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This week’s energies will be a curious mix of intensity and restraint: imagine a rumbling volcano that may or may not erupt (since we’re in Virgo, i.e. mutable earth sign season, I thought an Earth metaphor would be fitting!).

This week, the big one to watch out for is the third Mercury retrograde that officially starts this Tuesday, 30 August and officially ends on 22 September (please note that the shadow period or after-effects of the Mercury retrograde will last till 6 October). More about that in a moment; for now, let’s dive into This Week’s Tarot. Here we go! 🙂

LEFT: FOUR OF SWORDS REVERSED. You’re restless, but there’s only so much you can do before you burn out. The Four of Swords reversed represents the tyranny of mind over matter. If you’ve been pushing yourself to complete your to-do list but at the expense of your health and wellbeing, this is where you’ll end up: unable to take off your armour or let down your guard for even a second. Broken down, worn out, and of no use to anyone – least of all yourself.

After fighting ceaseless battles and barely gaining ground, have you considered that perhaps your current strategies are not working? The Four of Swords reversed can also indicate chronic stagnation. Whichever the case, the message is clear: take a break from this crazy-making situation, rest up, and return to it at a better time. And during the time-out, you’re not allowed to think about your problems. Got it? 😉

MIDDLE: THE WORLD. The World is usually a great card to get! It signifies the attainment of a goal or the completion of a major cycle in your life. It’s the Universe patting you on the back and saying You’ve come a long way, baby.

In This Week’s Tarot, though, I’m getting more the vibe of the Universe encouraging you in your efforts and saying You’re on your way, baby. (Yes, this week I’m imagining the Universe as a loving, groovy hippie Earth Mother who calls everyone baby.)

If you’ve just accomplished a major life goal, congratulations. The World is truly your oyster. If you’re not quite there yet, have faith. The challenges and adversities you are facing along the way can and will be conquered. One day, you’ll stand tall with your head held high, proud of who you are and how far you’ve come.

So take the break you need, then pace yourself (remember, it’s Virgo season so slow and steady wins the race here) with the end goal in mind. The fact that The World is present in this spread proves that it is possible to achieve your goals. The Universe believes in you. Now will you believe in yourself?

RIGHT: NINE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. As I’ve mentioned before, when the same card keeps popping up, Spirit is saying Pay attention! The reversed Nine of Pentacles was present in last week’s message, so let’s sit up and really take notice here.

The reversed Nine of Pentacles gives us a heads-up about potential losses or setbacks as a result of our own missteps. Beware both extremes of complacency and paranoia. Don’t rest on your laurels too long, or overwork yourself into oblivion. Take a practical approach; moderation is often best.

Sometimes, the Nine of Pentacles (both upright and reversed) advises us to spend some time by ourselves to reconnect and recharge. I strongly recommend this, especially now that the third Mercury retrograde of 2016 is upon us.

So what’s a Mercury retrograde? I’m glad you asked! It’s a period of time where the planet Mercury slows its orbit down and almost seems to be moving backwards. This usually happens three times a year, but this year – 2016 – we’re experiencing a grand total of four (hey, stop side-eyeing me like I made it happen, lol!).

Mercury, or Hermes as you may know it/him, is traditionally known as the messenger of the gods. Mercury is associated with communications, travel and technology. So you can guess what’s more likely to happen when Mercury decides to moonwalk: can someone say SNAFU?

At their worst, Mercury retrograde energies heighten the possibilities of conflicts in the personal and public spheres (fights with your sweetheart, miscommunications at work, Twitter flame wars), complications with electronics and technology (now’s a good time to conduct maintenance checks on your smartphone, car, computer etc), and unexpected mess-ups with travel plans (get that insurance ready).

Or perhaps the Mercury retrograde will barely affect you. Many circumstances influence the extent to which the planets impact our lives. Our birth charts as well as our personal decisions also play significant roles in how our lives turn out.

Remember that we are ultimately the co-creators of our lives, and by taking responsibility for our attitudes, behaviours and choices, we decide what we make out of ourselves.

You can count to ten and calm down, instead of fighting with your darling. You can ignore, not engage that troll on Facebook. You can read a book while waiting for your delayed flight. You can at least save and/or back up your work regularly!

For more on how to deal with the Mercury retrograde, check out this article by The Tarot Lady. I love her so much. *shameless fangirling*

Take a break, pace yourself, brace yourself. You’re going to be okay!

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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