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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

Last week, I discussed some common signs that indicate a good psychic. One common question I get from seekers and clients is how they can ensure that the Spirit worker they book a session with is really worth their time and financial commitment. I’d like to share five useful tips to help you find the right psychic reader for yourself. 


1. be clear about what you want.

It’s good to begin the search by starting within yourself. First, clarify what exactly you wish to take away from the session. It helps to write out a list of your desired outcomes and work out what you want. There are many, many diverse modalities of Spirit work available, so before you start your field research, you want to make your objectives as specific as possible.

make your objectives as specific as possible.

Your objectives also tie in with your boundaries: what you would be okay and not okay with. Missing your deceased grandmother but uncomfortable with the idea of communicating directly with spirits? Then skip the traditional spirit mediums and look for someone who can facilitate mediumship effectively through a more seeker-friendly channel, such as the Tarot. I offer both services, by the way.


2. Ask around.

Many times, the answers are right before us – if only we would ask! A great way to save time and energy in your search would be to seek referrals from your social circle. Learning about others’ experiences helps a lot in deciding which psychic is right for you. Word-of-mouth + reviews are usually the best and most honest forms of appraisal. If you notice that a certain name keeps popping up and is accompanied by (mostly) stellar references, it might be time to follow that trail. Feel free to check out my testimonials while you’re at it!

Word-of-mouth + reviews are usually the best and most honest forms of appraisal.


3. Price does not always guarantee quality.

A bigger price tag is not always better. I’ve gone for very affordable readings that changed my life wonderfully. I also remember going for one costly reading with a well-known local psychic channel who ran a professional-looking website, but whose capabilities and personal integrity were way below par.

I now understand that Spirit allowed me to go for that reading to teach me important lessons about how a professional lightworker should behave. But believe me, during that session, I wasn’t thinking about spiritual lessons at all – I was kicking myself over the money I’d wasted!


4. Use practical wisdom.

What I’m going to say here might be unpopular with some but I’ll say it anyway: use practical criteria as part of your assessment of the psychic(s) you might be interested in consulting. If they have a brick-and-mortar store, website, Facebook page or any public platform whatsoever, check it out. What you see will give you crucial insights into the psychic’s beliefs, code of ethics, personality and standards of professionalism.

Design aesthetics aside…

  • If the psychic running the Facebook page or website updates inconsistently, or posts weird one-liners and cheesy ‘inspirational’ pictures you can find anywhere online, what does that say about his/her standards of work?
  • If an angel card reader’s blog posts are sloppily written, leaving you annoyed, confused and some IQ points short after reading them, can you imagine how a session with this reader would turn out?
  • If a psychic healer regularly posts long, self-pitying rants about his/her health problems, depressing life events and suicidal tendencies, would you invest your time and money in a person who can’t even get their own act together?

I’ve seen all the above-mentioned examples (and more) on real-life Spirit practitioners’ social media pages and websites. Psychic scammers, flakes and drama kings/queens exist in abundance, unfortunately. While we psychics are not exempt from troubles in our lives, stay clear of someone who doesn’t fix his/her life, but wants to fix yours – and take your money in the process.

(Even if the session is offered free-of-charge, this advice also applies to the so-called spiritual people in your life who claim they want to help you, but who really just want your energy, attention and validation. Stay away from martyrs, drama kings/queens and psychic vampires, and your life will be much better for it!)


5. Trust your intuition.

Finally, the ‘spiritual’ advice! I’ve saved this point for last because honouring our intuition is so important, but many potential clients tend to over-emphasise this and overlook the other common-sense ways to find the right psychic.

Remember that at the end of the day, YOU make the final decision as to which psychic is best for you. It’s your life, your needs and your reading/healing session. So go with your instincts when choosing a psychic, and make your choice with peace and clarity in your mind, heart and soul.

go with your instincts when choosing a psychic… make your choice with peace and clarity.

It’s normal to feel a little nervous or out of it – at first. But if you consistently feel unsafe, anxious or uncomfortable with a particular psychic, then this Spirit worker probably isn’t resonating with you, and it’s best to look elsewhere.

All the best in your search for the right Spirit practitioner, and may your angels and guides bless the journey you take to find that very special person.


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