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Buckle up, everybody! This Friday, 10 February, we witness 2017’s first eclipse: a full-Moon eclipse in Leo, and the first of a series along the Leo-Aquarius axis. Eclipses carry the energy of major change and transformation. The effects of an eclipse can last up to six months, so if anyone’s wondering whether this eclipse will actually matter to their Valentine’s Day celebrations, the answer is HECK YEAH.

Astrology, like real estate, is all about location. This Friday’s eclipse is in Leo, the Celestial Lion, and the zodiac sign that’s most likely to proclaim I LOVE ME on their social media profiles (if they’re not already wearing it on a t-shirt). An eclipse in Leo shakes up our perspectives on self-love, and encourages us to evolve. Time to reflect: what’s healthy, too little, or too much? How do we establish a balanced give-and-take in all our relationships? At what point does self-assertion become self-entitlement? Can we love ourselves without becoming assholes?

“An eclipse in Leo shakes up our perspectives on self-love, and encourages us to evolve.”

As a Number 1 Year, 2017 is a year of beginnings and new ventures. The Spiritual Law that best encapsulates this energy is the Law of Intention: what we intend to achieve in our hearts will crucially shape our decisions, our actions, and the outcomes of our actions – in other words, our Karma. Intention is the foundation of any and every venture. We can build nothing meaningful without it.

“Intention is the foundation of any and every venture. We can build nothing meaningful without it.”

The transformative energies of eclipses are conducive for setting clear intentions to create our best possible future. They also promote the release of old mindsets, habits and patterns that do not serve our highest good – an energy that I discussed earlier in This Week’s Tarot.

Here’s a suggestion on how to work with Leo’s lunar eclipse energies. This weekend, take time out in a quiet, relaxing space. Once you’ve settled down, get out pen and paper. You’ll be creating two lists: your Intention List, and your Burn List.

“You’ll be creating two lists: your Intention List, and your Burn List.”

On the Intention List, write down what you want to achieve, and how you want to feel. You might be surprised at what you write: I’ve had clients try this exercise and gleefully write I want to make my first million by thirty, then realise that it might clash with their next intention – which is I want to be happier and less stressed. Be careful what you wish for, folks.

“Be careful what you wish for, folks.”

The Intention List may be modified as and when you wish. Keep it somewhere convenient for you to look at when you need some focus.

On the Burn List, write down what you’re ready to get rid of: unwarranted self-criticism, fears that you’re not good enough, self-doubt and insecurity, misguided pride and arrogance… all these are indications of distorted self-perceptions and self-love. As you set down these burdens, establish the intention that you are ready, willing and able to release these old energies. Go ahead and add a prayer for assistance if you’d like – if you’re not sure whom to address, ask your Guardian Angels and deceased loved ones to help you with this. It’s all good.

Then burn this list.

Congratulations – you’ve begun the process of self-transformation. May this weekend’s lunar eclipse in Leo bring out that powerful King (or Queen) of the jungle in you.

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