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Within five minutes, we bonded over our love of animals.

It turned out that my new client, Yvonne, had loved and kept birds, cats, dogs and hamsters at various points in her life. She was loving and responsible, giving her pets the best care possible until they drew their last breath. My kind of person. :)

Yvonne wasn’t there to chat about pets, though. She’d booked a session with me to ask for insights into her career. Interestingly enough, she didn’t believe in mediums, Spirit or the Tarot, but had come across my Facebook page and “felt drawn to make contact”.

“I trust my gut feel. Okay, tell me how this works and let’s get started.”

Definitely my kind of person. ?

Out came the cards. Unless a spirit manifests and is particularly insistent on getting a message across, I generally start with just the Tarot to ease newbies into the process.

Beware of conflict in two weeks. Your co-worker’s a pain? This card here is The Moon: it represents confusion. I sense that he isn’t shutting down your ideas, he’s just unsure —


— Say what?

I looked up, confused myself. Yvonne stared back at me, nonplussed.


A large golden retriever had appeared beside her. He sat on the floor, tail wagging lazily, smiling at me. Cheeky little soul.


I looked back at The Moon. This card depicts a full moon in the night sky, a lobster crawling out of a lake onto a winding path, a dog and a wolf on opposite sides. This card represents confusion. Its advice: trust your gut feel.

The dog in the card; the dog beside Yvonne. A particularly insistent spirit.

— Yvonne, did you have a golden retriever?
“Yeah, he died last year. His name was Smurf…”

— Yvonne, Smurf wants you to know he’s here with you.

She looked doubtful. “I’m not sure if animals have souls.”

Smurf looked at her, then at me. His smile never broke once. And in his eyes, a twinkle: challenge accepted.

The next spread featured the Eight of Cups: a woman navigating a new path, and by her side… dog.

Next spread. The Fool: a young traveller accompanied by… dog.

Next. Nine of Cups: a genie by the beach, and with him… dog.

Yvonne was amazed. “Are there many dogs in the Tarot?”
— Ummm, no actually.


“Today’s the first anniversary of his death.” Her tears came suddenly; she had to pause for a moment. “Sometimes I sense he’s here… not possible… he’s gone.”

Then the weeping began, and she couldn’t talk anymore. Loyal in life and even after, Smurf gently laid his head on her lap.

Disbelief can crush the spirit.

My readings usually conclude with a final message, where clients ask Spirit to tell them what they need to know at this point in their lives. No question is required; the client simply chooses the cards. By now, Yvonne was dazed and silent, absently picking out cards from the deck.

In her final message, The Moon.
You are confused; trust your gut feel.

Yvonne was completely quiet and still.

— Yvonne. Yvonne?
“Yeah, I’m listening.”
— Are you okay?
“Yes.” The crying had stopped for some time. “I’m okay.”
— Are you still unsure if Smurf’s around?

Yvonne was gazing at The Moon, a distant look in her eyes.
“Not anymore,” she finally replied. “He’s here.”


Yvonne was smiling again. So was Smurf.

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.