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This Week’s Tarot is kinda special – they all are (I like to think of them as weekly love notes from Spirit) – but this week, an extra card popped up! Also, if you’re wondering Why no cards in the featured pic, Kelly?I’m trying out different photographic styles   I want to show that Spirit can be a part of our daily lives   AGGHH AGGGHH GUYS I LEFT MY DECK AT HOME SO THEY MISSED THE PHOTOSHOOT. Hahahaaaa! 😀

Anyway I’m excited about This Week’s Tarot so let’s check it out!

CARD 1: NINE OF SWORDS. Here’s one rule to remember in Tarot (and Spirit communication in general): repetition means PAY ATTENTION. The Nine of Swords appeared in last week’s Tarot, which to me would mean that a lot of my dear readers have been struggling with challenging issues, problems and anxieties. Will there ever be an end to these adversities? Thankfully, the answer is given to us in the following cards…

CARD 2: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. The answer is YES! When the Wheel of Fortune appears, the Universe has heard your cry and She is generously stepping in to assist. But before you order the champagne for the welcome party, the Universe wants you to understand a couple of things.

First, understand that what is happening in your life now is partly the outcome of previous actions, behaviours and choices that have brought you to this point.

Now, understand the Law of Karma: every action incurs consequences, both good and bad. If your heart is pure and your hands are clean, trust that the Universe will set the karmic balance right in time. Good fortune is coming to your aid; things will improve eventually.

But if you’re enriching yourself at other people’s expense, doing things that you would hate for others to do unto you… trust that the Universe will set the karmic balance right in time. You’re not going to like it when the Wheel of Fortune steamrolls over you. Still, it’s not too late to change plans and get back on track, so do it.

CARD 3: SIX OF SWORDS. So what must we do to spin the Wheel of Fortune in our favour? The key lies here in the Six of Swords: it’s time for change. This card depicts a woman and a man on a boat. The woman sits huddled, her back turned to us; the man resolutely sets his face away from us as well, as he rows the boat towards calmer seas in the distance.

Dear reader, things are going to get better. The Universe wants you to work with Her in co-creating a bright and beautiful future for yourself. You are encouraged to make the necessary changes in your mindset, love life, career, personal habits, life choices… whatever it takes.

You’ve been stuck for long enough. Now do the needful and cross over to calmer waters.

CARD 4 (BONUS/OUTCOME): THE WORLD. When this card appears as the outcome of your choices to improve your situation and overcome your difficulties, know that Spirit is cheering you onwards to the finish line. Completion, closure and healing are well within reach. Hope and freedom are in the air – do you believe you deserve to live your best life? Will you reach out and claim the love, joy and peace that you desire?

Then take that line from Gandhi, and be the change you wish to see in The World.

You are loved, protected, and supported to an extent that you cannot even begin to fathom or imagine. Spirit and the Universe want you to win in life.

The rest is up to you. Be brave.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

*          *          *          *          *

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