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Kelly X Clozette: The Complete Interview, July 2020

Click HERE for the July 2020 Clozette article, ‘3 Foretelling Females On Guiding The Way To An Uncertain Future’. After close to three years of the Goddess Guanyin saying NO to every media request to me – I turned down a documentary filmmaker, a major interview feature with one of Singapore’s official national newspapers, and countless Youtube video requests with various media organisations – the Goddess...
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Kelly x SingaporeBrides: June 2017

This article originally appeared on Singapore Brides. *** Hi there! I’m Kelly, the resident Tarotologist for Singapore Brides. Every month, I’ll be offering you a Tarotology (that’s Tarot + astrology + numerology and yes, I made that word up) report where I pull out one Tarot card for each zodiac sign. I then read the Universal energies for your month…

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