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This weekend, the full Moon + supermoon in Aries sets the stage for you to rise to the occasion. Full Moons encourage self-expression and release; Aries, a cardinal Fire sign, imbues us with the energies of the trailblazer and the asskicker.

Have an opinion? Speak up. Got a great business idea? Consult trusted partners and potential investors. Tired of toxic frenemies and not-so-sweethearts? It’s time for The Talk and possibly a breakup or two… but see these as break AWAYS from a bad situation to freedom, a brighter future, and a happier you.

Aries is the sign of courage, and in the Libra season (the season of partnerships) we are assured more than ever that there are people who have our backs, and we are not alone. So be brave. May the fire in your soul rise to the occasion and light your way.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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