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Here we are, in the thick of the fight and the eye of the storm. The recent lunar eclipse in Aquarius has come, kicked karmic ass, and gone. The Mercury retrograde began on 12 August and will last until 5 September. We’re headed for a solar eclipse on 21 August and that one looks like a major shake-up waiting to happen, especially for my darlings in North America. 

With all this ass-kicking going around, you’d be forgiven for feeling like this:

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This Mercury retrograde is currently on its home turf of Virgo, and planets tend to be a little kinder when they’re on home ground. That said, expect opportunities for analytical, conscientious contemplation to arise, where you sit back and ponder what the hell you’re doing with your life. Be prepared for surprises, unexpected outcomes, and sudden (perhaps even shocking) developments.

It’s eclipse season, bbs. Expect no less.

How to survive: keep calm. Communicate kindly and clearly; back up your files; take extra precautions when on the road (Mercury rules communication, tech, and travel). Refrain from major commitments until 6 September earliest – as much as you can, hold off on big purchases, signing contracts, getting engaged etc. Above all, take time out to relax, recharge, and review your life + plans. Be kind to yourself and others.

Take time out… Be kind to yourself and others. Your mental health matters.

Here’s a PSA for you:

Cultural traditions, Ayurvedic principles, and a growing body of scientific research are pointing towards the correlation between Full Moons, eclipses, and mental health. Evidence seems to show that mental illnesses worsen, and reveal themselves the most clearly, during these times. 

Even mentally healthy people tend to find themselves feeling restless, sad, and a little ‘off’ during eclipse seasons. Folks under stress might find themselves getting moody, depressed, and slightly paranoid (e.g. My boss hates me, I’m going to lose my job). And the dear souls who are already psychologically vulnerable + emotionally sensitive could find themselves completely losing it: I’m talking full-fledged depression, mood disorders, and psychotic breaks.

Darlings, amp up the self-care, and seek professional assistance wherever necessary. Talk to a counsellor, a therapist, a life coach – whomever you’re comfortable with – and equip yourselves with the wisdom you need to get through this. Because the impact of eclipses can last up till 24 months, depending on your birth chart (different people are affected in different ways – click here for a free birth chart reading from Zodianz).

Here’s This Week’s Tarot:

LEFT: PAGE OF CUPS. When this card appears, you are encouraged to follow your heart. Nurture your inner child. Take a fresh perspective on a difficult issue; approach that situation with openness, love and compassion. This card also represents messages of love and/or meetings with people who are, or who will be, significant to your emotional life + wellbeing.

MIDDLE: NINE OF SWORDS REVERSED. This card is traditionally associated with nightmares, shame, despair and regrets; in the reversed position, the Nine Swords cut both ways. Either the worst is over, or your nightmares have literally come to life – your terrors and paranoia are gaining control over you.

If the latter sounds like you, get help.

RIGHT: THE TOWER REVERSED. The Tower in reverse indicates the chance that you can avoid a crisis – but this raises the question as to whether you should! Major change, whilst often destabilising, can be a Good Thing – for example, it would be wise to follow doctor’s orders and quit smoking after your latest health check issues a wake-up call.

Whenever the Tower appears, it’s always best to roll with the punches. Also, when this card is reversed, its effects are less traumatic. You could narrowly escape an all-out disaster.

Have a great week ahead!

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