Kelly is a natural-born Spirit channel, psychic medium and lightworker based in Singapore. A gifted oracle, she offers Angel and Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, and energy healing services.

The energies from this year’s last Full Moon, in Gemini on Tuesday 13 December, will be influencing our partnerships until 27 December, so do expect some interesting developments in your relationships with friends, business partners and colleagues (Gemini tends to focus on intellectual and/or platonic ties, although romance is not ruled out entirely – click here for my post on how to get the best out of the Gemini Full Moon).

This weekend, many of us are getting into the festive celebrations in a big way – and how! We’re moving into the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp: combine free-spirited Sagittarius with materialistic Capricorn, and shopping becomes very, very attractive. Add the Moon in flashy Leo to the mix this weekend, and some retail addicts out there might just be pushed over the edge!

Sounds like it could be you? Relax – of course you can still have fun shopping. The key is SELF-CONTROL. Work out a budget and stick to it. Keep your credit cards at home. Follow your shopping list to the letter. Shop with a trusted friend or relative who can offer an objective opinion on your purchasing decisions, and steer you away from impulse buys.

“Combine free-spirited Sagittarius with materialistic Capricorn, and shopping becomes very, very attractive.”

Also, work with Full-Moon-in-Gemini energies and schedule time with the people who matter in your life. There might be some folks dear to you who would appreciate the opportunity to have a meaningful (and in many cases, necessary) conversation. Be sure to listen before you speak, and remember that compassion comes before judgement: you might find out something  about yourself and/or the other party that could be a game-changer.

Have a lovely weekend!

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