One rule in Tarot that I follow is this: repeated cards mean that Spirit wants you to pay attention to the message. Last week’s Tarot had the Ten of Rods reversed in the middle position as well! If this message is for you, it could mean that you’re still working on drawing fair boundaries and deciding when enough is enough. Not a comfortable place to be – but this week’s Tarot has some encouragement for us in that aspect. Here we go!

LEFT: SIX OF SWORDS. Most change takes time. It’s easy to feel tired or disheartened during this process – or worse, slip back into the old situation that made change necessary in the first place. When the Six of Swords appears, commit to change. Clearer skies and calmer waters are ahead. Take a short break if you’re burnt out, but like the boatsman in this card, never let your oar leave your hand – keep pushing forward.

MIDDLE: TEN OF RODS REVERSED. Are you barely getting by? Have your energy levels sunk to the point where you’re struggling to get through each day? There’s a very real possibility that your energy  is being drained by unnecessary burdens. I said it last week and I’ll say it again: draw firm boundaries. Keep moving forward and don’t wallow in past mistakes. Focus on creating a better future, a new you, and a wonderful world.

RIGHT: THE WORLD. This card heralds positive outcomes if you stay the course of change. What you desire is coming to fruition. The Universe is waiting to celebrate your successes with you, both big and small. How soon you’ll be celebrating hinges crucially on how far you make the changes and draw the lines that are necessary for your own wellbeing.

In the Tarot, The World also refers to the completion of a major cycle in your life. Dear one, the finish line is closer than you think. You’ve come this far. You can do this. You can take back your power and rule your world.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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