A mother’s love can make you laugh and cry.

Lili, a young undergraduate, had arranged to see me. She was graduating soon, and wanted insight into some important career decisions. She also wanted advice for her family back in China.

Lili called at noon; we arranged to meet at 3. Great, I thought. That gives me time to run errands.

I should have known I would receive a surprise visitor in my room.

Tiny golden specks appeared, as if blown in from outside the window. They swirled playfully in the air around me for a moment, before flying past me, behind me, and finally…

I turned. At the door stood Lili’s mother, who had passed on when she was eight.

With a loving smile and a gentle shake of the head:

That girl, she said. You tell that girl!...

*        *        *

Well-dressed and polite, Lili got up to shake my hand when I arrived at the meeting place. A mother’s pride, indeed. And like all mothers, she walked in right behind me: to see her beloved girl, and to make sure I did what we had agreed on.

Spirits have personalities just like us. Everyone, both living and dead, belongs to Spirit after all. This mother was a feisty one, and insisted that I start with her message:

You eat too much junk food. You’re addicted to pizza! Didn’t your grandmother tell you to eat healthily? I was there at the airport! I heard every word. No more pizza and you’ll stop gaining weight. Take care of your health!

Lili stared at me, stupefied, while I relayed the message. Silence, as she took it in. Then a look of shock on her face as she blurted out in Chinese: “Mama can speak English now?!”

I had to laugh. She laughed with me. And slowly, like a gentle rain, her tears began. As a homesick young woman was reminded that she was loved, by those on earth and those in Spirit, even in a distant land.

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.