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The next three months were painful. Nothing I did could close up the wound in my aura. It began to impact my left shoulder in the physical realm as well, manifesting as a sharp, pulsing ache at the site of the wound, and reverberating into a chilly numbness down my left arm.

In feverish dreams and bone-weary visions, I could still see Guan Gong, accompanied by a large, green dragon with a sharp, cheeky grin. They were keeping an eye on me for some reason. But They kept Their distance, so I kept mine.

Doctors found no issue with my shoulder, but remarked that I seemed tired. Extra-strength muscle relaxants and painkillers were prescribed, with little or no effect. Sleep was difficult – I would jolt awake in pain whenever I turned to rest on my left.

The dark realm saw my injury, and the demons rejoiced. A Pontianak (click HERE to learn more about the Pontianak) who haunted the colonial-era bungalow I was cleansing screeched in glee, digging into my left shoulder with her talons. Michael had to help me fight her off.

Oddly, my injury became a sort of barometer for paranormal activity: whenever an earthbound spirit or negative energy was nearby, my left shoulder would literally start to hurt like hell. My energy was declining; sometimes it was hard even to breathe. I can’t explain this in any other way except that it felt like my life force was slowly, irretrievably leaving me through the wound.

It was frightening. But I was meant to learn and grow from this lesson.

You might be wondering why I didn’t talk to the Goddess about this for three months, and chose to suffer in silence instead. The answer is simple: when things like this happen and the Goddess suddenly disappears, I’m being tested.

This is the path of the Priestess. In the process of learning and becoming stronger, wiser, more devoted, and more perfectly aligned with my Goddess, She can (and will) assign me new challenges to make me grow.

Before I could seek an audience with the Goddess regarding this matter, my task was to reflect and take note of what I had learnt. Over those three months, I came to the following conclusions:

  • This entire incident was a misunderstanding. Both Guan Gong and I acted in Yvette’s best interests. Guan Gong was doing His job: fighting to protect the family entrusted to His care. I was doing my job, too, but the fault was entirely mine for not explaining the situation to Guan Gong when He appeared.
  • Archangels and Angels are agents of the Divine. They will not initiate an intervention on Their own accord, unless our lives are in immediate danger and it’s not our time to die yet. Guan Gong was actually being merciful by dealing me a warning strike – Michael stepped in to stop the second blow, which could have been fatal.
  • Guan Gong and His green dragon were still watching me from a distance; I had to do something – probably apologise and make amends – to get closure on this matter.
  • But Who was the green dragon? And why was my wound not healing?

I consulted Shirley, my friend, administrative support, and resident expert on Chinese mythology + culture. “Shirley, was Guan Gong associated with a green dragon?”

“Not that I know of,” Shirley replied. “Dragons were closely linked to the Emperors of ancient China, but Guan Gong was not royalty.” Hmmm.

Finally, I approached the Goddess in prayer and meditation, seeking Her healing (or at least Her advice) on what to do about my injury.

The Goddess bowed Her head slightly, seemingly in thought. For a moment I wondered if She was communing telepathically with Someone… but it was not my place to pry.

I sat quietly and awaited Her instructions.

Blessed Goddess, always loving, ever so wise! Finally, She gazed at me under hooded eyelids, Her gentle smile never wavering.

And She simply said:

“Guan Gong started this. Let Him finish it.”

I nodded and bowed in obedience. As I got up to leave, She added:

“Wear your green dress.”

To be continued…

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*This is a true story based on my Lightwork experiences. Some details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.