Here’s a pic of This Week’s Tarot with a couple of my holiday purchases: a facial mask and a bottle of virgin coconut oil, both organic. Ubud, a town in Bali, Indonesia, is well known for its arts and crafts; increasingly, it’s also becoming a hub for artisanal products and businesses promoting holistic living. Just thought to share with you where I’ve been the past couple of days!

The message in This Week’s Tarot is pretty uplifting for those of you who have found 2016 a rather challenging year. Here we go!

LEFT: NINE OF RODS REVERSED. When upright, this card indicates the preparation for a final battle, the drawing of a final boundary. Reversed, the Nine of Swords indicates that the war is far from over and there is a loss of motivation to carry on. Realisation is dawning that perhaps life is not all about battles to be fought and won. Could there be a better way?

MIDDLE: FOUR OF SWORDS REVERSED. The Four of Swords warns us against the perils of over-thinking. When reversed, two things might be happening: either you’ve reached a stage where you’re chronically exhausted from this mental rut, and/or you’re starting to realise that you can end this. Thinking and fretting in circles never solved any problems. What, then, can be done to end this stalemate?

RIGHT: JUSTICE. This Week’s Tarot suggests Justice as an effective solution or tie-breaker when nothing’s moving, but something’s got to give. Traditionally, Justice in the Tarot refers to the Universal Law of Karma. It speaks of the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you would desire them to do unto you.

Besides fair treatment, I would add a modern spin to the interpretation of Justice: Know your rights, and act on them. Some readers out there might currently be in situations where others are bending (or even outright breaking) the rules in their favour: abusive bosses, scheming colleagues, dysfunctional friends and loved ones, to name some examples.

Time to get up to speed on what is right and just in your situation, then act on it. Are you getting paid for all that over-time you’re pulling, and if not, what benefits are you receiving in return? Is your honey just moody by nature, or is there an underlying emotional abuse issue where you’re the target? As I mentioned in the Weekend Spirit Message, the New Moon in Scorpio begins a new season of change and transformation, where we are encouraged to break free from old fears and restrictions and create new lifestyles that affirm our authentic selves. The proximity of this New Moon to Mercury highlights the importance of making significant changes by communicating our truths honestly, and enlisting the help of supportive people around us.

Time for an honest look at yourself, too: if you’re the misbehaving boss, co-worker or spouse, then shape up and do the right thing! Karma is not a Law you want to mess with!

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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