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We’re going to experience a Full Moon and, in the very early hours of 17 September 2016 (Sat), we’re getting a lunar eclipse… in Pisces. Emotionally, many of us might experience a RELEASE THE KRAKEN moment when powerful, deeply submerged emotions rise to the surface. Go with the flow, in love: this emotionally and spiritually sensitive time can bring about great healing when we approach our emotions with honesty, humility and kindness.

As this weekend’s Angel card indicates, the timing is perfect for this. Eclipses are the perfect time for us to reset and rejuvenate ourselves in alignment with our higher selves. If you’ve gone off-track, let this weekend be a time for you to re-centre and move forward in the best way possible. Call on your guardian Angels and the Archangels to assist you in healing and releasing emotions that no longer serve your highest good, as well as to give you clarity in understanding the innermost thoughts and feelings that guide your life now.

Spirit is cheering you on. The Universe wants you to win. Do the necessary inner work – tears and some emotional volatility may be a part of the process (Pisces is a mutable water sign). Above all, ground yourself in the knowledge and conviction that you are loved, protected and watched over, always.

Now go forth and release that Kraken within the depths of your emotions – the beast which has been eating away at you for the longest time. And don’t be afraid. God is with you.

Be brave, and be blessed. <3

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