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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

Emotion in motion: all this week, the Sun, energetic Mars and communicative Mercury hold hands in the emotional depths of the cardinal Water sign, Cancer, singing campfire songs. Except not quite.

Emotions are powerful. They are also transient, changeable, and often illusory.

With dreamy Neptune in retrograde, emotionally-driven fantasies can mislead us into making choices we might regret in the cool light of reality. Be sure to fact-check and keep a calm, clear head as much as possible.

Folks ruled by Mars (Aries and Scorpio) and folks with a prominent Mars in their birth charts, you might be feeling a little out of it this week: no worries, this will pass. Folks ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) and folks whose birth charts feature Mercury in significant positions, be mindful about what and how you communicate. Less really is more at times like these.

Emotional sensitivity is high this week. Speak + act to bless all and harm none.

That said, let’s swim over to This Week’s Tarot. You’re seeing it right – they’re all reversed.

LEFT: THE MOON REVERSED. Cancer is ruled by The Moon – it was only a matter of time before this card appeared. When The Moon appears reversed in this reading, it’s a reminder that emotions can swing both ways, both positive and negative; also, what we feel is frequently rooted very deeply in what we’ve experienced, perceived, and remembered at a subconscious level.

With emotions, what you see is not always what you get.

Clarity and mindfulness will be especially important as we navigate our course through this week. Trusting one’s intuition is beneficial, provided the intuitive sense is untainted by bias or delusion. Wisdom lies in striking that fine balance between jumping blindly to conclusions and constantly second-guessing yourself.

MIDDLE: TEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. Swords represent thoughts, logic and communication in the Tarot. The ill-dignified Ten of Swords indicates the possibility of a highly stressful situation that has been brought about due to a breakdown in communication and/or a failure to articulate, enforce + respect personal boundaries. It can also indicate backstabbing and bad shit happening behind one’s back, so all the more we need to speak + act mindfully.

Keep your mouth clean and your hands innocent. Karma always remembers.

RIGHT: THREE OF CUPS REVERSED. Upright, the Three of Cups celebrates friendships and happy reunions. This card represents catching up with old friends at cosy cafés, with lots of laughter and comfort. Reversed, friendships could be strained. Watch out for unexpected misunderstandings with your nearest and dearest; familiarity can breed contempt, so it’s best to clarify what you’re not sure of rather than make assumptions.

Loving someone is not an excuse for disrespecting them, even if it was unintentional.

On the other hand, this is a wonderful time to show your love for family and the special people in your life. It’s only human nature to want to be loved and understood. Take time out for your loved ones this week and let them know how precious they are to you. A little humility goes a long way – if there are amends to be made, do so gently and with a pure heart. You’ll be amazed at the healing that comes from a whole-hearted reconciliation.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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