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The rain outside the café had slowed to a drizzle as I concluded an angel oracle card reading with Alicia, a first-time client.

“Thanks for the reading, Kelly!” Alicia said as I gathered up the cards and shuffled the deck. “I’m glad for the insights into my career and my grouchy boyfriend.” She paused for a second as a thought struck her. “Oh hang on! Sorry but may I ask about my parents’ health?”

– Sure! I could help you ask Spirit for what you can do to ensure their health and wellbeing.

I tuned in. During this process, I trace the energetic and spiritual cords that link my client to the person in question. By reading the energy they’re giving out, and sometimes enlisting the assistance of angels and spirit guides, I can access information wherever appropriate for the client’s highest good.

– Your mum. Hmmm… it seems that –


Standing behind Alicia, to her right, was the spirit of an old man. He was calling out and waving his walking stick frantically at me.

– Alicia, were you close to your grandfather?

“To my paternal granddad, yes. He’s still alive. But my maternal granddad died before I was born. My mum is a daddy’s little girl.” Her voice dropped to a reverent hush. “Is he here?”

(OI!!! HEY!!! HEYYYYYY!!!)

(– I hear you. Greetings, spirit.)

Our eyes met, and we smiled at each other. Once he knew he had my attention, the old gentleman began to fire away in a Chinese dialect I didn’t recognise.

Once we cross over to the light, there is no need for language; spirits communicate telepathically. However, this old gentleman was clearly too excited to care. By sheer force of habit, his tongue had taken over, and he was so filled with JOY and AMAZEMENT and HERE’S MY CHANCE TO PASS A MESSAGE TO MY LOVED ONES that I couldn’t calm him down, try as I might.

“Ummm, you’re looking a little dazed. Is everything ok?”

– Yeah. Just a moment, Alicia.

By then, the old gentleman had figured out that I wasn’t conversant in the dialect he spoke. Brow furrowed, he stood with hands on hips, deep in thought. Then his face lit up as a bright idea came to him.

The spirit of Alicia’s paternal grandfather then began enacting an elaborate charade of health conditions to me, with great deliberation. I narrated his actions as best I could to a very bemused Alicia.

– He’s pointing at his feet and grimacing. Now he’s smacking the right side of his head repeatedly, a migraine issue maybe? … What? He’s squatting and, ummm, pointing at his backside, and now he’s pretending to faint?

Oh good grief, I thought to myself, I sound like an idiot. But to my surprise, Alicia was nodding and smiling.

“My mum has sore feet because her retail job requires her to be on her feet all the time. Yes, she’s on medication for her migraine. She also… suffers from piles, and at one point it was so bad she became anaemic and was always giddy. She’s scared of going to the loo now.”

While Alicia was speaking, Granddad looked on with great pride and satisfaction at his granddaughter. After the first flush of excitement, he finally calmed down enough to communicate with me telepathically.


– Please let your mum know that your granddad wants her to see a doctor.

“Agh, that’s the problem! She’s too shy and embarrassed to do anything about the piles. But now that her beloved daddy has told her to, hopefully she’ll change her mind.”

Alicia grinned mischievously at me.

“Wait till I tell my family how Granddad appeared and played charades!”

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.