We’re having a lovely New Moon on 4 July, and I love New Moons! They bring with them the energy of new beginnings. If there’s a desire in your heart to change your life for the better – looking for a new job, going on a diet, getting to know the cutie in Accounts – this is a great time to start. Here’s This Week’s Tarot:

LEFT: THE CHARIOT. In conjunction with the New Moon in Cancer on 4 July, The Chariot corresponds with the astrological sign of Cancer. When this card appears, charge ahead with confidence and determination. The battle lies ahead – and so does your victory. How badly do you want it?

MIDDLE: TEN OF RODS REVERSED. It’s been a long and difficult journey, dear one. But keep moving, keep taking risks, keep daring to try and grow and truly live. Release whatever holds you back from fulfilling your potential. Upgrade your bullsh*t radar, and draw firm boundaries. You deserve better than to repeat and relive mistakes. Now focus on a better and higher purpose, and work it!

RIGHT: NINE OF PENTACLES. Know what you want, go for it… and you’ll get here: in the lavish abode of the Nine of Pentacles, where a wealthy lady enjoys the fruits of her success. You can – and you will – attain the satisfaction you deserve, after all the hard work you’ve put in. In the Tarot, the number nine refers to the completion of a cycle. Even if you’re not quite at the end point of your journey, persevere. You’re almost there. Keep working it!

Have a great week ahead, and enjoy the new website! 🙂

Bless, Kelly <3

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