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Lots to talk about so let’s get to it! This Thursday, 20 April, Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn until 28 September. Pluto is the planet of secrets, shadow selves (as Jung would call them) and transformation; Capricorn rules the patriarchy, governments, and businesses.

Imagine the combination! Pluto entered Capricorn with a bang in 2008 (remember the global economic recession?) and will continue skulking around until 2024 – exposing the dark secrets of those in power, and facilitating major change. So if you’ve been wondering how come this world seems to have gone seriously wonky for approximately the past decade or so, you have Pluto in Capricorn to thank – and it’s not ending anytime soon.

Pluto entered Capricorn with a bang in 2008 and will continue skulking around until 2024.

With Pluto in retrograde, accept nothing at face value, and take nothing for granted. The truth behind apparently benign motives and agendas will emerge, and the Pollyannas amongst us are going to get a shock at the darkness in some people’s souls.

With Pluto in retrograde, accept nothing at face value, and take nothing for granted.

Now is a great time to practice discernment and learn some very useful lessons about separating fact from fiction. Recent scientific research indicates that the true meaning of what we communicate is expressed in the following proportions:

  • Body language (eye contact, gestures etc): 55%
  • Voice (pitch, tonality etc): 38%
  • Words used: 7%

Watch for non-verbal cues if you suspect that someone isn’t telling you the truth, and take opinion polls with trusted allies and/or run background checks if someone in your circle is beginning to ping your bullshit radar.

A fine-tuned bullshit radar is a gift from God. use it wisely.

On to lighter news – on Friday, 21 April, go-getter Mars moves into Gemini. Mars has a way of revving up energy levels, and when it’s in the sign of the Celestial Twins until 4 June, expect lots of excited/excitable interaction. You might find Universal energies promoting an almost fiery enthusiasm for all sorts of things – some susceptible people (Geminis, Aries and Scorpios, take note) might become rather distracted and prone to hotheaded exchanges, unexpected crushes, or both!

Take nothing for granted, but don’t take yourself too seriously either.

Have a great weekend, darlings!

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