Ghosts, Hauntings, & “Dear David”: 5 Things about Spirit You Need To Know

[Drawing of “Dear David”. Credit: Adam Ellis]

Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

By now you probably would have read about the Internet’s latest ghost story, unfolding in real time via the Twitter account of New York illustrator, Adam Ellis.  Continue reading

The Gift of His Presence: a young man’s Christmas story.

Kelly is a natural-born Spirit channel, psychic medium and lightworker based in Singapore. A gifted oracle, she offers Angel and Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, and energy healing services.

“God bless ye, merry gentlemen, let nothing ye dismay.”

This is a Christmas story about a young man who was lost, and his family and loved ones who found healing.

Christopher was twenty-one, a tall and lean young man on the cusp of adulthood. He was an athlete, having represented his college in tennis. He came from a rather well-to-do family. His parents enjoyed a close relationship with him; his girlfriend Prissa adored him, and so did his dog, a huge black Labrador named Toby.

But Christopher had a secret that bore heavily on his broad young shoulders. Since young, he had suffered from depression and bipolar disorder. Only those suffering from mental illnesses, and the ones close to them, can truly understand the daily anguish of living in a constant state of emotional and psychological turmoil.

Due to the stigma of mental illness, Christopher, his family and girlfriend kept his secret to themselves. No one else knew what Christopher went through.

Then Christopher and Prissa had an argument at a Christmas Eve gathering (as people in love inevitably do) and Prissa raised her voice and yelled I think your bipolar is just an excuse for poor self-control, and if you have another relapse I’m not taking care of you, ever.

Whether Prissa meant it at the time, whether she ever meant it or only said it out of frustration – that no longer matters. Christopher took it very, very seriously.

Christopher vanished later that night.

Statistics on depression and suicide indicate that suicide attempts tend to peak during festive occasions. Whether Christopher intended to commit suicide that night is unclear, and isn’t important anyway.

What we do know is that Christopher was shirtless and barefoot, clad only in his jeans and with his ID in his back pocket, when he was knocked down and killed by a speeding car at about 3 am.

After the calls from the police, the identification of the body, the mind-numbing, soul-crushing arrangements for a funeral while others celebrated the birth of Christ, Prissa vaguely remembered a name and a number given to her when she was looking for a Tarot consultant. Fighting the endless tears and the deep brokenness of her spirit, Prissa called.

And asked for the psychic medium.

Not now, Prissa, the voice on the other end of the phone answered. Christopher is currently undergoing a difficult transition into the afterlife, as most suicides and sudden deaths do. He needs space to heal. So do you all. I’ll let you know when it’s time.

About six months later, when the psychic medium arrived at Christopher’s family home for the mediumship session, they were surprised at how young she looked. But once the session began, any doubts they had about her ability melted away. A natural-born Spirit channel and medium, she passed on messages from Christopher’s deceased grandparents and Prissa’s guardian angels; she also conducted some energy healing on Toby, who had been silently grieving the loss of his master and friend.

But Kelly, what about Christopher? Does he have a message for us? Christopher’s mother asked.

I need to apologise to Chris for what I said that night. I’m so sorry, Prissa said, weeping.

I want to know how my son is doing, Christopher’s father muttered sombrely.

Kelly shut her eyes.

She said, softly: He’s around, but his energy is weak. He’s getting used to life in the Spirit realm. He says he loves you all, and he’s sorry too. He’ll be back for Christmas this year.

How will we know? What are the signs? Christopher’s mother asked, the quiet desperation of bereavement straining her low voice.

He’ll do his best to let you know. And you will know.

*          *          *

“Silent night, holy night,
All is calm, all is bright.”

Six months on, and the next Christmas arrived like a thief in the night.

Christopher’s parents and Prissa followed Kelly’s – or rather, Christopher’s – instructions and held a cosy Christmas Eve dinner with some relatives and close friends. Christopher had specifically requested: Don’t coop yourselves up. Celebrate just as we used to. It’s also my first death anniversary, so celebrate my life. Enjoy the festive season with the people you love. I’ll be there with a gift – I promise.

At first, they were nervous, and had no idea why. But after the initial anxiety faded, Christopher’s parents and Prissa began to relax and enjoy themselves. They ate and drank. They shared their fondest memories of Christopher – his sporting talents, his deep laugh, his many lovable quirks. They laughed. They cried. They embraced.

Then at midnight, Toby began to bark at the front door.

Toby was always a quiet dog, smart and affectionate. But there was a joyous quality to Toby’s high-pitched barking and the glad, incessant wagging of his tail, a joy that silenced the party and brought tears to many eyes.

It was how Toby used to greet Christopher when he came home.

Oh my God. Oh my God. Do you smell that? Tell me I’m not going crazy, Prissa suddenly said aloud. Everyone looked at each other in quiet awe. The lights were shining brilliantly, much more brightly than usual – almost blindingly so. And the faint, but unmistakable scent of Christopher’s cologne was wafting through the air.

The fragrance lasted all of ten seconds, and then it was gone. The lights dimmed; Toby calmed down and went to nap in a corner, whimpering softly in his sleep. Christopher’s bereaved loved ones hugged each other and wept: with joy, with relief, with the deep consolation borne of profound grief and love.

Christopher had kept his promise: he had come for the party, bringing his Christmas gift – his presence from the Other Side. And with his return, Christopher brought healing and reassurance to his loved ones that Spirit outlives life itself, and Love is stronger than death.

“O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy,
O tidings of comfort and joy.”

*          *          *          *          *

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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He walked out when his dog was dying. Now his dog is back… with a message.

Across the table at the café, his presence was dominating. Tall, tanned, and a strapping alpha male, Adrian was a successful young man who believed in the need to balance the material with the spiritual. Hence his decision to see me: to ensure his plans for his future (mainly finance and career) were on track.

Coming from a poor and broken household had taught Adrian to be strong. He’d pulled himself up by his own bootstraps and was now doing well as a business consultant; on the side, his investments in property were yielding rewards. Adrian had it made.

Except for one thing that was still troubling him, and that he wasn’t telling me. Out of respect for his wishes, Spirit didn’t reveal any details to me, either.

“Thanks, Kelly! Appreciate the sound advice. Last year was tough but I’m ready for the new year! May I get you a drink?”

– Sure! Chamomile tea, please.

I always enjoy getting to know my clients outside of readings. Also, my next client had just texted me to say she was running late, so I had the time.

“My friend, who referred me to you, says you can see spirit guides and angels! Do I have any?” Adrian stirred his espresso, a boyish grin on his face.

– Oh of course! We all are born with a team of guides and angels to help us.

“Fantastic. Can you see mine?”

– Your angel is standing behind you right now, and he’s holding a medium-sized brown dog in his arms. The dog looks very happy to see you.

Adrian froze. His smile vanished; the haunted look in his eyes that had flickered on and off during the reading was there again.

Finally, he muttered: “After what I did to him, he’s still happy to see me?”

– Your dog wants to pass a message. Would you like to hear it?

Adrian nodded slowly, his eyes fixed on his coffee. He’d seemingly aged in seconds.

– He wants you to know that he understands why you couldn’t be with him when he passed on, and he loves you anyway. He’s very happy on the other side, and says thank you for making the decision to end his suffering.

Adrian did not move or reply. His eyes were misty with suppressed grief.

After some moments, he drew in a shuddering breath and told me his story.

Adrian loved dogs but could not afford to keep one until he was drawing his own salary. Once he could afford a pet, Adrian went to a shelter and adopted a mixed breed puppy called Sammy.

“We were best buddies. Maybe because we both knew what it’s like to be abandoned. Sammy never let me down. We had eight good years together.

“Then cancer struck. I took Sammy to five vets and therapists. Got him the best treatment. Fed him organic food. But he was slipping away before my eyes.

“On the last day, he couldn’t move. He was lying there and shivering and crying. When the vet came to put him to sleep I just lost it. I thought I was strong – but I walked out of the room. I couldn’t sleep for weeks after that.

“That was six months ago. When Sammy needed me most, I ran like a coward. I couldn’t even say goodbye. How could he still be happy to see me?”

– Adrian, Sammy thinks you’re very brave. And he trusts that you will be able to forgive yourself, accept his message and his love, and move on.

Adrian looked at me, his eyes dark and confused. “I thought I was moving on, but obviously I haven’t. How do I move on?”

I tuned in to Sammy, who was only too glad to help.

– Sammy’s showing me a location in the west. I get the sense he’s saying you left something behind?

“He was put to sleep at a vet clinic in the west, near Holland Village… Wait. Sammy’s ashes. I didn’t collect them. They’re still there.”

– I think collecting them might be the first step towards your healing. You haven’t allowed yourself to grieve. Maybe it’s time to start.

Adrian paused, and nodded. The haunted look in his eyes was gone, replaced with a softer light of sorrow, relief and consolation.

Life had taught Adrian to be strong, to face every challenge with courage. I had faith that Sammy’s loving message had begun the process of healing for him. The journey would not be easy, but would be worth every step. As we sipped our drinks, I said a silent prayer for Adrian’s spirit guides and angels to help him along his path towards greater love, truth and light.

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

“Here nao.” The true story of a girl who didn’t believe in Spirit, and the dog who loved her.

Within five minutes, we bonded over our love of animals.

It turned out that my new client, Yvonne, had loved and kept birds, cats, dogs and hamsters at various points in her life. She was loving and responsible, giving her pets the best care possible until they drew their last breath. My kind of person. :)

Yvonne wasn’t there to chat about pets, though. She’d booked a session with me to ask for insights into her career. Interestingly enough, she didn’t believe in mediums, Spirit or the Tarot, but had come across my Facebook page and “felt drawn to make contact”.

“I trust my gut feel. Okay, tell me how this works and let’s get started.”

Definitely my kind of person. 😀

Out came the cards. Unless a spirit manifests and is particularly insistent on getting a message across, I generally start with just the Tarot to ease newbies into the process.

Beware of conflict in two weeks. Your co-worker’s a pain? This card here is The Moon: it represents confusion. I sense that he isn’t shutting down your ideas, he’s just unsure —


— Say what?

I looked up, confused myself. Yvonne stared back at me, nonplussed.


A large golden retriever had appeared beside her. He sat on the floor, tail wagging lazily, smiling at me. Cheeky little soul.


I looked back at The Moon. This card depicts a full moon in the night sky, a lobster crawling out of a lake onto a winding path, a dog and a wolf on opposite sides. This card represents confusion. Its advice: trust your gut feel.

The dog in the card; the dog beside Yvonne. A particularly insistent spirit.

— Yvonne, did you have a golden retriever?
“Yeah, he died last year. His name was Smurf…”

— Yvonne, Smurf wants you to know he’s here with you.

She looked doubtful. “I’m not sure if animals have souls.”

Smurf looked at her, then at me. His smile never broke once. And in his eyes, a twinkle: challenge accepted.

The next spread featured the Eight of Cups: a woman navigating a new path, and by her side… dog.

Next spread. The Fool: a young traveller accompanied by… dog.

Next. Nine of Cups: a genie by the beach, and with him… dog.

Yvonne was amazed. “Are there many dogs in the Tarot?”
— Ummm, no actually.


“Today’s the first anniversary of his death.” Her tears came suddenly; she had to pause for a moment. “Sometimes I sense he’s here… not possible… he’s gone.”

Then the weeping began, and she couldn’t talk anymore. Loyal in life and even after, Smurf gently laid his head on her lap.

Disbelief can crush the spirit.

My readings usually conclude with a final message, where clients ask Spirit to tell them what they need to know at this point in their lives. No question is required; the client simply chooses the cards. By now, Yvonne was dazed and silent, absently picking out cards from the deck.

In her final message, The Moon.
You are confused; trust your gut feel.

Yvonne was completely quiet and still.

— Yvonne. Yvonne?
“Yeah, I’m listening.”
— Are you okay?
“Yes.” The crying had stopped for some time. “I’m okay.”
— Are you still unsure if Smurf’s around?

Yvonne was gazing at The Moon, a distant look in her eyes.
“Not anymore,” she finally replied. “He’s here.”


Yvonne was smiling again. So was Smurf.

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.