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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

This week brings astrological developments you’d be very happy to hear, I’m sure: 

On Tuesday 5 September, the Aquarius-Leo eclipse season of 2017 officially ends. So does the Mercury retrograde. We now move into the post-retrograde shadow period which lasts till 19 September – lots of time to tie up the loose ends of issues that arose during this period.

Time to hang loose and celebrate!

Another event of note on Tuesday 5 September: Neptune directly opposes the Sun, and is at its closest to the Earth all year. Neptune rules dreams, ideals + spirituality. This is a great time for Spirit communication, contemplation + meditation, (re-)connecting with your Higher Self, or just hanging out near water to ease off those energies.

Why water? Because in Roman mythology, Neptune ruled the oceans.

On Wednesday 6 September, we have a Full Moon in dreamy Pisces. This Full Moon is also conjunct with Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, as well as Chiron, the asteroid known as the Wounded Healer. We can expect this Full Moon to be especially mystical, mysterious, and deeply emotive. It’s a wonderful time for deep healing, cleansing + release rituals.

Watch out for my article this Tuesday 5 September on how to conduct a release ritual that heals + cleanses, bringing you back into emotional + spiritual balance.

As this week progresses, you’ll find that Universal energies are easing up as the intensity of eclipse season finally passes (those amongst us who are sensitive to energies may have noticed that Universal energies have been getting INTENSE since early July – the start of eclipse season). Enjoy this respite while it lasts!

Here’s This Week’s Tarot!

LEFT: JUDGEMENT REVERSED. When this card appears reversed, you might be in a difficult situation at the moment. It’s possible that you made a judgement call that you thought at the time was correct, or that you hoped would work out somehow. (It didn’t.)

As such, you might be dealing with a sense of confusion and loneliness associated with the situation as a result of the poor decision(s) made earlier. But you mustn’t ignore it any longer – regret and remorse can crush the spirit.

Reverse whatever erroneous judgements you may have made, as much as you can. Make major decisions wisely, and with the counsel of trustworthy + objective advisors. Let go of previous judgements you may have made, of yourself and others.

It’s never too late to turn back, or try something new.

MIDDLE: KNIGHT OF RODS. At the heart of this reading is the call to action! The Knight of Rods speaks of making decisions and taking action that is inspired, swift + sure; not fearful or reckless, but confident and courageous.

Courage is the key word here. It’s not the absence of fear. It’s feeling the fear, and doing what you have to do anyway.

Ask yourself: What courageous action do you need to take this week? Then do it.

RIGHT: THE SUN REVERSED. Even in reverse, The Sun is a good card to get: it represents joy, success, and the accomplishment of desired outcomes. The reversed position indicates a possible delay or diminution in the happiness you’ll feel, but no major setbacks otherwise.

Have patience. Do what is right, and good things will come eventually.

The reversed Sun can sometimes indicate an element of nostalgia or loneliness, so don’t be shy: as with reversed Judgement, reach out to people you trust, and get your joy back. Whatever journey you choose to take, you don’t have to go it alone.

Reach out to people you trust, and get your joy back.

Have a great week ahead!

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