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It was obvious from the get-go that I was being tested by this new client. Erwin sat across the table with his arms folded, sneering at everything I said. At one point, he called an accurate insight a “lucky guess”.

After five minutes of scoffing at my “lucky guesses”, Erwin then spent the next ten minutes telling me stories about his incredible “psychic abilities”. According to him, he could foretell significant events in his life and the lives of people around him. Wouldn’t you know, Erwin even predicted 9/11.

Colour me impressed. Not really. More like… really, really bored. But I believe that Spirit brings people to me for a reason, and this would be a learning point. So I sat, and tried not to fall asleep while Erwin droned.

Then I sensed a warmth, an electricity in the atmosphere. A golden light filled the air, and a profound sense of peace came upon my soul. Behind Erwin, a tall and angelically handsome figure appeared, smiling at me.

Archangel Michael, Upholder of God’s Light and Truth.

Let me handle this.

(– Thank you, Archangel Michael!)

“… So what I want to ask is, this woman I had a relationship with for one year, she cheated on me and left, but I don’t understand why, because I could even predict the day that she would come into my life, so even with my abilities, how come I couldn’t predict that she would dump me?”

I smiled, and passed Erwin the Tarot deck.

He pulled out the Five of Swords, the Three of Cups reversed, and Justice.

– Well, Erwin, according to the cards, it’s because she had no respect for you. After all, you’re married yourself, so you were cheating with her too. Justice is here to reassure you that no one escapes the universal Law of Karma.

It never pays to brag, lie, or challenge Spirit. Erwin practically deflated before my eyes.

The rest of the reading continued along the same lines. Erwin brought up similar empty boasts and half-baked delusions, every one of which Archangel Michael calmly destroyed with the highest Light and Truth, through my humble Tarot deck.

You’re consistently rude to your boss. Will you lose your job? Eventually, yes. You’re going after another girl. Aren’t you still married? You can’t cheat karma; this affair will end badly. You don’t have any friends? Hmmm, could it be you? Use the Law of Attraction: heal your self-hatred, and new friends who don’t hate you will appear in time.

As the reading concluded, I looked at Erwin.

– Lots to think about. Up to you to follow the advice.

“Sure. I’ll come back for another reading in a while, and maybe you can see how I’ve improved.”

Experience has taught me to discern the doers from the talkers: those who take action to change their lives, versus those who enjoy the attention they get from a reading before going right back to their dysfunctional habits. I was not optimistic about Erwin’s chances, but I wished him all the best. The Universe had given him an opportunity, and it was up to him what he wished to do with it.

*          *          *

It was obvious from the get-go that Spirit was appreciated by this new client. Lina had requested a reading for guidance regarding her recent job promotion. She was respectful when she asked questions, and listened carefully while I explained the cards. She was also blessed with a visitation by a deceased loved one. Through her tears, I was glad to see that Lina’s healing had begun.

As the reading concluded, Lina thanked me. “What he said was right. I’m so glad I came for a reading, Kelly!”

– Sure. Sorry, who’s “he”?

“Do you remember Erwin?”

It had been almost a year, but the name was familiar.

“I’m Erwin’s ex-colleague. This girl he was cheating on his wife with turned out to be a good friend of our boss. She dumped Erwin, and told our boss what Erwin was saying behind his back. Erwin was asked to leave. He was creating a lot of problems at work anyway. No one could stand him. That’s how I got promoted. I’m taking over his position.”

Lina smiled, thanked me again, and left.

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.