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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

New Moon in Cancer this weekend, folks – it will rise on 23 June for many of us, but in Singapore, the New Moon is exact on 24 June at 10:30 am. (This happens when you read astrology for an international audience, lol!)

New Moons signify new beginnings, especially for Cancerians; this weekend represents a new lunar year for all you lovely folks born between 21 June and 22 July. You’re ruled by the Moon, and powerfully driven by intuition + emotion. The past couple of weeks may have been especially challenging for your tender sensibilities, but it’s all for the good: old energies and dysfunctional patterns are surfacing (and/or re-surfacing) in order for you to deal with them and move forward with your life, healed and whole.

Watch out for fireworks this weekend, though.

Energetic, sometimes combative Mars is in Cancer, whilst communicative Mercury has also moved into Cancer since 22 June. Fragile and sensitive emotions could be hurt by words spoken out of turn, or actions which could be interpreted as aggressive, and HOO BOY the meltdowns, fallouts, and grudges that come out of these misunderstandings could be legendary.

On the bright side (and there’s always a bright side), Mars and Mercury could also play a role in boosting your self-confidence and ability to communicate what you really feel. If emotional expression is a challenge, this weekend could be a great time to speak up about your feelings.

If emotional expression is a challenge, this weekend could be a great time to speak up about your feelings.

Not only that, this weekend could light a spark of inspiration that heralds positive new developments in our lives. Check out this weekend’s message from the Oracle of Shadows & Light:

This weekend’s Oracle card is A Clockwork Pumpkin. It represents the experience of eureka moments and unexpected discoveries in the most mundane things. Its message to us is that if we are willing to walk towards our goals step by step (like clockwork), the Universe is about to boost our luck quotient and ability to get things done.

We’ll get ideas. Breakthroughs. Like the girl in the card who finds a light bulb in a pumpkin, we’ll find illumination in the most surprising places.

The New Moon in Cancer is upon us. It looks dark all around… but wasn’t it all dark waters before Source said, Let there be light?

And there was light.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone.

Also, peeps in Singapore – I’ll be making an announcement on Saturday, 24 June at 10:30 am Singapore time. (Sound familiar? Yep, New Moon in Cancer.)

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