Weekend Spirit Message, 21-23 Oct 2016: Even in darkness, starlight.

This Saturday, we make the official switch from Libra to Scorpio season. Universal energies shift their focus from harmony, balance and peace-keeping to a more introspective mood that lasts till 21 November. The Celestial Scorpion’s bullshit radar is on high alert, but there’s no need to jump into fight mode – put your stings and tails away and save them for real emergencies, people!

What’s likely to happen (starting from this weekend) is that as you enter a season of soul-searching, you might learn things about yourself and/or the people and situations around you that make you uncomfortable.

The truth is that no one is all Light or all dark. We are all a mix of white and black and grey and all the colours of the rainbow. So don’t condemn yourself or others when you find out something you didn’t want to know. Face your darkness bravely – it has always been there, and knowing that it’s there doesn’t change a thing – and don’t be afraid.

What matters is what you do with the darkness you find, within and/or around you.

What choices will you make? Are you finally going to get treatment for your depression or eating disorder? Do you honestly think your married lover is going to leave his wife and kids for you, if he hasn’t done so after three years? Will you stop ignoring that terrible pain in your body and see a doctor, despite your terror at what you might hear?

What do you fear? That is your darkness, and the choices you make will either lead you step-by-step into a new dawn of hope, or plunge you further back into black. 

It’s Scorpio season. Universal energies will leave you unsatisfied with superficiality and lies. You’re ready – more ready than you know – to work through the darkness, to seek the truth, to take life by the hand and walk (maybe run or fly!) towards a brighter future.

Because even in the darkest night, the Universe is kind, and She is watching. Spirit is cheering you on and reaching out to you like stars in the night sky. You are never truly, fully alone or forsaken. There is always love, light, and a way.

If the Sun has set and there is no sunlight to guide you, you have the Moon. If the Moon is missing, even in darkness, you have starlight. And if you’re in a place where even the stars aren’t shining, honey, COME OUT OF THAT GRAVE YOU’VE DUG YOURSELF INTO.

Remember: Even in darkness, you have starlight. Be brave, and be blessed.
Have a wonderful weekend!

*          *          *          *          *

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This Week’s Tarot, 17-23 Oct 2016

This week, Universal energies are seriously heating up as Libra season finally segues into Scorpio season on Saturday, 22 October. Libra’s harmonious energies don’t have to end – love and peace are always a choice we can make! – but Scorpio, being a fixed Water sign, is all about doing the inner work, delving deep into our souls to face our deepest hopes and fears. This sign is intense, mysterious, naturally drawn to mysticism and the esoteric arts.

This Week’s Tarot is all about doing the inner work of healing ourselves, first by being true to who we are and what we stand for. In order to do that, we must be honest about what faces we present to the world, and who we really are when no one’s looking. Here we go! 🙂

RIGHT: KING OF SWORDS. This is the first face many of us like to show the world: the cool person, the one who’s got his/her act together, the one who’s smart and capable… and always keeps his Sword up in defence against attacks to his ego. Notice this King’s Sword is held close to his face: this aspect of ourselves is all about saving face and, in the process, hiding a part of who we are from the rest of the world – even those who genuinely love and care for us.

Dear one, it is wise to keep parts of yourself private, but are you pushing away family, friends and loved ones in the process? Internally, you could be having a meltdown, but you’d rather stab yourself and die before you ever admit to vulnerability. Are you sure that’s such a good idea?

MIDDLE: QUEEN OF PENTACLES. This card represents our inner self, and the Queen of Pentacles is all about nurturing oneself and others. Like the REM song goes, “Everybody hurts, and sometimes, everybody cries”. The Queen of Pentacles in the inner self position suggests that we need to take care of this aspect of our being. More self-love and self-care is needed; stop feeling guilty and just take time off for a spa day!

Alternatively, it would enrich your soul to find a cause to care for as well. Volunteering to help the elderly, the handicapped, or abandoned pets would be a nice change from reflecting on your hectic life and wondering why it still feels so… empty.

RIGHT: KNIGHT OF RODS. Here’s the other face we show to the world. Notice that the facades we present to the world tend to be more masculine? It’s only natural: we feel the need to act tough to defend our inner Queen of Pentacles from being hurt by a world that can be unpredictable and even harsh. This Week’s Tarot calls for a balance between the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves, and while the Knight of Rods still tends to be more masculine than feminine, his message is for us to take hold of our passions and engage in exuberant, enthusiastic action to meet our goals.

In the Tarot Court, The Knights act in service of the Kings and Queens. Here, the King of Swords is looking away – he really doesn’t care for anything else except saving face – but the Queen of Pentacles is looking towards the Knight of Rods as if to say Go forth, and do my will.

Folks, it’s clear what This Week’s Tarot encourages us to do: commit to honesty, authenticity and healing our inner selves, stop obsessing over saving face, and take action to follow our hearts and live our best lives. Let’s get the fire back in our souls, everyone.

Also, please note: as we move from Libra into Scorpio season, we’re headed into the Libra-Scorpio cusp (a cusp is an in-between period between signs, roughly the last five days of one sign’s season and the first five days of the next). The free, happy-go-lucky Libra energies are evolving, becoming more intense and emotionally driven as we move into Scorpio. This, as well as aggressive Mars and furtive Pluto meeting in power-hungry Capricorn on Wednesday 19 October, indicates that energies are ripe for a power showdown. Egos may bloat, tempers may fly, everyone fights to win, and quoting a fabulous friend of mine, “Everyone’s just full of macho sh*t these days”.

How to deal? Easy, folks: ride the Libra-Scorpio cusp wave and CHILL. Focus on creating an enhanced version of your wonderful self, and don’t get sucked into senseless rivalries. You can do this!

And here’s a song that kinda suits the Libra-Scorpio mood this week. REM sings, “Everybody hurts (awww, sad Scorpio); take comfort in your friends (yeah Libra!). No, you’re not alone… Hold on.”

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

*          *          *          *          *

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Weekend Spirit Message, 15-16 Oct 2016: Let Your Light Shine.

This weekend, the full Moon + supermoon in Aries sets the stage for you to rise to the occasion. Full Moons encourage self-expression and release; Aries, a cardinal Fire sign, imbues us with the energies of the trailblazer and the asskicker.

Have an opinion? Speak up. Got a great business idea? Consult trusted partners and potential investors. Tired of toxic frenemies and not-so-sweethearts? It’s time for The Talk and possibly a breakup or two… but see these as break AWAYS from a bad situation to freedom, a brighter future, and a happier you.

Aries is the sign of courage, and in the Libra season (the season of partnerships) we are assured more than ever that there are people who have our backs, and we are not alone. So be brave. May the fire in your soul rise to the occasion and light your way.  Have a wonderful weekend!

*          *          *          *          *

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This Week’s Tarot, 3-9 Oct 2016

This week, we’re finally moving out of the shadow of the recently-ended Mercury retrograde. For many, change and opportunities are in the air, but the road ahead presents obstacles. No worries! This Week’s Tarot gives us a heads up on what to expect and how to deal. Here we go! 🙂

LEFT: EIGHT OF SWORDS REVERSED. Upright, the Eight of Swords represents a situation where one is stuck and feeling powerless. Reversed, you’re coming unstuck – the shadow period of the current Mercury retrograde ends on 6 October, and Universal energies currently push for change and movement. This should be cause for celebration, but if you’re not feeling it, our next card explains why…

MIDDLE: SIX OF RODS REVERSED. This card indicates victory in the upright position; upside-down, confidence issues abound. Perhaps the challenges of previous weeks or months have eroded your confidence that things will turn out well. Perhaps you’ve lost faith in yourself, in people around you, or in the goodness of the Universe. Just as risky: an intoxicating over-confidence that could translate into rash decision-making, and regrets down the road. How, then, do you maintain a happy balance and still meet your goals?

RIGHT: THREE OF PENTACLES. The Tarot favours a simple, do-able approach to whatever you may be facing this week. When the Three of Pentacles appears, start small. Do what you can with what you’ve got. Work your way up – and out – of whatever situation you’re facing. And you don’t have to go it alone: the Three of Pentacles emphasises the value of teamwork. There are good people who will help you if you ask; your job is to identify them and reach out when needed.

Remember: you’ve got this. Even if major improvements don’t seem be happening, understand that the steps you take this week (humble as they seem) will pave the way for big things to happen in a good way.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

*          *          *          *          *

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Weekend Spirit Message, 30 Sept – 2 Oct 2016: Energy Work.

This weekend presents us with the perfect opportunity to dial it down, energy-wise. The New Moon on 30 September/ 1 October offers us the potential to choose new beginnings, to plant the seeds that begin a new and better cycle of growth. Take time out this night/ early morning to visualise, write down, and/or speak out your goals for the coming weeks (for those born under the sign of Libra, set those goals for the whole year because Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, is in the house for ya!).

Then, dear one, after the seeds have been planted, take a breather. The Angel card portraying Energy Work frequently represents a need to heal and revitalise so our bodies, minds and spirits can operate at optimal levels. When this card appears, it’s a great time to get a massage, visit the spa, try out that yoga class you’ve been hearing about, or just nap. After weathering the rigorous, no-nonsense energies of September, let’s welcome the refreshing breezes of October with some well-deserved self-love.

Have a wonderful weekend! <3

*          *          *          *          *

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This Week’s Tarot, 26 Sept – 2 Oct 2016


(Sorry I had to use a generic pic as this post’s featured image. Facebook was being idiotic again. Anyway if you came to this post via FB, here’s the actual pic for This Week’s Tarot!)

Thank you to everyone who popped by Public Garden last weekend, either for a reading or a chat! 🙂 It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. I’m typing this in bed, totally zonked out but happy, and feeling very loved indeed. <3

This Week’s Tarot indicates that the coming week has the potential to be a game-changer if we play our cards right (see what I did there, haha). All three cards are Major Arcana, indicating that Universal forces are playing a more-than-usually significant role in the developments and outcomes of many events this week. So let’s work with the Universe to co-create our best possible destinies!

This week starts with a bang… a good one! On Monday 26 September, the Sun meets Jupiter (the planet of good fortune and expansiveness) in peace-loving, go-getting Libra. Lift those Monday blues with the assurance that, in terms of Universal energies, this Monday is one of the luckiest days of the year. Amp up your luck quotient by taking on this Libra season’s graces: focus on balance and harmony within yourself and in relationships with others.

It’s also interesting to note that this week’s Moon phase is waning, with a new Moon on 30 September/ 1 October. The energies of a waning Moon are conducive to getting rid of the old, and the new Moon sets the stage for us to usher in the new.

Since this is Libra season, the focus is particularly strong on relationships and partnerships. Could it be time to drop that toxic frenemy once and for all? Do you feel lucky – and brave – enough to ask that hottie from Accounts out for a quick coffee? Hmmm… decisions, decisions! 😉

Universal energies in mind, here’s This Week’s Tarot!

LEFT: THE HIGH PRIESTESS REVERSED. When the High Priestess appears reversed, get over your self-doubt and learn to trust your intuition. Dear one, perhaps you’ve just come through a tough time where missteps were made, and your confidence in your instincts has been shaken badly. Have no fear. Take some time out. Get some fresh air; exercise or meditate, do what you need to focus and re-centre yourself. The answers are still there, within your soul. Calm the inner storm and eventually, the voice of your intuition will be heard once again.

MIDDLE: JUSTICE REVERSED. What goes around, comes around. Justice in the Tarot is the personification of Karma. When Lady Justice is reversed, something unfair is happening in your vicinity. Make sure it’s not you causing the injustice because Karma bites hard. If you’re being affected by unjust treatment, it’s not likely to be something you can actually change, in which case, consider your options clearly and logically before taking the next step. Think long-term solution, not short-term evasion or confrontation. And don’t fret: trust that the Universe will take matters into Her own hands and restore the karmic balance in time.

RIGHT: DEATH. Nothing to fear here, folks! In the Tarot, Death represents change and transformation. Remember the waning/new Moon, disposing of the old and welcoming the new? This is exactly what we’re talking about. The energy for transitions is rising, and that’s a good thing. Don’t fight Universal energies… work with them. Let go of old, self-limiting mindsets, relationships and situations that no longer serve your highest good. Some doors must close in order that better ones open. The short-term discomfort we experience will be more than amply rewarded by the joy of knowing that the future is bright, and the best is yet ahead of us.

The door is opening. The Universe, your guardian Angels and deceased loved ones are watching over you and cheering you on. Will you take that step?

Be brave and be blessed. Have a great week ahead! 😀

*          *          *          *          *

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Weekend Spirit Message, 23-25 Sept 2016: Cupid.

This weekend is the first of the Libra season. Under the auspices of the Scales, the focus is on balance, fairness, and harmony; we’re still in the shadow period of the Mercury retrograde (this lasts until 6 Oct), but the mishaps and miscommunications of this period are softened and balanced out by Jupiter in Libra, where everyone’s luck quotient gets kicked up a notch, yay!

So there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel – all the more with this weekend’s Angel card! When Cupid appears, it is safe to open your heart to the exciting possibilities that life, love and the Universe can offer. (Remember to keep your eyes and mind open as well!) It could be a new or revitalised relationship, a renewed passion for life, a change in career or job scope that gets you really excited, or a fascinating hobby.

Go ahead and try something new that sets your heart a-flutter. It’s all good. <3
Have fun and be safe!

*          *          *

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This Week’s Tarot, 19-25 Sept 2016

This week’s day of note is Thursday, 22 September 2016. First, the Sun moves out of logical, perfectionist Virgo into loving, light-hearted Libra. Let’s welcome the season of harmony, relationships and peace-making! Another thing to note is that the Mercury retrograde officially ends on Thursday too, but we’re not out of the woods yet – the shadow period lingers for another fortnight until Thursday, 6 October. But it’s all good, and for those of you who got the short end of the stick during this retrograde, at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel (yay for optimism, another trait associated with Libra!).

With all that in mind, here’s This Week’s Tarot!

LEFT: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. With this Knight, the message is “slow and steady wins the race”. The Knight of Pentacles is also someone who’s pragmatic, rational, and responsible. We’re still in the thick of the Mercury retrograde, so in the final week of analytical Virgo season, take extra precautions to dot your i’s and cross your t’s in whatever you’re doing. Stick to the rules and the established routines – now is not the time to be a maverick. This card could also refer to someone in your life who possesses the qualities mentioned earlier, and who might play a pivotal role in this week’s events.

MIDDLE: SIX OF SWORDS REVERSED. Upright, the Six of Swords represents change. It’s also interesting that the upright Six of Swords was featured in last week’s Tarot message. When reversed, change may be thwarted or non-existent; the man in the boat seems to be paddling furiously but going nowhere. If your plans for change and improvement have hit a snag, it’s time for some serious Virgoan introspection about how you can tweak your approach to get the results you want. Maybe there’s a clue in the next card…

RIGHT: TWO OF PENTACLES. This card represents inner equilibrium, the balance of priorities in a world that often tests our multi-tasking abilities. The question to ask is: Have you got your FOCUS on the RIGHT priorities, and in the RIGHT order?

This week may feel like you’re paddling in a boat but getting nowhere. Still, don’t give up! Take a practical, undramatic approach to things; pace yourself prudently and clarify your focus on the many priorities clamouring for your attention. You’ll get there in the end.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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Weekend Spirit Message, 9-11 Sept 2016: See Only Love.

Our perceptions shape our reality; in many ways, perception IS reality. Whatever we choose to focus on can, and will directly influence the quality of our lives. This weekend, choose to see only love. Consciously look past the frustrations and disappointments in your situation. Understand that in the larger scheme of things, only love will last the course. You are loved. Let your choice to perceive the love of Spirit (even in difficult people, places and situations) become your reality, and heal you.

*          *          *          *          *

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This Week’s Tarot, 5-11 Sept 2016

This week’s TGIF will be interesting! On Friday, 9 September 2016, Jupiter leaves Virgo and enters Libra until October 10, 2017. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and philosophy, and makes a good match with Libra’s carefree nature. Everyone’s luck gets an extra boost, and because Libra is all about relationships and harmony, your chances of finding fulfilment in family, friends and loved ones will be higher than ever. Invest your life and love in the right people and you’ll be amply rewarded! With that in mind, let’s dive into This Week’s Tarot:

LEFT: THE EMPRESS REVERSED. The Empress is the Earth Mother, the nurturer of the Tarot. When she’s upside down, you’re probably not taking great care of yourself, and/or you’ve been allowing fears of ill-health to disturb your peace of mind. Time out is necessary, preferably spent on self-care. Do something creative that feeds your soul: bake a cake, do some gardening, paint a watercolour, enjoy a long, lazy brunch… or maybe do awesomely, deliciously nothing at all.

My partner told me once, when I was in full workaholic mode and running myself into the ground (yep, I struggle with this too): “Kelly, it’s okay to just take time to breathe.” There’s wisdom in that advice, so I’m sharing it with you!

MIDDLE: EIGHT OF PENTACLES REVERSED. When the Eight of Pentacles appears reversed, there’s a sense of futility in the effort one puts into an endeavour. This is the card of the worker who clocks in her hours at the office, puts her nose to the grind, but in her mind she checked out a long time ago and really, she’s only there for the pay cheque. There’s not much confidence in the future, either. But bear in mind that a lot of this sense of pessimism and burnout is possibly a direct result of insufficient self-care. (Also the Mercury retrograde, let’s remember that.)

The saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It’s a cliché, but it makes sense. Now’s a good time to have a good time… plan something for the weekend? 🙂

RIGHT: NINE OF SWORDS. Okay, there’s no sugarcoating this one. The Nine of Swords is associated with over-thinking, nightmares, insomnia and a bummer of a low mood overall. In this spread, it’s pretty clear that a lot of the negativity here is related to stresses at work, or with finances and health. Hun, you have got to chill. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. And make those TGIF plans! 😀

Peace out! Be kind to yourself and to one another, all.

Have a great week ahead! <3

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