We’re leaping into Leo season this week and things are gonna heat up around here! Not only are we in the middle of the hottest months of the year, Leo is a fixed fire sign and its influence will be felt by many in the next couple of weeks. Embrace its strengths (warmth, courage, generosity) and avoid its weaknesses (aggression, obstinacy, delusional egotism), and you’ll be just fine!

You’ll notice this week’s Tarot features many Swords. In the Tarot, Swords represent ideas, intellect and communication. They also represent potential problems and conflict. Wonderful possibilities are on the horizon, if we can deal with the challenges that accompany them (and of course we can!). So how do we ensure that we gain the best of what’s coming to us?

LEFT: JUSTICE. Perhaps this card holds the key to achieving our goals this season. When Justice appears, we are instructed to play hard, but fair. Even if everything seems to be working against you, remember that the Universe is watching (notice Lady Justice has Her eyes wide open here) and will administer karma when the time is right.

So keep your head down and do what you’re called to do, to the best of your abilities. Stay humble, positive, and above the fray. Resist the urge to pity yourself or get even. Let karma do the work of balancing the scales – you keep your hands and conscience clean.

MIDDLE: ACE OF SWORDS. When the Ace of Swords appears, the seed of clarity has been planted in your soul, and you will see it come forth in due time. If you’ve been stuck in a confusing situation, Spirit wants you to know that the Universe has initiated a change that will yank you right out of that rut!

It could be a new job offer, a brilliant idea, a blazing passion for a cause… Breakthrough is coming for you, and you are assured that you have all the resources within you to make it happen. Think clearly, observe the situation objectively, then act firmly and decisively. The Ace offers an introduction, but the rest of the story is yours to create.

RIGHT: TEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. When this card appears in the reversed position, you may have just come out of a very difficult and exhausting season. Thankfully, the worst is over, and you have gained valuable perspectives about yourself, your situation, and the people around you. Leave the old energies and all that negativity behind: as depicted in this card, a corpse in the snow isn’t much use to anyone.

Be kind to yourself and move ahead with the precious growth you’ve achieved! And in future, remember to trust yourself more and be true to who you really are – many times, people reach a Ten of Swords moment because they didn’t listen to their inner voice or heed their intuition.

Have a great week ahead. You are going to be just fine! <3

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