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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

Last week we discussed the signs of a toxic psychic. Although fakes, flakes, and scammers do exist amongst Spirit practitioners, there are good psychics too. 

By ‘good psychic’, I mean a Spirit practitioner who is authentically gifted, competent, compassionate, respectful, and ethical.

yes – these people do exist!

Here’s a list of signs that indicate you’re dealing with a good psychic. For the sake of convenience, I’ll refer to a good psychic as a she (but I know many powerful men who are psychics as well). Here we go!


1. A good psychic seeks to empower you.

A good psychic understands that she is a channel of Spirit. She is the messenger, not the star of the show. She is not driven by the need to appear powerful; rather, she is motivated by the desire to assist and empower you in whichever ways are for the highest good.

This motivation will show in the nature of the messages and/or the energies she channels for you. Even if it’s a message you might not want to hear, she delivers it in a way that does not intimidate or belittle you. A responsible psychic will also make the effort to help you consider options, solutions, and ways around the difficult situation you’re getting a reading for, if it is appropriate.

You’ll leave a session with a good psychic possessing a clearer and higher perspective of the situation you’re facing, feeling stronger and more centred, and having a sense of what steps you can take next to achieve your desired outcomes.


2. A good psychic is honest.

Bad psychics over-promise and under-deliver. A good psychic knows her gifts and will give of her best, within her own human limitations. She’s confident and self-assured enough that she’ll be able to tell you what her limitations are, and not be afraid that you will think any less of her.

For instance, some psychics are great at divination but can’t connect with deceased Spirits; others can tune in to animals but can’t read people’s past lives that well.  A good psychic knows that she is not Goddess, and isn’t intimidated by that. Sometimes she’ll get messages for you, and sometimes she won’t. And she will let you know.


3. A good psychic tells you what you need to know.

This ties in with the earlier point about honesty. A good psychic will present a higher, Spiritual perspective of the situation you’re getting a reading for. She won’t embellish or distort the truth, and neither will she sugarcoat difficult messages. Because a good psychic tells you what you need to know, she’s trustworthy – she understands that there is power in her gift, and she wields her power wisely.


4. A good psychic respects karmic boundaries.

A good psychic understands that every reading is a navigation of the infinite web of destiny. She is tuning in to your energies in the past, present and future; it is very likely that she will be coming across other people’s energies and information as well. These may come with the territory, but may not be karmically appropriate for her to access.

A good psychic does not spy. A good psychic will not dig out other people’s secrets without their prior approval. She will not access energies and information that you do not need to know (even if your curiosity and/or ego are screaming for the juicy details).

Karmic boundaries also extend to interpersonal engagement. A good psychic does not do anything with her clients that isn’t ethical, including (but not restricted to) the following: scamming, extorting money, encouraging over-dependent/cult-like behaviour, or sleeping with them.

By doing so, the good psychic protects not only herself, but you as well. You don’t want the bad karma that comes from spying, gossiping, or behaving inappropriately, do you?


5. A good psychic is compassionate + empathic.

A good psychic is deeply and genuinely caring. Even if some of them seem a little aloof at first (I’ll explain why in the next point).

Part of the necessary criteria for being a good psychic is the desire to help other people. You can’t get away from that. I’ve never seen a good psychic who wasn’t also genuinely kind in their own way.

Not all psychics are empaths (i.e. people who are gifted with a heightened sensitivity to energies), but many are sensitive. They can feel your pain (some more than others), and they really want to help.


6. A good psychic maintains good spiritual hygiene.

A good psychic honours her physical body as the vessel of her Spirit, and her most important Spiritual tool. She will not abuse her body with drugs, alcohol, or other substances. She will (ideally) maintain a healthy lifestyle, as far as is possible.

A good psychic maintains a sacred space for all her work; she ensures that the reading/healing venue and all her tools are energetically cleansed and cleared, before and after each session.

A good psychic maintains appropriate relationship boundaries with other people. She avoids codependent or emotionally dishonest relationships. She keeps toxic and dysfunctional people at bay – her energy is too precious to waste on the wrong folk.

For this reason, many good psychics tend to be loners. They deliberately keep their inner circles small, intimate, and made up only of people they can trust completely. If you have a psychic in your life, don’t push them to attend crowded parties and big events, especially if they’re also empaths/healers. Their energies will be drained. Give your psychic space!


7. A good psychic often shows in their birth chart.

In various Spiritual modalities, such as astrology and the Tarot, the element of Water is associated with spirituality, emotions, and the subconscious.

Many gifted psychics have Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and/or Pisces – in significant positions in their birth charts. In birth chart readings, the biggest giveaway of a natural psychic is usually Mercury in ScorpioBut this doesn’t mean that a psychic sucks if she doesn’t have Mercury in Scorpio, or doesn’t have a lot of Water in her birth chart!


8. A good psychic is often good with animals.

Many good psychics I know are pet owners, and/or hold animal welfare causes close to their hearts. Lots of them love animals. Even the ones who don’t (and there are always exceptions) will tend to attract animals for some reason.


So there you have it – 8 signs of a good psychic. This is not a comprehensive list of signs, but many of these signs are absolutely crucial in determining whether a psychic is truly gifted, competent, trustworthy, ethical, respectful, and kind.

All best in finding a good psychic!

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