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Why does Spirit test us? I’ve been asked that many times. Does my Goddess test me because She needs to know where I stand in my Spiritual development? Does She do it to punish me? Why?

You’ll be surprised at the answer. Dear ones, the Universe doesn’t need to know where we stand – She already knows. The ones who don’t know are we ourselves.

Understand this: the one who benefits from Spiritual tests the most is the one who takes them.

Once we are aware of our own strengths and weaknesses, we are empowered with the self-knowledge to work on ourselves and become the best version of who we’re meant to be.

Spirit tests us… because Spirit WANTS US TO WIN AT LIFE. The Universe is even willing for us to misunderstand, to hate Her, to walk away and end our relationship with Spirit because we refuse to take the tests, or we’re too afraid to re-take them.

The Divine loves us with such a fierce love, and such a deep desire for us to live our best life, that They are willing even to take this risk. The risk of losing us, losing Their relationship with us… because They genuinely want the best for us.

I remember teaching my son to walk when he was one. It wasn’t always easy. He didn’t understand why he had to walk – wasn’t it good enough to crawl? So he stumbled at first; he fell down and cried. Every time he wept, my heart broke too. But because I love my son and want the best for him, I made him keep trying.

He learnt to walk after a couple of days – today, he’s a school athlete. If I didn’t teach him to walk, test his walking skills, or encourage him to develop his little muscles, my son’s development would have been delayed or compromised. And which loving mother would want that?

As a mother loves her child, so too does Spirit love us all.

Spirit’s love for us is amazing. Sometimes it’s tough love, but it’s the purest love there is.

Back to the story.


The best tests are the ones that you aren’t even informed of beforehand. You’re simply thrown in the deep end, and either you sink or you swim. Hayagriva had set up the conditions for my test to be carried out, and all I had to do was walk into it.

Which I promptly did, about a week after the most secret prayer ritual.

Our ancient refrigerator had finally retired, and my mother was excited to purchase a snazzy new one she had seen advertised online. So we drove to a large, well-known furniture megastore at the East end of Singapore (being the savvy shopper that she is, mum wanted to see the fridge for herself before making a decision).

While mum was browsing, I decided to look for the Ladies – I’d been drinking lots of Chinese tea all day, and now I really needed the bathroom. I finally found a Ladies bathroom at a quiet corner on the second level.

From the outside, it looked perfectly normal – just rather dimly lit. No worries. I was about to walk in, then something stopped me at the entrance.

A feeling like I was standing next to a campfire at nightLike wearing a warm sweater on a cold, rainy day.

It was Hayagriva. His warm, reassuring presence was suddenly, incredibly powerful around me and within me. As one of my protectors, He was asserting His presence.

Then I felt Him quietly urging me: Chant My mantra. I am with you.

So I did, three times. Then I went in.

The Ladies bathroom was completely empty, and almost unnaturally clean. I was the only one there. It was obvious that hardly anyone visited it.

For some reason, the bathroom was also strangely cold and dimly lit. I didn’t think much of it – most shopping malls use energy-saving light bulbs for their toilets, after all – so I entered a cubicle.

Sitting on the toilet, alone in deathlike silence, I wondered why Hayagriva suddenly appeared like that. I also noticed that the toilet seemed to be getting colder, darker, and more menacing with each passing second.

I’ve seen this before; I know the signs. Nothing to worry about. I finished up quickly, flushed the toilet, and turned to open the door.

The door wouldn’t open. I was trapped.

From the empty cubicle to my left, a female voice began to laugh. 

To be continued…

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*This is a true story based on my Lightwork experiences. Some details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people or organisations involved.