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Do you believe in signs? Spirit often communicates with us with meaningful symbols in order to provide us with the guidance and direction we seek. Which is wonderful – if we pay attention. 

And what if we don’t? What if we blithely ignore them, either by being too distracted with our latest new gadgets, or by sheer strength of will delusion? I’ve long lost count of the people who have had Spirit practically bellowing NOOO and waving red flags in their face, but who just shrug, make excuses, then walk straight ahead and fall off the cliff. (Name that Tarot card.)

The woman in an abusive marriage who says leaving him is “too troublesome”.

The girl trying to get the attention of a useless jerk who’s clearly leading her on.

The other girl who says she’s “spiritual” but whose drinking habits + social life are a cry for help.

The guy whose Twin Flame* dumped him and ran overseas, but he’s convinced they’ll reunite.

*Just my opinion… Twin Flames are a Spiritual deception. I’ll explain another time.

Luckily for us oblivious and relatively low-vibrational humans, Spirit is loving and the Universe is kind. When we miss the initial sign(s), another sign will be sent. And another.

Repetition is Spirit talk for WAKE UP AND WISE UP, before Karma puts Her ass-kicking boots on.

Now let’s get this clear: Karma is not The Bad Guy. Karma is a Spiritual Law which states that every action incurs consequences, good and/or bad depending on our choices. Wise, compassionate, Spirit-driven choices incur positive Karma; poor and foolish choices bring about the opposite.

You probably can figure out what kind of Karma you get from the choices you make. The question is, which Karma do you want – good or bad?

This week’s card is a recent repeat: the Carnivorous Greenhouse.

This was last week’s Oracle card, by the way.

Its message: you are in a situation where toxic energies are present – very likely an energy vampire, narcissist, drama queen, backstabber, nasty POS, or [insert your own term for a toxic person who makes your life miserable]. Your job is to remove yourself from the situation and cut them off if necessary. ELIMINATE OR Minimise contact. You deserve better.

So what does this mean? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN *wrings hands dramatically for emphasis*?

Simple. It just means some folks who read my articles regularly either:

  • read this last week and didn’t understand its message, or
  • read this last week and decided to ignore it, or
  • were supposed to read this last week but somehow didn’t get around to reading it.


I don’t know. You?

Somewhere, Lady Karma is slowly slipping Her ass-kicking boots on.

*          *          *          *          *

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