This week begins with a Full Moon in Taurus on Monday, 14 November. It’s also a Supermoon, and will be at its closest to Earth since 1948! We’re not going to get another Supermoon like this till 25 November, 2034.

Full Moons (especially when they are also Supermoons) are a wonderful time for change and inner healing: Universal energies during Full Moons encourage us to release that which no longer serves our highest and greatest good. This is a necessary part of the energetic cycle because releasing the old allows us to receive, and work with, the new. You’re never entirely a passive observer or recipient of circumstances, regardless of how things may seem at the moment. You matter – so do your choices and actions. Trust that the Universe is kind and Spirit is on your side; release the old to co-create a new and wonderful destiny for yourself, your loved ones, your community, and our world.

So that’s VERY good news for the folks out there who are considering the following: making changes to lifestyle/habits/career, saying buh-bye to toxic people in their lives, releasing the emotions and energies they’re experiencing in the wake of the POTUS elections… Whatever you need to let go of, this week Monday is a great time!

This is a Taurus Supermoon, so let’s work with the energies of this fixed Earth sign. As much as change and release can be challenging, even stressful in these times, remember that patience, principles, perseverance and practicality (the traits we love about Taurus) will keep us grounded, turning our choices for good into forces to be reckoned with.

You’re never entirely a passive observer or recipient of circumstances. You matter – so do your choices and actions. Release the old to co-create a new and wonderful destiny.

I can’t wait to share This Week’s Tarot with you. Here we go! 🙂

LEFT: TWO OF RODS. This is the card associated with trustworthy advice, counselling and mentorship. It also alludes to networking and reaching out to connect with other, new people. Taurus rules the throat chakra, which governs how we communicate our truth to others. Part of releasing the old may require you to share your thoughts and feelings with a support network – so speak up! You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you are not alone in dealing with a sticky situation. That could be the kickstart we need in releasing and healing ourselves.

For my American readers who may be concerned about civil rights issues, The Two of Rods urges active engagement and advocacy. Remember to work with Taurus Supermoon energies – be patient, principled, persevering and practical. Join causes and communities to safeguard the rights of minorities and underprivileged groups. Raise awareness, make donations, be the voice for the voiceless (see the throat chakra reference I made there?). Take the necessary actions to bring about change – be brave, and be blessed! <3

MIDDLE: FIVE OF CUPS. This is the card of disappointment and grief. A lone figure mourns, under dark skies, over three spilt goblets of wine. Before him, in the distance, stands a ruined castle.

But not all is lost – behind the figure, two goblets of wine have not fallen. They only remain unseen. The message of this card is that there still is hope beyond disappointment. Sometimes all we need is a change in perspective.

If you are going through a tough time now, by all means, please do acknowledge and process those negative emotions. It’s healthy and often necessary to rage, cry, vent, or grieve, in appropriate ways. But we never let our lower energies or negative emotions dictate how we co-create our destinies. Back to the Two of Rods and the need for trustworthy advice/support groups – the good people around us can help when it’s hard for us to see past apparently insurmountable challenges.

RIGHT: FIVE OF SWORDS. When this card appears, I must emphasise the need (again!) to be honourable in whatever situation you may be facing. It could be family tensions, office politics, financial strain – you may be tempted to take shady shortcuts to get to where you want to be. Folks, don’t buckle. Remember the Rule of Karma, and trust me when I say that cheaters never prosper.

If you’re the one stuck in a situation where nasty, shady stuff is going on and you are getting hurt, this card is suggesting that perhaps it’s time to cut your losses and walk away – again, the energy of releasing the old comes through here.

It’s interesting that this spread contains two Fives. In Tarot numerology, Five is the number associated with rapid, dynamic change and growth, often in the form of challenges. It’s about (re-)perceiving and actively choosing what serves the highest good, in a situation otherwise widely lamented as a crisis or a time of darkness.

The Chinese term for crisis consists of two words: 危机. These two words mean danger () and opportunity () respectively. Are we in volatile, perhaps dangerous times? Yes. But even as we process our grief and anger and disappointment at whatever we’re facing, we see the opportunity for good, and we take action.

Sometimes all we need is a change in perspective. See the opportunity for good, and take action.

Be brave, and be blessed. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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