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This week, we’re in the Leo-Virgo cusp. The impetuous fires of Leo are dying down; time to put aside all that emotion as we move into Virgo season come 23 August. Virgo is an earth sign and is known for its logic, analytical abilities and attention to detail: exactly what will get you where you want to be in the coming week. This Week’s Tarot is pretty no-nonsense, reflecting the typical Virgo propensity for getting things done. Here we go!

LEFT: NINE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. When reversed, the Nine of Pentacles indicates that you are currently experiencing struggles or setbacks in practical areas such as finances, career, wellbeing or reputation. Bearing in mind that we’re just leaving Leo season, could your current issues be due to unwise, rash or ego-driven decisions you made in the recent past? Now’s the time to cut your losses and strategise how you can do better next time.

MIDDLE: KNIGHT OF CUPS REVERSED. When the reversed Knight of Cups appears, you might be feeling a little disappointed with a certain situation you had high hopes for. Perhaps the new job wasn’t as exciting as you’d hoped, or you’ve been let down by someone you thought you could trust.

The Knight of Cups reversed is a gentle warning not to allow our emotions to dictate our responses to life’s twists and turns. Also, be careful whom you let into your life and heart. Now is not the time to rush into personal relationships or business partnerships – carefully observe the person(s) you have in mind before you make a decision.

If you’ve been clinging onto a relationship or situation that clearly isn’t working out, this is a good week to consider (and take steps towards) letting go.

RIGHT: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. The advice from This Week’s Tarot is simple: stay grounded. Focus on your goals. Build on a foundation of steadfast resolve. Plan and carry out a series of steady actions to attain them. Maintain a pragmatic, conservative approach to problem-solving – no fluff, emotion, or ego needed.

The Knight of Pentacles can also represent someone trustworthy and efficient. Either you will be that person, or you will find someone you can depend on. Whichever way it goes, it’s all good. Call on your Angels to give you the love, support and assistance you need, and keep moving on.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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