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Kelly is a natural-born Spirit channel, psychic medium and lightworker based in Singapore. A gifted oracle, she offers face-to-face and online readings with Angel & Tarot cards, as well as animal communication sessions and energy healing services.

Lots to discuss about the stars this weekend, so let’s get to it! Let’s get the biggie out of the way first – yes, my darlings, Mercury goes retrograde for the second time in 2017 from 9 April to 3 May. Mercury will bulldoze backwards through stubborn Taurus from 9 – 20 April, then ram buttfirst through aggressive Aries for the remainder of the retrograde. Aries and Taurus are both blunt and forceful signs, so be mindful of how you communicate to avoid dialogues developing into shouting matches and/or personal attacks.

It’s Mercury retrograde. A little tact goes a long way!

As the messenger planet, Mercury rules communications, technology and travel; Mercury is also the ruling planet of two zodiac signs, Gemini and Virgo. Those born under these two signs, or with lots of Mercury in your natal chart, are going to feel the effects of the Mercury retrograde more keenly than others – please, please be kind to yourself during this time, and be just a little more careful.

As for everyone else: back up your work regularly, confirm and double-confirm all bookings + appointments, get your car serviced ASAP, and avoid signing contracts at this time (if you must, run through all details beforehand with a fine-toothed comb, your BFF with OCD, and a trusted pitbull lawyer).

Two more dates to bear in mind this weekend:

The Sun opposes Jupiter on Friday, 7 April. There will be tension as we’re pulled between self-assertion and external pressure to perform. Either your TGIF plans may be scuppered by a request to put in some overtime at the office, or your plans for OT and getting work out of the way might be overturned by a last-minute personal/family obligation.

The Sun forms a tense square with Pluto on Sunday, 9 April. Pluto rules our shadow, the things which are hidden, unknown, and unknowable. In contrast, the Sun is our source of warmth, life, and illumination. When light and dark lock in a square like this, some secrets may be exposed and things could get a little uncomfortable. Also, power struggles are possible.

This is a great weekend to slot in some mindful me-time – emphasis on mindful.

Meditation, walks in nature, yoga, and taking part in volunteer services for the underprivileged would do wonders for your soul – and keep you off the radar if someone in your life has been on the warpath.

Hang tight and have a great weekend!

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