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Have situations around you been intensifying lately? Are you feeling a sense that the pace of things is heating up? The energies of the New Moon this week will be facilitating an upswing in your life’s momentum, and not all of it will be within your control. How you choose to respond, though, lies entirely in your hands. So choose wisely – and here’s This Week’s Tarot to help!

LEFT: WHEEL OF FORTUNE REVERSED. When the Wheel of Fortune flips over, there’s a sense that your world is spinning on an axis that you cannot control. Things are moving in a direction that you may not find favourable. But that’s the way life goes – as much as we like to think we’re in control of a situation, our outcomes can easily be affected by circumstances or other people’s decisions. When that happens, no point fretting; sometimes it’s good to take a chill pill.

MIDDLE: TWO OF SWORDS REVERSED. Upright, this card symbolises the confusion that arises from not having enough information to proceed on a matter. When reversed, the Two of Swords indicates that you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pace of developments and possibly an excess of information.

It’s time to end the confusion within you. What you need is a clear mind, not more data! Put those Swords down and take off the blindfold. Thoreau put it best: Simplify, simplify, simplify. If necessary, get some space to yourself to think and make the right choices.

RIGHT: THE TOWER REVERSED. Sometimes the Universe Herself chooses to intervene in our lives, bringing about change that we cannot control, but that will bring about our greatest and highest good in the end. Frequently, these opportunities for growth and learning come in the form of crises. For this reason, The Tower isn’t the most comfortable card to get.

What’s crucial is to remember: that even when the world is spinning out of control and we are flung out of our comfort zones, we still can choose to keep our hearts, minds and intentions clear and pure. Our attitudes, beliefs and choices determine how we co-create our destinies with a little help from the Universe, so let’s be a little more mindful of our thoughts, words and actions this week.

So here’s some tough love from the Tarot to kick off the month of August. We can’t stop the wheels of change from turning, but we can decide how to respond… and our decisions shape our destinies. But you don’t have to go through this alone: ask your Angels, spirit guides and deceased loved ones for assistance and support, and Spirit will gladly give you all you need.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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