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This week’s TGIF will be interesting! On Friday, 9 September 2016, Jupiter leaves Virgo and enters Libra until October 10, 2017. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and philosophy, and makes a good match with Libra’s carefree nature. Everyone’s luck gets an extra boost, and because Libra is all about relationships and harmony, your chances of finding fulfilment in family, friends and loved ones will be higher than ever. Invest your life and love in the right people and you’ll be amply rewarded! With that in mind, let’s dive into This Week’s Tarot:

LEFT: THE EMPRESS REVERSED. The Empress is the Earth Mother, the nurturer of the Tarot. When she’s upside down, you’re probably not taking great care of yourself, and/or you’ve been allowing fears of ill-health to disturb your peace of mind. Time out is necessary, preferably spent on self-care. Do something creative that feeds your soul: bake a cake, do some gardening, paint a watercolour, enjoy a long, lazy brunch… or maybe do awesomely, deliciously nothing at all.

My partner told me once, when I was in full workaholic mode and running myself into the ground (yep, I struggle with this too): “Kelly, it’s okay to just take time to breathe.” There’s wisdom in that advice, so I’m sharing it with you!

MIDDLE: EIGHT OF PENTACLES REVERSED. When the Eight of Pentacles appears reversed, there’s a sense of futility in the effort one puts into an endeavour. This is the card of the worker who clocks in her hours at the office, puts her nose to the grind, but in her mind she checked out a long time ago and really, she’s only there for the pay cheque. There’s not much confidence in the future, either. But bear in mind that a lot of this sense of pessimism and burnout is possibly a direct result of insufficient self-care. (Also the Mercury retrograde, let’s remember that.)

The saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It’s a cliché, but it makes sense. Now’s a good time to have a good time… plan something for the weekend? 🙂

RIGHT: NINE OF SWORDS. Okay, there’s no sugarcoating this one. The Nine of Swords is associated with over-thinking, nightmares, insomnia and a bummer of a low mood overall. In this spread, it’s pretty clear that a lot of the negativity here is related to stresses at work, or with finances and health. Hun, you have got to chill. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. And make those TGIF plans! 😀

Peace out! Be kind to yourself and to one another, all.

Have a great week ahead! <3

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