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I’m writing this post at the front foyer of a cosy little holiday villa in the heart of rural Ubud, a town in Bali, Indonesia. We had a long and wonderful day today, re-connecting with nature and visiting some spiritual sites. It’s almost 10 pm now. The crickets are singing, the owls swoop past silently on their nightly hunts, the breeze is refreshing and slightly chilly as it crosses over the rice paddy fields right outside my door.

The night sky is filled with stars but I can’t actually see the moon right now, for a very simple reason: it’s a New Moon this Sunday 30 October. This New Moon in Scorpio brings with it incredible transformative power, because Scorpio is the sign that tends to be associated with secrecy, and as many of us know, it’s the things we keep secret – the things no one talks about – that can hold great (and sometimes terrible) power over us.

It’s the things we keep secret – the things no one talks about – that can hold great (and sometimes terrible) power over us.

This weekend, ask yourself what holds you back, shuts you up, ties you down, and restrains you from reaching your full potential. New Moons bring with them the energy of new beginnings. Perhaps it’s time to identify your glass ceilings, hidden traps, and invisible shackles – and release yourself from them. Break free from habits, relationships, and situations that no longer serve your highest good, but that you never dared to confront before.

This New Moon is closely situated to Mercury, the planet of communication. Folks, the message is clear: break free from your secret bondages with the assistance of others. Don’t be a stranger! Be courageous: share the unspoken issues that trouble you with people you can trust, or find a support network to assist you as you transform, liberating yourself from the bondage of your secret or suppressed concerns to attain the best life you are meant to lead.

Let this Sunday begin a season of change, rebirth, and new growth. The Full Moon in Scorpio falls on 10 May 2017, concluding this season of transformation. It may not be the easiest time, but it is for the best. You’ve got this.

Have a great weekend ahead! <3

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