirit had been clinging), while Ming’s angels surrounded him and Archangel Michael escorted the errant spirit back to where she came from.

– Okay Ming, you’re gonna feel light-headed and tired after this. I want you to eat something now, then go home and rest. Detach from this woman as much as you can, with kindness and compassion. No contact. Can you do that?

“Will do. My neck feels much better.” Ming’s smile was less tired now.

Some weeks later, Ming called with news. That evening after our session, the woman called Ming at home before he could block her number. She ranted and shrieked at Ming for a good half an hour. Ming responded with kindness, refusing to argue, but also firmly telling her not to make contact again.

The next day, the woman called the clinic, claiming that Ming had molested her during her sessions. She threatened to file charges against Ming and the clinic unless Ming was fired. The clinic told her to go ahead. She hung up.

She never appeared again.

“I feel so much lighter and happier now, Kelly. I didn’t know I’d been dealing with a psychic vampire for the past two months. Thanks so much for your help.”

– I know you’re a very caring person, Ming. Always remember to draw boundaries, especially with toxic people. Bless!

“Cheers. Bye!”

*          *          *          *          *

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