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This week, my darlings, buckle up and keep your head down. Confrontation is brewing in the stars: on Wednesday, 22 February, warlike Mars in hot-headed Aries forms a tense square with crash-and-burn Pluto in stubborn Capricorn. Universal energies are stirring powerfully; watch out for short fuses, clashes of wills and personalities, “he said/ she said” drama, and possibly some ESCANDALOSO in the form of gossip + exposed secrets.

“Buckle up and keep your head down. Confrontation is brewing in the stars”

How do we approach this zinger of a week, then? The solution here is numerological: 22 February 2017 vibrates with the energies of Number 7, which is a number of breakthrough and growth from the earthly to the spiritual. The Number 7 urges us not to run from the truth (a weakness that the shadow side of Pisces, our current season, tends to indulge in), but to face our realities and transcend our limitations – and, in the process, to grow and become better people.

“The Number 7 urges us… to grow and become better people.”

So think before you share opinions which may be misconstrued, especially if they’re regarding controversial topics. Keep an open mind to diverse perspectives and values. Count to ten before you get into a difficult conversation. Spread love, make peace – if you really can’t, at least stay out of the fray. And for God’s sake, don’t pick dumb fights or spread malicious gossip i.e. “fake news”, or the Universe will bitch-slap your mug to shreds while you’re screaming Not the face, not the face. Karma is real, k?

“Spread love, make peace – if you really can’t, at least stay out of the fray.”

Here’s This Week’s Tarot for a heads up on what to expect, and how to deal. Let’s do this!

LEFT: THE SUN REVERSED. Even in the reversed position, The Sun indicates potential for success, harmony, and all that is good. When ill-dignified, though, this card can suggest some possible misunderstandings and/or a sense of solitude. Take extra care when communicating your points so that everyone’s on the same page, and don’t be afraid to speak up if something needs to be made clear.

MIDDLE: WHEEL OF FORTUNE. When The Wheel of Fortune appears, it’s a reminder for us to work with Universal energies and be aware that we’re all part of something bigger. What’s important is that we understand that we are all inter-connected, and act accordingly. The Laws of Intention and Karma come into play here. Simply put, if you desire good, then do good – and what you set in motion will come back to you. Trust.

“If you desire good, then do good – and what you set in motion will come back to you.”

RIGHT: TEN OF CUPS. What, then, is the good you desire? The Ten of Cups could answer that: it represents emotional fulfilment, peace of mind, and goodwill with all. Back to the astrological confrontation I mentioned earlier – tensions might run high and egos could get bruised. Pick your fights wisely and always look at the bigger picture: sometimes it’s better to let go and be at peace, than to be right.

Have a great week ahead!

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