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Hokay guys. This week is relatively quiet in the skies after the bombshells of eclipse season and their effects on us, collectively and as individuals. And when I mean quiet in the sense of There’s no such thing as ‘quiet’ in a Number 1 Year, Kelly, God DAMN it, I mean we only have to consider the current Mercury retrograde in Virgo. 

So be careful with your communications, tech, travel, and how you think about things. Virgo favours analysis and attention to detail, so in a retrograde, that’s where you want to focus. On Thursday 31 August, the Mercury retrograde slips backwards into Leo. Take extra care when making leadership decisions. In your personal life, Mars and Venus are also currently in Leo, amping up the Universal diva quotient. But Mercury Rx in Leo can lead to errors – so check your teeth for lipstick stains before you get on Snapchat.

This Week’s Tarot gets all up in your feelings – in a good way! Here we go:

LEFT: THREE OF CUPS. This card represents celebrations, friendships, reunions, and joy. It’s generally a very happy omen to get, so capitalise on all those good vibes while they’re here. If you haven’t been hanging out with your inner circle recently, make it happen this week.

MIDDLE: QUEEN OF CUPS. In the Tarot, Queens represent inner mastery and nurture. The Suit of Cups represents our emotions + relationships. The Queen of Cups is a woman who fully experiences the depth of her emotions, but is not overwhelmed by them. She’s loving, peaceful, and profoundly intuitive.

This Court card could represent an actual person around you who will help in some way this week – alternatively, it could be you. So become the Queen of Cups yourself, sort out your emotions, and be an oasis of calm counsel to others.

RIGHT: KNIGHT OF CUPS. The Knights represent action in the areas represented by their Suit. Here, the Knight of Cups encourages us to follow our hearts. Let your sense of romance, creativity, and imagination light the way forward.

Let love lead!

So get your Knight of Cups energy on. Text your crush hi and start a convo. (With the Three of Cups in this spread, try to get mutual friends to help.) Get onstage for a spot at open mic night. Or sign up for that sacred yodelling class you’ve been wondering about: you know, the one where everyone’s naked and they have names like Fae Shaman Luna or Saint Sapphyre Shanti.

Because life is too, too precious and too short to be logical and lonely all the damn time!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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