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I’ve been instructed by Spirit to share a Full Moon release ritual for those of you who are looking for safe (i.e. no ‘scary/dangerous’ stuff) and effective ways to let go of energies, relationships and situations that no longer serve you. 

First off, let’s get this clear: we conduct rituals every day. A ritual is simply defined as a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place, and performed according to set sequence.

When you celebrate your graduation, sing along at a wedding, or wear black to a funeral, you are carrying out a ritual.

Rituals give our lives a sense of significance and purpose. Also, when performed with the right intentions, They Work.

If you’re reading this article, it’s very likely that there’s a Full Moon coming up very soon and you’d like to work with its energies to make a positive difference in your life. That’s great! Full Moon energies empower us to bring about release and closure with regards to situations, people,  and dynamics that we need to move forward from.

Full Moon energies = release + closure.

For a Full Moon ritual, you’ll need the following:

  • Paper + pen
  • Lighter/matches
  • Large bowl/basin, made of fireproof material such as metal or ceramic (not plastic)
  • Water (one large cup)

Here we go!



In the lead-up to the night of the Full Moon, think of the ONE THING YOU DESIRE MOST TO RELEASE, OR BRING CLOSURE TO. If you have more than one, that’s fine too! Just bear in mind that your own energies work better when you focus on one issue, rather than multi-task.

Make sure it’s something you’re actually ready to let go.

Be mindful of that concern, but refrain from worrying, obsessing, or sending it negative energy. If you do catch your thoughts + emotions going in that direction, do this:

  1. PAUSE. Literally tell yourself, in your mind, to PAUSE! Alternatively, words/phrases like STOP or FREEZE etc also work: the point is to introduce a circuit-breaker and interrupt the cycle of negativity.
  2. GROUND YOURSELF + ADJUST YOUR PHYSIOLOGY. Remember that mind and body are one: if you’ve been fretting about something, it’s likely that your posture reflects your stress, i.e. you’re hunched over, your arms are folded etc. Relax your body and get comfortable. Place both feet firmly on the ground; barefoot is best, but not absolutely necessary. Relax your jaw. Raise your chin slightly and extend your neck. Roll your shoulders back. Straighten your spine. Unfold your arms. Unclench your fists.
  3. BREATHE. Inhale through your nose, deeply into your belly. Fill those lungs with fresh air! Then exhale through your mouth quickly and fully – get all that air out. Do this three times, or until you feel relaxed, fully present, and in control. As you exhale, close your eyes and visualise yourself letting go of all negativity, sending it back to the Light for cleansing and transmutation.



On the night of the Full Moon, take your materials and go someplace where you’ll have privacy for about an hour and, ideally, you’ll be directly under the Full Moon (i.e. outdoors). If that’s not feasible, try to be someplace where the Full Moon is visible.

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Cleanse and clear.

Ground yourself and adjust your physiology (see above for instructions). For the ritual, it’s a good idea to stand. If you’d like, invite your Angels and/or Spirit Guides to join you during this ritual, keeping you safe and protected throughout.

Breathe deeply and fully. Visualise the Highest Light from Heaven + the Full Moon entering you with each breath you take, starting from the top of your head (the crown chakra) and filling your entire being. As the Light fills you, it exits from the soles of your feet (the Earth star chakra) and anchors you to the ground.

Every breath you exhale releases any negativity within you, which you can visualise being taken up to the Light for cleansing and transmutation.

If you wish, you may say this affirmation: I am one with Spirit, with the Universe, with the Highest Light and with Mother Earth.

Take your time. It’s wonderful to reconnect.

Step 2: Write down what’s due for release/closure.

That one thing (or things) – now is your time. Take pen to paper and WRITE. Pour out your thoughts + feelings about that issue. Hold nothing backDon’t be surprised if you find your emotions rising and spilling over when you write. You might start crying from grief and/or grinding your jaw in rage – that’s fine. If it’s getting out of control and interfering with your writing, ground yourself, then cleanse and clear again.

It’s important to get this done with the right intentions and energy: you want to RELEASE, not replay.

It’s also important that you end whatever you write with your intention to let go, forgive, release, bring closure, etc. Once again, I can’t overstate how crucial it is that you choose something you’re truly prepared to let go.

When will you be done writing? You’ll know when that shift in energy happens: you’ll feel relieved, maybe even spent, as if a huge weight has been lifted from your chest. You might be crying; your heart and/or head might be pounding. But there will be a new sense of peace within your soul, no matter how crappy you’re feeling.

If so, congrats – the energy shift has begun.

Step 3: Release.

Ground yourself; adjust your physiology; cleanse and clear. Then take your lighter/matches and burn what you’ve written – let the fire purify the negative energies you’ve transferred to the paper. (Place the bowl/basin underneath to catch the ashes.)

After the paper is completely burnt, pour the water into the bowl. Visualise the Highest Light filling that bowl of water and ashes, cleansing whatever dense energies remain within and transmuting them. Then pour it all away (preferably back into the earth, but down the drain is fine).

Thank your Angels and Spirit Guides for their assistance and protection. Then you may safely declare the ritual completed at all levels, in all dimensions of space and time.



It’s a great idea to take a shower or soak in a bath afterwards. Water, like fire, is a powerful purifying + cleansing element. As you immerse in the water, visualise once again the Highest Light filling the water, washing your aura clean and healing your soul.

Eat or drink something to ground yourself after all those energy shifts. This is important, otherwise you’ll be feeling spaced out. Even if you’re not hungry/thirsty, have a few sips of water or snack on a cracker. (Dark chocolate is an EXCELLENT grounding food, and it’s healthy too!)

Then go and do something that gives you joy. Play with your pets, read, listen to music, whatever floats your boat! If you feel exhausted, that’s normal. Rest up as much as you can: release rituals involve a major energy shift, and your entire being needs to recover.

Congratulations – you’ve just completed a release ritual!

Trust that as you give to the Universe, so will you receive. Your ritual doesn’t have to be perfect. What’s important is that you give your 100% and release those old energies with all your heart. The Universe sees, and She will bless you in kind.

*Protip: incorporate the grounding, physiological adjustment, cleansing + clearing etc steps into your daily routine, and you’ll find your energies will greatly improve. It’s all part of Spiritual hygiene.

Have a wonderful, life-changing ritual ceremony!

Love & Light,

*          *          *          *          *

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