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Hi there! I’m Kelly, the resident Tarotologist for Singapore Brides. Every month, I’ll be offering you a Tarotology (that’s Tarot + astrology + numerology and yes, I made that word up) report where I pull out one Tarot card for each zodiac sign. I then read the Universal energies for your month ahead, focusing on your love life and wedding preparations. I also highlight one significant day in the month – I call it your BridePride Day – where I give you the heads up on how to work with Universal energies, ace those wedding plans, and enhance your relationship with that incredibly important man in your life: your husband-to-be. 

I keep my reports simple and straightforward. My focus is on love, light, and practical tips on self-empowerment for the modern bride. No weirdness or woo-woo stuff. If this is your kind of thing, excellent – check out Singapore Brides every month for your Tarotology report!



Dear Aries, your card for this month is the King of Swords. Have you been butting heads with people lately, Celestial Ram of the zodiac? This card is a reminder that a calm heart, a logical mind, and clear communication skills will help you get what you want. This is the month where you’ll be mastering the art of detaching emotionally from complex situations. You might be finding other people rather stubborn recently, but a ‘my way or the highway’ approach rarely works in such situations, and neither does aggression. Get some time-out space for yourself, then strategise. With a plan, you’re far more likely to achieve your goals. Your BridePride Day falls on 3 June, which vibrates to the energy of assertive and independent Number 1. The Sun-Jupiter trine on this day boosts your luck quotient and gives your words an added oomph – perfect for occasions when you really need to get your point across about the wedding playlist or floral arrangements! All best, Aries!



Dear Taurus, this month’s card for you is the King of Pentacles. When this card appears, it’s time to consider how you gauge personal worth. Does one’s salary or possessions indicate one’s value? Or are we more than what we earn and own? If you’ve been comparing your accomplishments with others’ and feeling blah about it, perhaps it’s time to step away from your group chats and social media accounts – ALL of them – and spend some time on self-care and/or with loved ones. When dealing with others this month, avoid the temptation to over-promise and under-deliver; watch out for people who might try that trick on you. Your BridePride Day falls on 9 June, which vibrates to the transcendental energies of Number 7. On that day, love planet Venus is in your sign, and the Full Moon shines in your eighth house of deep sexual + emotional intimacy. This sets the stage for your relationship with your man to be taken up a notch. Plan a date that you’ll both remember for a long time!



Dear Gemini, this month is all about you! The Tarot celebrates your birth month with The Lovers, a card that is astrologically associated with your sign. Know that you co-create your destiny by exercising the power of choice – it’s a free world, and that’s the way you like it! Options are presenting themselves to you right now, and you are invited to make heart-centred choices that will resonate, both logically as well as emotionally, and get you to think out of the box (your favourite place to be). The challenge is to make your mind up. Pick a winner and stick with it, Gemini. Ultimately, YOU are the magic in the equation! Your BridePride Day falls on 9 June, with a Full Moon in your house of relationships. This is a Number 7 day, and its energies favour turning points – perfect if you’ve been planning to improve your relationship with your bae. A sweet, long dinner date with drinks and deep conversation could do wonders to enrich your bond with your man. It’s also a great time to get things off your chest and reach a better understanding with hubby-to-be.



If you’ve been sensing that something’s up (and not in a good way), you could be right, dear Cancer. Your card for this month is the Five of Swords, indicating a situation where the players are not fighting fair. There are elements of dishonour, backbiting and a win-at-all-costs mindset that pings your BS radar like crazy. First off: do ensure that your own hands are clean. You don’t need Karma on your case. Next, it would be in your best interests to detach from what’s happening, as much as you can. If you can’t actually remove yourself from the situation, then practice mental and emotional detachment from the outcomes. You deserve peace of mind! Your BridePride Day falls on 11 June, which vibrates with the Number 9 and encourages resolution to challenging situations. The Jupiter retrograde in your emotional fourth house will have ended two days before, stabilising your moods and helping you feel more rooted. Family conflicts are also likely to improve. Spend this day in the company of loved ones and know that you are precious to them… despite what you feel!



Whoa, dear Leo! This month, your card is the Ace of Rods. Expect breakthroughs and new beginnings in the areas of creative endeavours, career, and passion projects! Now is a great time to kickstart that grand scheme you’ve been entertaining in your mind for a while – with the recent shift in Earth’s North Node into Leo, where it will stay until next year, why not elevate your plans to benefit not only you, but the greater good? What you do can make the world a better place. So let your innate leadership qualities and generosity of spirit shine, Leo – you have the power. Your BridePride Day falls on 6 June, a day which vibrates to the Number 4: the number of stability and building firm foundations. On this day, love planet Venus enters Taurus and relationships take on a more pragmatic, long-term tone. This is a great day to spend time with hubby-to-be for a long chat about your future together, and to make big plans for the both of you to take over the world!



Dear Virgo, have you been stuck in an over-thinking loop lately? That’s what your card of the month seems to be saying. The Three of Swords is traditionally associated with heartache, separation and anxiety, but as a Swords card (Swords in the Tarot are associated with the mental domain), what you feel is primarily a result of thought processes that seem to disempower you. Still, you can turn this around. This card vibrates to the Number 3, which in numerological terms is relatively fragile and can be reversed. Get out of this rut by reviewing your perspectives; reach out to trusted confidantes or a life coach, and get some opinions on how to move forward (welcome tough love if necessary). You’ve got this, Virgo. Your BridePride Day falls on 24 June, a day which vibrates to the energies of Number 4. This is a great day to work on achieving security and building something that lasts. With a Venus-Pluto trine in the skies, Universal energies invite you to dig deep within your soul and clarify what exactly it is that you desire out of life and love. Pluto’s influence might make this process a wee bit uncomfortable as you grapple with suppressed thoughts and emotions, but clarity of desire is the first step towards manifestation – and you deserve only the best, Virgo!



Well done, dear Libra! Your card for this month is the Three of Pentacles, indicating success and recognition in your endeavours. Libra, you are #trending – so much so that while you may be attracting lots of attention, not all of it is positive. Take the high road when people get jealous of your achievements, and don’t rest on your laurels either. Strike while the iron is hot and give of your best; reach out to others who might need the help (within appropriate boundaries, of course) and you’ll find your kindness going a long way… especially in the future, if you ever need a favour! Your BridePride Day falls on 22 June, a day which vibrates to the energies of Number 2. This is the number of harmony and partnerships; you, dear Libra, are all about that! On this day, Venus is snug as a bug in your house of sexual + emotional intimacy. Book some one-on-one time to reconnect with hubby in body, heart, mind, and soul. Have fun, Libra!



Dear Scorpio, this is a good month for anything interpersonal. Your card for the month, the Three of Cups, signifies that Universal energies are on your side should you choose to build upon and/or strengthen your social circle. This is a time to celebrate the people who make up Team Scorpio – you are loved and supported, so make it a point to keep in touch with the good folk who matter, and perhaps repair some bridges. Reconciliation might feel like a challenge, and if you’d rather detach from certain people, then do so lovingly – but if you’re willing to rise to the occasion and reach out, you’ll be amazed at how many folks care. Your BridePride Day falls on 26 June, which vibrates to the energies of Number 6. The energies of this number favour a play between dynamic movement and reliable foundations, often in the form of safe and loving relationships. In the skies, love planet Venus is in your house of partnerships, amping up the love between you and your man (as well as family, friends and other loved ones). Spend time with the people who matter and feel the love!



Time to lay down your arms, dear Sagittarius? Your card for this month, the Two of Swords, indicates that you’ve been putting careful thought into how best you can move forward, in a certain situation that has been at a crossroads for some time. It could be that you’re deliberating over how best to break through the stalemate, balance your priorities and keep your decision-making on an even keel. This might be a good time for you to seek trustworthy guidance and, above all, to heed and trust your own inner voice to help you make the right decisions – even if you feel overwhelmed by too much information, or insecure from the lack of it. Your BridePride Day falls on 13 June, which vibrates to the energies of Number 2: the number of partnerships, harmony, and give-and-take. On this day, communicator Mercury is chatting up a storm in your house of partnerships. This is a great time to re-establish balance in a key relationship, have that crucial conversation with a special someone, and make things right… so you can move forward with peace of mind and love in your heart. Onward, Sagittarius!



Dear Capricorn, is someone being sneaky? This month’s card for you is the Seven of Swords, pointing towards a situation where someone is acting with less than honorable intent. If you’ve been feeling the itch to do what it takes to get ahead, mind that you keep your hands clean – Capricorn, you may be ambitious, but you don’t want to test the laws of Karma. If you’re suspecting that someone has an ulterior motive towards you, you could well be right; be careful that you don’t veer into paranoia, though. Look before you leap to conclusions, and check your trust issues before framing the best response to the situation. Your BridePride Day falls on 1 June, where a trine between love + partnership planet Venus and your ruling planet, Saturn, encourages honest expression about what you desire in your bonds with significant people in your life. Manage your expectations, Capricorn, but don’t be afraid to speak up about what’s on your mind. The Number 8 energies of this day encourage us to give our all, trusting that the Universe will repay our love fairly. Open your heart to your man and your inner circle, and have faith that your squad will always have your back.



Dear Aquarius, in the words of that Disney song, “Let It Go”. Your card for this month is the Four of Pentacles: traditionally known as the Miser’s Card, it indicates a reliance on certain tried-and-true people, ideas, solutions, and/or security blankets that you’ve actually outgrown. Alternatively, a person or situation in your life has decided that you’re their security blanket, and they’re clinging on to you for dear life whilst draining your time, energy and self-worth. Clinging is often a symptom of fear, but what you truly desire is love, growth and freedom. Aquarius, you need to find that place where you can be yourself, by yourself. Create that crucial breathing space, and know that you are awesome – you will soar, even without a safety net! Your BridePride Day falls on 2 June, a Number 9 day – meaning that its energies favour closure and resolution to challenging situations. On this day, love + partnership planet Venus meets up with your revolutionary ruling planet, Uranus. Relationships take a bold and refreshing turn – a meet-up might help to resolve a difficult dynamic in an important relationship, and take things to another level.



Dear Pisces, your card for this month is the Ten of Cups, indicating the promise of emotional fulfilment. You are reminded to appreciate your blessings, not to overlook them or take them for granted. You have the soul of a dreamer, and your imaginative nature often conjures up a perfection that reality never seems to catch up with. Dreams are nice to have, but maybe try something different for now: be fully present and experience the joys (and challenges) of being flawed, imperfect, yet alive. This month, let “Be Here Now” become your motto. Set the intention to drink deep from the cup that this life offers… the richness and beauty of what you find will teach you valuable lessons about what it means to live and to love. Cheers to you, Pisces, and to living! Your BridePride Day falls on 26 June, which vibrates to the energies of Number 6. The energies of this number favour a play between dynamic movement and reliable foundations, often in the form of safe and loving relationships. In the skies, energetic Mars forms a trine with your dreamy ruling planet, Neptune, setting the stage for romance, fantasy, and a sexy date with your boo that allows your imagination to run wild. Time to fall in love all over again with your man, Pisces – and who wouldn’t love that?



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