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Alright darlings, which do you want to hear first – the good news or the really good news? After the intensity of the previous few weeks, the Universe’s reasons for placing so many of us through the grind are becoming clear. Like a strict but loving mother, the Universe may have allowed you to go through situations that tested your clarity of desire and strength of will. Those of you who hung on through the tough times, setting your sights on the highest and greatest good, are beginning to see the dawn of a new day.

Universal energies are shifting powerfully in these times. One major sign that things are turning the corner is the fact that the planetary ruler of good fortune and expansion, Jupiter, finally ended its retrograde and resumed a forward course on 9 June 2017. Better still, Jupiter is in Libra, the sign of beauty, harmony, and partnerships, and will stay here until 10 October 2017. FYI, Jupiter and Libra get along really well.

“Oh, goody,” some of you might be saying. “Now I can sit on my fat ass, eat junk food and watch crappy escapist K-drama serials while Santa Claus Jupiter delivers my future husband/ dream job/ hot new body to me!” No, child. Life doesn’t work that way. Jupiter in Libra boosts our luck quotient substantially but luck means jacksh*t unless we put in the honest, hard work that’s required to manifest our desired outcomes.

So put in that hard work. Be honest with yourself, what you stand for, what you desire.

Trust that Spirit and the Universe have your back, and Jupiter in Libra will help make the magic happen.

Let’s get to This Week’s Tarot!

LEFT: FOUR OF CUPS REVERSED. This is one card I actually prefer to see upside-down. Upright, the Four of Cups represents stagnation and a sense of being taken for granted. Turned on its head, you’re awakening from deep slumber and/or discovering insights into a previously blind spot; enlightenment is on its way. Will you heed the call to learn, grow and evolve?

MIDDLE: KING OF RODS REVERSED. The King of Rods represents mastery over the qualities we associate with the element of fire – our passions, creativity, and breakthrough ventures. When this card appears reversed, we’re reminded to be clear about our intentions and expectations of self and others.

The King of Rods depicts true confidence. He represents the glory of passion and power under control . Genuine self-assertion is neither aggression nor passive aggression. Also, if you’re relying a little too much on the praise or validation of others, or if you’ve been stuck in a rut due to a fear of what others might think, it’s time to shake those insecurities off and move forward.

If this involves detaching yourself from toxic people, places or situations, do it.

RIGHT: ACE OF SWORDS. This card got me excited! Last week’s reading featured a reversed Ace of Pentacles, and Aces are powerful harbingers of change and new developments. An upright Ace this week means that transformative energies are on course to make very good things happen.

Amongst the Aces, the Ace of Swords is unique in that it tends to be associated with heightened possibilities of conflict. The message of this card is a call for mental clarity, so it should come as no surprise that misunderstandings might arise when we make up our minds to make positive changes in our lives. Still, you do what you gotta do (see above re: King of Rods reversed).

Have a great week ahead!

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