Q: What is a psychic?

Joan says…

There are a lot of people who are unsure of what a psychic is and what their role is, so let’s get this out of the way: Every psychic is different. And there are different types of psychics.

Kelly and I, and every other psychic possesses unique and special gifts to give to the world. We all have our own intuition and our own special bonds with God, the archangels, angels and spirit guides. What one spirit tells one psychic will most likely be different for another psychic.

What most people fail to understand is that psychics aren’t mind readers. We seriously do not know what the higher spirits or the energies will tell us until we prep ourselves and start the session.

So it brings up the question: what is a psychic?

To me, a psychic is someone that establishes a connection with your energy and gets to the heart of the issue(s). It’s a person that is willing to help you resolve any negative energies you cling onto, or create positive energies that will validate and confirm any questions you may have. Most psychics utilize divinatory tools such as astrology, tarot or numerology. Or they can go off your energy (energy reading). Can they see your future? That’s what most people want. So yes and no on that one. It depends.

A psychic medium is someone that establishes a spiritual connection with higher spirits such as archangels, angels, and/or spirit guides. Psychic mediums not only have a session with the living, but they have a session with the spirits. Higher spirits tell a psychic medium what they should know about the seeker, either providing validation, passing special messages or giving strong warnings. Sometimes these spirits come in the form of deceased loved ones.

I like to see sessions as a therapeutic session for the mind, heart and soul. Others like to see it as entertainment. Whatever reason you see a psychic, always make sure you are aware of their gifts and what they can do for your inner wellbeing.

However, I feel that it’s such a shame when people only visit psychics for entertainment. It’s not helpful for both parties. You’re bound to get disappointed because you don’t feel you have any real problems to solve. In my opinion, negative energy creates a bad environment for readings. If you’re not there for real help then just refrain from going, but that’s ultimately up to you.

Your friendly psychics next door (L-R): Kelly Lightworker and Joan Zodianz!


Kelly says…

Asking “What is a psychic?” is a great place to start if you’re new to the realm of Spirit. I totally co-sign with EVERYTHING Joan is saying – especially her point that every psychic is different! Amen to that!

The truth is that there are so many psychic gifts and abilities out there. The word psychic is, in itself, a really broad term. It comes from a Greek word that means “pertaining to the psyche [soul]”. So basically, any ability that we call psychic basically refers to a way of gaining insight + information about a person, place, or situation that we cannot possibly obtain in a tangible or physical way (i.e. observing a place with our physical senses, or Googling about a person’s history).

And here’s another truth: to differing extents, every person (depending on our soul contracts, our upbringing + belief systems, etc) has psychic abilities.

I’ll say it again: to differing extents, every person has psychic abilities.

We all have access to Spirit, or what some folks – like Carl Jung – call the collective consciousness, that profound source of wisdom, values, information, insight and universal compassion that binds us all as one. Which means you can access whatever’s in there, so long as it’s appropriate for you to know.

This is why I’m personally not a huge fan of those “Are you psychic?” quizzes. To me, it’s not so much a Yes/No question as it is a In what area(s) are you psychically gifted, and how much kinda thing. It’s like singing: theoretically, anyone with a voice can sing. But not everyone gets to be Whitney Houston.

But that’s just me. In case you’re interested and very new to this, though… here are some common psychic experiences, i.e. signs that you lean more towards the Whitney Houston end of the psychic spectrum (rather than Tone-Deaf Tasha on Karaoke Tuesdays):

  • You’ve experienced visions, sensations, heard voices, and/or had dreams that accurately foretold the future
  • You’ve always just known some things would happen before they did, or before the relevant information could be made accessible to you, e.g. you would know who was calling you on the phone even before checking the caller ID
  • You’ve walked into a place without knowing anything about it and you could feel the vibes – for many of us who are new to Spirit, it’s usually OMG this place is creepy I’m getting TF out!!!
  • You’ve walked into a room without knowing what had just happened, and you could accurately sense who’s just been fighting with whom (even if everyone looks happy)
  • You get a strong and accurate sense about a person’s character, personal details etc when you first meet them, and without asking them questions
  • In your circle of friends, you’re the one your squad goes to for counsel, advice, and/or comfort – you have a way of giving insight into a situation that helps, heals + empowers those who seek your assistance, and sometimes even YOU are surprised at the wisdom that came out of your mouth (wow, did that really come from you?)
  • You’ve seen, heard, sensed, or in any way had a direct encounter with a Spiritual being or alien life form that could not be otherwise explained by optical illusions, drug use, stress, mass hysteria, or any physical/mundane reason
  • You identify as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) – yes, this term exists, look it up
  • You have sleep issues, and/or are a light sleeper; alternatively, your dreams are often long, incredibly vivid, and leave you drained when you awaken
  • You’ve had near-death or out-of-body experiences
  • Whatever you’ve experienced has occurred in a way that could not be otherwise explained by facts, logic, physical observation or the track record of a situation
  • And OMG this is so important I’ll say it again – YOUR PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES NEED TO BE ACCURATE MOST OF THE TIME. Meaning whatever you sensed was proven correct afterwards. Otherwise you’re just, ummm, very imaginative

So there you have it. What a psychic is, what some common psychic experiences feel like, and how these experiences can act as signs that point towards the specific gift(s) you might have. Hope this helps!

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